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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

If it's the guy I'm thinking of, that dude shows up A LOT in ECW. Really passionate about everyone chanting 'ECW' and stuff.

Originally Posted by Rah
Is Sienfeld the one with George Costanza?
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Brye View Post
Looks like the whole first disc is a doc. Could be interesting.
Not any more, SilverVision has the DVD listed as 3 discs now instead of 4, Bluray as 2 instead of 3, matches on the first disc of both sets .
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

About to watch Summerslam 07 for the first time...looks a terrible card.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

And its a terrible event .
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Anybody got stars for vengeance 2011?

cena/del rio looks interesting what with the ring being broke and all whilst punk&trip/miz&truth looks okay.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Air Boom V Zig Zag Paddy Swagg - *** (really fun opener)
Ziggler Vs Zack - 1/2*
Beth Vs Eve - ** (I *think* anyway. I don't keep track of women's matches at all, but I do seem to recall this being pretty good)
Sheamus Vs Christian - **1/2 (never really got started, Christian wasn't able to establish control at all)
HHH/Punk Vs Miz/Truth - ** (Miz & Truth are just terrible, HHH adds nothing, Punk tries his best)
Orton Vs Rhodes - ***
Henry Vs Big Show - ***1/4 (really fun match from these two once again, finish was awesome)
Cena Vs Del Rio - ***3/4 (really crazy, fun and unique match. The fact it happened AFTER the ring breaking made it so much more interesting)
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Jingoro View Post
i just ripped open my ECW Unreleased dvd set and watched the Dean Malenko-Eddie Guerrero TV Title Rematch. The match was really good, but dear god did that a-hole fan at the bottom of the screen completely distract from the match. He stood up for the whole match when everyone else was sitting down, he had his shirt off, had weird braided hair, had his girlfriend stand next to him the whole time, and he turned around after almost every other move to interact with the crowd. like he was trying to make himself part of the show. it fucking worked because he was impossible to ignore and probably the most obnoxious fan i've ever seen if he was just a fan. I'm still not sure if he was a wrestler or just a fan, but holy fuck was he annoying. i have never in my entire life had a match ruined by someone in the audience just bugging the fuck out of me when i'm watching it on tv at home.
So I wasn't alone lol. That dude was center mass and completely distracting but it was a very good match.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
Not any more, SilverVision has the DVD listed as 3 discs now instead of 4, Bluray as 2 instead of 3, matches on the first disc of both sets .

Just ordered Over The Limit and Extreme Rules from this year for a combined $25.

And I happened to have a $25 gift card.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Extreme Rules 2012

Randy Orton vs Kane : Falls Count Anywhere

Rematch of the decent Wrestlemania encounter between these two here. These two work together decently enough, as Kane is a good enough worker to mesh with Orton's easily adaptable style. I didn't like the brawling much at the beginning of the match as I felt it was slow and tedious, but the incorporation of the lead pipe made the pace a little better, the action a little more exciting, and it made the match a hell of alot more entertaining. From here we move on out to the crowd where the match really picked up, from there on out it's your standard brawl through the crowd and up the stairs until we get to the backstage area.

Once we get backstage this match really starts to get good as we get a glimpse of two of these fighting in the locker room (we also get a failed Zack Ryder appearance), and some of the things that these two do backstage gets a little, but not too creative. We then end out back to the ring where we get a few good near falls and a victory for Orton. I liked this more than what I thought was a good Wrestlemania encounter. I thought the stipulation really added to the match and upped it's value, and I loved the backstage element and the nearfalls. The best possible choice for an opener, and a fantastic opener all around.

*** 1/4

Brodus Clay vs Dolph Ziggler

Oh Dolph, you went from a great series of matches with Punk...To THIS ? Anyways, although this is Clay's first real challenge as a member of the WWE roster, there isn't much to this one. Dolph bumps all around the ring for Brodus and makes him look absolutely fantastic, but in the end this was just another Brodus Clay "showcase", and I say that very loosely because I'm not a big fan of the Funkasaurus gimmick, or even Brodus Clay himself as a worker. Some of Clay's moves however, look very good when performed to Dolph because Dolph knows how to sell them better than most wrestlers. Not much to say about this one, it's about 5 minutes of MEH stuff.

* 1/2

IC Championship : Big Show(c) vs Cody Rhodes : Tables Match

This is a rematch from a very basic match between these two men at Wrestlemania. I like the basic story in this one : How in the bloody fuck is Cody Rhodes going to put Big Show through a table ? This match is only a few minutes long and it basically works like this ; Show beats Cody Rhodes down, Rhodes gets an absolutely BEAUTIFUL counter off the beautiful disaster kick to take charge of this for a short period of time, and Big Show accidentally goes through a table to end this one. That's basically the entire match summed up in once second. It was short and decent with a very creative ending, and it was better than the Mania match. Watch this however, for the post match beatdown that Show gives to Rhodes. That in itself is worth turning on this match for, I promise you !


WHC : Sheamus(c) vs Daniel Bryan : 2/3 Falls

This is the match that has been in the making for over one year. We were screwed out of this match at both Wrestlemania 27 AND Wrestlemania 28, but with a 2/3 falls stipulation, we knew there was no possible way that WWE could fuck this up on their own. We would FINALLY get to see these two men go at it, and DAMN did they exceed expectations. These two delivered over 20 minutes of action, which was chocked full of psychology and limb work, great selling, great workrate and various holds being utilized, and a good story that was being told. I love the dynamic of not having a single fall until about 15 minutes in, as it makes Sheamus look more like a fluke for the time being, and since that particular fall was a DQ, it makes Bryan look like a cerebral assassin with a beautiful gameplan to take out Sheamus's arm. Sheamus sells the arm fairly well, with there only being one instance that I can recall where he uses it in action again. On a random note; Sheamus uses a TEXAS CLOVERLEAF, that is all kinds of awesome. Bryan's kicks are just too sweet.

So yeah, I love this match. The first fall focuses on just some kick ass wrestling holds and sequences, and some beautiful arm work and selling. After the first fall however, the story kicks up and Bryan makes Sheamus pass out to the YES lock. I would have preferred that Sheamus tap out, but I guess they want to protect him, so that's okay. Then we're locked up at 1-1 and Sheamus looks like he's out, only to land a Brogue kick that Bryan KICKS OUT OF. I seriously thought it was over there, what a fantastic near fall. Second brogue kick puts Bryan down for good. Wow, what a match. These two really CAN go and I hope over the years that these two gets numerous PPV matches. So many amazing things to say about this encounter, one of the finest WRESTLING matches that I've seen in years. Sheamus's best WWE match, and Bryan's best WWE match (well...until a few weeks later, but I'll get to that in a week or so). Watch this.

**** 1/2

Ryback vs Jobbers

Giving the crowd some time to die down after that amazing match that we just witnessed. The jobbers actually get MIC TIME, which amazes me and kind of makes me laugh. One of the jobbers is about 100 pounds, so what do you think happens in this one ? If you don't already know, then fuck you haha. Love the GOLDBERG chants, and I love Ryback's intensity all the time, the guy seems like he's always constantly on the edge. Ryback destroys these two to segway us into the second of 3 main events, I can't rate this obviously.

N/A (Squash)

WWE Championship : CM Punk(c) vs Chris Jericho : Chicago Street Fight

The second of our three main events, and a rematch to IMO the second greatest WWE championship match to ever take place at a Wrestlemania. The crowd is insane here for Punk (the hometown boy), as this is the perfect blow-off match to a feud filled with intensity and psychological warfare. I love how Punk shows up and just destroys Jericho right from the get go, only to have Jericho take control with a simple eye poke, what a simple but effective heel move on his part. We begin to spill things out to the outside, as this one quickly turns into an out of control brawl that also happens to be story driven. We get lots of weapons being incorporated in this one, and we also get Punk's family involved, as Jericho goes after Punk's sister after she slaps Jericho, leading to a change of mood in this match as Punk goes absolutely insane and begins to go off on Jericho.

The way this match works is simple: Jericho plays mind games and uses simple moves on Punk, but Punk's intensity and will to destroy and get revenge on Jericho prevails. We get a few great counter sequences here, including reversing the lionsault into a GTS attempt, something I never ever thought I would see. The main criticism people have with this match is that it is too drawn out towards the end, and it really slows things down. I personally disagree with that statement, as I love the rollercoaster pace of the match. It starts off fast, cools down, and then picks right back up near the end. The main idea of this match was for Punk to finally get his definitive revenge on Jericho that he couldn't get at Mania due to stipulations out of his control, and he does that and puts an end to this fantastic feud. Would be match of the night on many, many shows, although I personally thought the Wrestlemania match was better. This was a different, more intense match than Wrestlemania, and it was another classic on this PPV. Fantastic.

**** 1/4

Divas Championship : Nikki Bella(c) vs Layla

Again, this is another match to give the fans a breather after the two classic matches that they have already seen on this night. I'm a fan of Layla's in ring work, so I thought this was a nice changeup to see her return. She showed alot of energy in her return, and a few great moves as usual, but this wasn't as good as her match that she had at Over The Limit in a few weeks, which was a GOOD match in general (not just by Diva standards). The Bellas suck in the ring, but this was their last appearance IIRC, so who really cares. Just a way to switch the titleholder and give the fans a breather, nothing much to see here besides a good return.

* 3/4

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar : Extreme Rules

If I were to use a word that could sum this match up as a whole, I would use the word UNIQUE. Never in all my years as a wrestling fan have I seen something like this on my TV screen. This match had an unbelieveable story behind it : Brock Lesnar's back, and he's going to destroy everything in his path just because he can, starting with what he believes to be the little bitch of the company, John Cena. He backs it up to, as Lesnar looks like an absolute MONSTER out there, legitimately destroying Cena and busting him open within the first minute of the match with some vicious MMA style strikes to the head. Brock's moveset is absolutely brilliant ; He uses nothing but Amateur wrestling and MMA style holds and strikes, besides his F-5 at the end of the match, while John cena spends literally about 2-3 percent of this match on the offensive.

Some people aren't a fan of the stoppages for blood, but I thought these pauses put over the fact that Lesnar is so vicious that the match has to be stopped, for JOHN CENA (the face of the company) of all people. Lesnar does a really good job of switching up his offense from MMA to mat wrestling, and getting the fans on Cena's side. This is the first time we've seen legit bleeding in the company for almost FOUR years, and it works perfectly to the context of the story, so obviously that alone bumps this matches rating up a bit. Lesnar works on and destroys Cena's arm with the Kimura, legitimizing that particular hold for future use, as Cena makes Lesnar look downright BEASTLY here. Cena gets his offense in flurries, just enough for the fans to get on his side before Lesnar kills his momentum once again. Lesnar actually has Cena beaten, but the referee gets knocked down, so that makes me okay with the ending.

Some people HATE this ending and refuse to give the match a good rating because of it. I thought that it makes both men look equally as good. Cena is finally the underdog in a match and he overcomes adversity, and ESCAPES Lesnar. he doesn't actually BEAT Lesnar, as Lesnar escapes the war with minimal damage, whilst Cena can barely move his arm and is busted wide open with blood streaming down his face. It makes Lesnar look like a machine who just gets caught due to unforseen circumstances, and doesn't disregard his credibility one bit. What a thrill ride of a match, the storytelling was amazing, the brutality was fantastic, and both men really gave it their all out there. One of the most unique matches of all time, astronomically better than the "once in a lifetime" match between Rock and Cena. Amazing, MOTN in my opinion, and a perfect way to close the PPV.

**** 1/2


Wow. Before I rewatched this PPV I thought it was maybe better than Wrestlemania. This is going to be a little bit controversial, but I believe that the triple main event that takes place on this PPV is a TOP FIVE triple main event of all time. Take the three best matches from ANY show and stack them up against these 3 main events, and in terms of star ratings, I don't see any triple main event adding up. Couple that with a pretty great opener, and you not only have the greatest PPV of the year (I don't see any PPV beating it, but that's my opinion) , but one of the greatest PPV's of ALL TIME IMO. That might be jumping the gun in the minds of some people but consider this:

We have 8 matches on this PPV and a runtime of 2 hours and about 50 minutes. The opener (a great match) took up 17 minutes (not including entrances and build up), and an overall HOUR AND 10 MINUTES of in ring time were given to the absolutely fantastic 3 main events, while the other four matches had a combined 13 minutes in ring. You obviously can't dismiss the number of filler matches on this card, but this card has a match for everyone; An all time classic WRESTLING match, an all time classic BRAWL, and an all time classic I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IT WAS BUT IT WAS AWESOME. The most top heavy PPV of all time perhaps, but I can say nothing but good things about this.

This is required viewing in my eyes, as the 3 main events are breathtaking. In contrast to events such as Summerslam and MITB 2011 which featured all around cards with absolutely NO bad or filler matches even taking place, this PPV is very top heavy, and just as good as the two aforementioned events, which I can't choose between (but I will someday). Might even be the second best PPV of the WWE era in my eyes (WM XIX being number one) , but perhaps I'm just overreacting. We'll see if this stands the test of time, but for right now, I'm blown away.


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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Ever Wolf View Post
Anybody got stars for vengeance 2011?

cena/del rio looks interesting what with the ring being broke and all whilst punk&trip/miz&truth looks okay.
Evan/Kofi vs Ziggler/Swagger - Just your typical tag team match.
Ziggler vs Ryder - Nothing memorable.
Beth vs Eve - I think this is the match with the top rope Glamslam. Not bad.
Sheamus vs Christian - Your typical PPV Sheamus match when he was on a squashing streak.
Miz/Truth vs HHH/Punk - I don't really recall much apart from Nash ambushing Hunter outside the ring and Miz/Truth doing a double-finisher to pin Punk.
Orton vs Cody - Your typical Orton match, which is... good.
Mark Henry vs Big Show - Boring, only thing standing out is the superplex. Their SVS match was much better despite the stupid finish.
Alberto del Rio vs Cena - A good LMS match, not your typical either, with a broken ring and all.

In conclusion, I wouldn't bother with this PPV if I haven't seen it already.

And I wanna get some matches between the top stars from the AE recommended to me. Y'know, Rock/Austin/Foley/HHH/Taker/Jericho/Angle/etc. That excludes Wrestlemania matches as I have watched most of them and planning to watch the remaining ones as well. You don't need to recommend any Benoit matches since I have watched almost every single one of them.
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