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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
I think I've said this already, but I've been watching some 00-02 Angle recently, and I've liked some of it, but there's a lot of it that just isn't for me. Still, he looked like a guy who just wasn't experienced enough, and that he'd piece things more together in the future. Some people say he DID get better later on, but that just really isn't for me in the slightest. Unfortunately for me 00-01 was the peak of his career.

You mean the one with

Spoiler for finish who hasn't seen it:
the pin/tap where the Title was vacated?

if so, yeah, that match is really fun.
That one indeed, I liked that whole storyline.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Ahh, the angle with HHH "losing" the title and it getting vacated. Only for HHH to win it back. Totally worth it .
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Jericho Steamboat - Backlash 2009 **** (LOVE this match. All time favourite, easily.) WMXX triple threat is also one of my favourites of all time, also not suuure about *****. Most likely though.

I'm seeing some surprisingly low star ratings for matches between HHH and HBK? I did hear about them apparently not having very good chemistry (which is surprising considering their close relationship) but the only match of theirs I've watched between them one on one was a little deal from RAW in 2003, which I quite liked. An enjoyable match of Triple H's a) in 2003 and b) against Shawn Michaels? Double shock :0
Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
I'd rather they release a set on Taker/HBK/HHH/End of an era than Rock/Cena tbh. The former is one of the best storyline arcs WWE have ever produced and the latter was such a disappointment. I don't want to watch their awful promos with each other back again much less have them on DVD. Fuck that. Agreed that this was a poor choice of set. They could have decided on something a lot better. The rare/backstage footage should be great but thats about it.
Idea: if they got their video production geniuses on the job and did a mini-doc of the history between Taker, HHH and HBK (beginning at the first ever HiaC match) and gave it say, an hour of the narrator/talking heads treatment basically filling it with every interaction the three have ever had; and then filled another disc with matches and sold it at a lesser price...

Oh my god. How hard would you buy. Honestly though it's kind of funny how much that end of an era angle blows everything else from 2012 away.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

HBK/HHH have AWFUL chemistry as opponents imo. If I never see any of their matches again as long as I live I'll be perfectly happy.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Yeah, not really a fan of Michaels/HHH matches in general. I like SummerSlam, and I can remember liking the Raw 12/03 and even the long HIAC a long time ago. Other than that, their singles range from OK (Rumble, Taboo Tuesday) to terrible (3SOH, that shitty boot camp at Tribute to the Troops).

Actually, they have a match on Raw in 1996 that's awesome. Shawn grabs hold of Hunter's nose to keep a headlock on.
Originally Posted by Razor King View Post

I'd suppose so. I loved his character in 2000, although his matches weren't all that great. For me, 2000 - 2002 would be Angle's peak as a wrestler. From there, he decided that he was the greatest of all time and it just fucked his matches.
Yeah I like his early character a lot, which also got much worse later on. He was a funny, goofy guy who nobody liked, and it was fun to watch whinge on the mic. "Kurt Angle: Serious Wrestling Machine" had no charm to it.

Originally Posted by WCW View Post
dont lie yeah you were on team bring it
I practice raising one eyebrow in the mirror every day and night.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Looking for the following commercially released VHS in NTSC format at reasonable prices. No bootlegs and tape in good condition. I could care less about slip covers. I'm willing to trade some rare WWF and Indy DVDs in exchange.

WrestleWar 1990
Halloween Havoc 1990
Halloween Havoc 1991
SuperBrawl II
Beach Blast 1992
Great American Bash 1992
Halloween Havoc 1992
SuperBrawl III
Beach Blast 1993
Great American Bash 1995
Fall Brawl 1995
Halloween Havoc 1995
World War 3 1995
Starrcade 1995
Fall Brawl 1996
Slamboree 1997
Great American Bash 1997
Halloween Havoc 1997
Bash at the Beach 1998
Fall Brawl 2000
In Your House #3
International Incident
No Way Out 2000

PM me with any offers.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

In the HBK/Trips series I really like the Summerslam match and the '03 Raw one. I'm actually a big fan of the LMS too. But I fucking hate the HIAC and I'm not a fan of the 3SoH. Didn't remember much of the TT match other than HBK selling his legit injury and it being ok.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Triple H PPV Match Ratings : 2004-2006(Pre DX)


NYR 05 Elimination Chamber : **** 3/4
RR 05 vs Randy Orton : *** 1/2
WM 21 vs Batista : ***
BL 05 vs Batista : *** 3/4
Ven 05 vs Batista : **** 3/4
TT 05 vs Ric Flair : **** 1/4
SS 05 vs Ric Flair : **** 1/4

NYR 05 Chamber is fucking BO$$ and the best chamber of all time IMO. Everything clicked in this match. From Jericho/Benoit being absolute SEX , to the Edge/HBK scenario, all the way down to the whole Batista/Orton/Hunter triangle. It has all the spots, storytelling, and psychology to make it one of the greatest matches in WWF/WWE history, let alone 05. Hunter's heel performance and how he just lets Batista get pinned is awesome in it's own right. Hunter capturing his 10th world title is probably my favourite moment of all time too, as evidenced by my avatar

The whole concussion angle they took during the Orton match upped it in value from their Unforgiven match quite a bit. To see Hunter just attack the head like the ruthless bastard that he is, just made this match rock to me. Hunter just picks apart Orton's defense with ease and powers his way to a win. Can you ask for anything else out of Hunter besides a dominant performance at this point ?

Anybody who knows me will tell you that I'm a huge fan of the HHH-Batista series. The Wrestlemania match definitely wasn't WMME worthy, except for the kick ass HHH entrance and the ending moments, but this match was pretty good on it's own if you give it a seperate watch. The back work by HHH is pretty solid, and the interference by Flair is something in itself. Definitely a carry job by Hunter, but he helped elevate Batista in this feud. I fucking LOVE the Backlash match, and that kick ass storyline that Batista is afraid of the pedigree. Triple H goes for it the entire match, and all of Hunter's offense revolves around hooking the Pedigree. I absolutely love the HHH-Taker WM-17 esque ending to this match as well. The drama in the match was incredibly solid as well. I've reviewed the Batista-cell match at Vengeance about 400 times as well, and my thoughts about that are well known. One of the greatest cell matches ever and Batista's best match IMO. If you want to know anything else, just go look at my in depth review.

The Flair PPV duo to end the year are two entirely different works of mastery. The Steel Cage match is one of the best cage matches of all time. It had a throwback slow pace, reminiscent of Race-Flair, but it was so rich in story that I was on the absolute edge of my seat the entire time I was watching it. The bladejobs are something to behold, and the story that Flair was a weak old man on his last leg was fantastic. The second best old-man Flair match IMO. The BEST old man Flair match IMO, was the Survivor Series LMS match between Flair and Hunter. What a fucking WAR these two engaged in. From the fight through the crowd, all the way down to Hunter's words of STAY DOWN OLD MAN, this match gives me chills. It's more brutal than the cage match, and the storytelling is simple ; Flair can't hang with Hunter, so ALL of his offense is dirty like only Ric Flair can execute. The spots are FANTASTIC, and once again the violence is off the charts. Love how strong both men look coming out of this as well.

at the end of the day, 2005 was a BALLIN' year for Hunter. Although his worst match came at the worst possible time (Wrestlemania Main Event) , it was still a very good match. He Wrestled in FOUR all time classics, and a few great matches on the side. The HIAC and EC matches, as well as the Flair series is required viewing. So watch it, now. Hunter was on FIRE lately, and this momentum would continue through the first months of 2006, where he would wrestle in 3 consecutive **** matches.. Then it all went downhill.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

'05 was an awesome year for Trips in PPV matches.

Elimination Chamber - ****1/2
vs Orton - RR - ***1/4
vs Batista - WM - ***
vs Batista - Backlash - ***1/4
vs Batista - Vengeance - ****1/2
vs Flair - TT - ****1/4
vs Flair - Survivor Series - ****

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Hunter's 2005 PPV Matches Ratings:

- New Year's Revolution (EC) ~ **** 1/2
- Royal Rumble (Orton) ~ *** 1/2
- WrestleMania 21 (Batista) ~ ***
- Backlash (Batista) ~ *** 3/4
- Vengeance (Batista) ~ **** 3/4
- Taboo Tuesday (Flair) ~ **** 1/2
- Survivor Series (Flair) ~ **** 1/4

I really like the TV matches against Benoit. It's better than their 2004 singles matches. The Gold Rush one isn't high on a star rating ladder, but it's such an amazing match. The Pick your Poison was is another great match. I have it at around *** 3/4. Then the World Title match against Edge was going fine, until the end.
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