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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Triple H PPV Matches : 1999

IYH 27 SVDM w Xpac vs Kane & Chyna- *** 1/4
WM 15 vs Kane- ** 1/2
IYH 28 BL vs Xpac- ****
No Mercy 99 UK vs Steve Austin vs The Undertaker- : *** 1/2
Over The Edge 99 vs The Rock- ** 1/2
Fully Loaded 99 vs The Rock : *** 1/2
Summerslam 99 vs Steve Austin vs Mankind-: *** 1/2
Unforgiven 99 Six Pack Challenge- *** 3/4
Rebellion 99 vs The Rock : *** 1/4
No Mercy 99 vs Steve Austin : **** 1/4
Survivor Series 99 vs Big Show vs The Rock : ***
Armageddon 99 vs Vince Mcmahon : *** 1/4

1999, while not Triple H's best year, was certainly not too shabby as it marked his transformation from a DX soldier face, to "The Game" that we've been accustomed to for the last 12-13 years. Every match going forward in this year we see him gradually transforming with the completion of this transformation culminating at Armageddon, with the formation of the Mcmahon-Helmsley era. The SVDM tag was a pretty great match, with Xpac playing the key role as the individual who just TAKES A BEATING while we wait for the explosion between Hunter and Chyna, and although that encounter is short lived, it was interesting and added to the dynamic of the match. The Kane match is often criticized for being a horrible match, but I thought it was just a pretty average encounter, with Kane looking like he had some pacing issues out there, but besides that I thought Hunter did a great job of having a decent match with a worker who isn't known for greatness.

The match at Backlash with X-Pac is FANTASTIC, and I have absolutely NO CLUE why nobody talks about it to this day. It had amazing character development in the story being told, some great moves and methodical offense by Hunter. Even the fucking REST HOLDS added to the psychology of the match, being that Pacs neck was completely fucked and Hunter was basically trying to kill/injure him and put him on the shelf for the rest of his life. The debut of the more VICIOUS side of Hunter, and one of the best X Pac matches that I've ever seen, if not THE best. Anybody who hasn't seen this match should add it to the list of matches they should see next, great.

The two UK matches were pretty good at being what they are ; the No Mercy triple threat was an attitude era type brawl that was all over the place with some cool moments and spots. Sometimes these spots seem a little too set up which takes away a little bit, but you can't help but think some of these things are pretty damn awesome. The Rebellion cage match is one of the weaker entries in the Rock/Hunter series, but it was still pretty good fun with both men trying to escape the entire match with a REALLY REALLY overbooked ending.

The two matches with The Rock in the summer were completely different. The Over the Edge match was PRETTYYY bad by Rock and Hunter's standards together, but a pretty average match nonetheless. Badly placed, but not technically bad or anything. Pre and post match segments definitely add to the match for sure. I love the Fully Loaded strap match, as I believe it's a pretty great, intense encounter with these two just going at it to prove that they belong on top. Some of the shit that happens doesn't really make sense in the match, but for an entertainment perspective this was pure gold. Not the best in the Hunter/Rock series, but pretty damn great nonetheless.

The Summerslam and Survivor Series triple threats were exactly what you'd think they are ; Crazy out of control matches in 1999 during the apex of the attitude era. I thought both were good, but I also thought that the Summerslam match was much better in terms of being more technically sound AND more exciting. I don't think it made any sense to give Mankind the title there, but what the fuck do I know ? It was also much better than NEXT years overrated triple threat main event. The Survivor Series match was about one thing ; Big Show dominating, meaning that Rock and Hunter had to work together to take the big man out of the equation. Great story, some sloppy execution, but overall a satisfyingly good match with an ending that actually made sense.

I may be overrating the SCSA match at No Mercy, but I think it's the textbook example of what an attitude era brawl SHOULD be, and it MIGHT be my WWF MOTY from a very shitty overall 1999. It had all the intensity and storytelling violence that a big time main event brawl should have, and overall just had that big time atmosphere and feel that I get while watching certain matches. Everything clicked here for me, as even though I don't even believe that this is their best match together (3SOH beats this by a mile), I think that it was perfect for what it is, and Triple H's BEST MATCH up to that point (that would stay for a whole few months so it doesn't really matter). Everything just made sense to me, from the finishers to all of the mayhem and chaos outside of the ring, I just thought this brawl was fantastic. EVERYBODY will probably disagree with me, but this is definitely another forgotten fantastic match from Trips's 99 campaign.

The last match of the year is also a forgottenly awesome Trips match from 99 (forgottenly can be a word, can't it ?) between him and Vince that gets EXTREMELY INTENSE at some points. Vince is somewhat sloppy in this one (a given) , and it's EXTREMELY fucking long (30 fucking minutes!) , but I thought the violence was great and it stayed as entertaining as any match that I've ever seen all the way throughout. Definitely one of Vince's best matches, and from a story standpoint was one of the more crucial matches of Triple H's career. Loved the opening tactics of Vince with the powder to the eyes of Hunter too btw.

That about wraps it up for the 90s Trips PPV matches. At this point in his career this was DEFINITELY his best overall year, with him not wrestling a below average match all year. There were some average matches of course, but a majority of these matches were pretty damn great, and he would probably be a top 3 WWF candidate for WOTY in 99 in my books. Wait, this means one thing now that I'm done 99... I GET TO MOVE ON TO 2000... Bring it the fuck on, I can't wait

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

** to Austin/Hunter from No Mercy '99; it was Austin's redneck style vs. Hunter's cerebral style and it didn't mesh well.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Which PPV's from the SilverVision sale are worth getting?
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Out of them, I personally would only get Backlash and Cyber Sunday. None of the other PPVs, in my opinion, have any stand out matches or anything worth watching.

Edit: Oh shit, you were on about the whole sale? I thought you were only on about the 07 PPVs because you gave a link to that specific page Nevermind, but I still do recommend those PPVs, especially if you're interested in 2007 PPVs

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Kurt Angle v Rey Mysterio at Summerslam 2002

One of the most fast paced matches I have ever seen. Both Angle and Rey were on top form. The spot where Rey jumped over the ref landing on Angle who was outside the ring was incredible. I cant believe this match did not happen at Wrestlemania 22, Orton didnt need to be in, one of the best openers ever.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by
We have learned that WWE are currently producing a DVD and Blu-Ray set titled: WWE – New World Order.

The set is on the schedule for release in early November, looking at the New World Order (nWo) and their reign over WCW in the late 1990′s and WWE in the early 2000′s.

This won’t be the first DVD set which WWE have produced on the group “nWo Back in Black” was released in 2002 and featured a documentary with a handful of moments and matches.

We will have more details on this set in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.
If it is to include a documentary, without Hogan, it wont be the same but I assume they have some archive footage of Hogan talking about the nWo. Interesting project though!
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Austin/HHH NM99- ***3/4
Vince/HHH Armageddon 99- *1/2

Only matches I can really comment on from 99 HHH since these are the only two I remember... actually I watched Vince/HHH like a week or two ago. Hated it, and found myself skipping through the match a little bit. I will give it that it was a violent match. Can't say I found it entertaining at all like Mr. K1ngofK1ngs, but I'll give it that it lived up to AE violence standards.

Austin/HHH was a great match, and one I'd actually never seen until a couple of years ago. I do need to re-watch it but I remember it well enough to give it that rating for now.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Rock/HHH 2000:

WM16 - ****, This match had everything, with the right finish(Rock going over clean), this match would be much more memorable.
RAW April with Jericho and Benoit tag - ****1/4, people always talking about Austin/HHH/Jericho/Benoit, this is up there if not better.
Backlash - ****1/2, No need to explain, one of the greatest spectacles of all time.
JD - *****, Classic wrestling match, innovative falls and the crowd was into it the entire match. Along with some awesome spots like Rock doing a Pedigree on the table. Best Ironman of all time.
KOTR - ***3/4, Not even close to their 1-1 for obvious reasons but this was perfect booking.

They had another great match before KOTR but I can't remember it.

Finally an nWo DVD, I always wanted Hall and Nash DVDs but if this is a documentary, should be great.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

For Rock/HHH 2000 (only their two one-on-one matches):

BL- ****1/2
JD- ****1/4

I used to have it the other way around, but upon my last review a short time ago, it switched. I think what it comes down to for me is the ironman match, while awesome, is still an hour long and does get pretty boring in spots tbh, like any ironman match tbh. The BL match however is just a joy to watch from start to finish and I never really get bored watching it. I would definitely put the Backlash match in HHH's Top 3 and Rock's Top 3 as well I think.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Love the Iron man match. Have seen it like twenty times by now. *****
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