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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WWE Vengeance 27/07/2003

Haven't seen this show in full since it aired. Often brought up as one of the best PPV's, and certainly one of the best single brand PPV's or all time. Hopefully it can live up to the hype, and looking at the card, if the 3 or 4 matches that look potentially awesome hold up, then I can certainly see myself joining everyone in their claims of this being awesome .

Chris Benoit Vs Eddie Guerrero - United States Championship

What a way to start off the event! These guys are 2 of the main reasons (along with Undertaker) that I sooo adored Smackdown during this tme period. Just a bunch of great WRESTLERS competing in the ring to prove themselves as the greatest WRESTLER while still being able to throw in personal rivalries and whatnot. Awesome booking 101. Heyman was in charge of SD around this time, right?

They do a lot of trading holds back and forth with a few pin counters and whatnot too early on. Some people like that, some people don't. Personally, I enjoy it most of the time and I definitely enjoy it here. Helps that both men put in some little touches to everything they do to stop it being so robotic like you got in the Angle/Benoit matches. It not Regal/Finlay/Benoit, but its still good. Plus both men countering things plays into the fact they've known each other for so long, travelled the world, trained together and wrestled each other numerous times in the past. Always better to have an actual history like that when working an "equals" style match like this.

Eventually the back and forth action turns into an Eddie control segment. I love how he starts getting cocky and decides to chop Benoit... who returns the favour... so Eddie just walks over to him and gouges his eye out . Makes Eddie look like a DICK and plays into the buildup for this match, as Eddie tries to blind Benoit a week ago or something.

Eddie's control segment doesn't last nearly as long as I would have liked, but fuuuck, the whole finishing stretch is just tremendous. Overbooked? Yeah, probably, but good god its awesomely fun. Eddie tries to lie, cheat and steal the title on numerous occasions, the poor referee gets beat up about 3 times, and then Rhino charges in right at the end and GORES Benoit to hell. at Eddie's reaction. He sees Rhino running for the Gore and thinks he's aiming for HIM, so he just turns and cowers in hopes it won't be so bad, only to realise Benoit got hit. He shrugs his shoulders and takes advantage anyway, winning the US Title!

Awesome opener. Eddie was just incredible with his antics and facial expressions. Benoit was his usual self, which is a great wrestler and intense as fuck, and they work really well together here. These two guys are usually hit and miss together, but not here.

Rating: ****

Jamie Noble Vs Billy Gunn - Indecent Proposal Match

If Noble wins... he gets to shag Torrie on Smackdown. Not every storyline can be a winner, but I'll be dammed if I wasn't invested in this and living vicariously through Jamie Noble .

Noble brings a briefcase with him that is apparently filled with sex toys and oils. Gunn steals it and opens it and we get a nice view of what's inside. Tazz claims that he stole Cole's briefcase .

Match itself is... well Noble is a great wrestler and Gunn is athletic so he bumps alright and hits a couple of nice moves lol. DDT from the ropes by Noble looked awesome, but Nidia made sure Gunn's leg was on the ropes, as she doesn't want her boyfriend sleeping with another women. In the end though, Torrie actually ends up costing Gunn the match by mistake, and she has to shag Noble on Smackdown! Totally remember that episode too lol. Crazy shit happens .

Rating: **

APA Invitational

A bar scene is build at one side of the stage, and its time for the APA ot beat the shit out of half the Smackdown roster! And the Easter Bunny. Brian Kendrick standing on the bar and dancing to people's theme music as they enter is awesome. Brother Love! Doink the Clown! Woooo!

Brother Love cuts a pretty awesome promo, then takes out 2 random people with a bar stool . Kendrick gets knocked from the bar through a table. LOL. Sean O'Haire punching the Easter Bunny in the face might be the greatest thing ever.

Match is... insane. People taking crazy arse bumps and drinking beer. Awesome. Ton of fun. APA win obviously . I think I might love this more than anyone else in existence.

Rating: ***

The World's Greatest Tag Team Vs Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio - Tag Team Championship

Hope this lives up to the hype!

Nope. Lol. It was good, but just way too moves-y for my liking. The stuff with Kidman's back was great and really could have been a turning point in the match, but it just didn't last nearly as long as I would have liked, and it wasn't long before Rey was back in the ring flying about. Felt like they were trying to capture the epicness of the No Mercy 2002 tag, and while they got the fast paced action down, they forgot to really tell a story too lol.

the "BULLSHIT" chant when Hass kicked out of a big double team move from Kidman and Mysterio. Also, HOLY SHIT. Cole calls his fans the Cole Miners! I didn't think he came up with that until his heel turn lol.

Rating: ***1/4

Sable Vs Stephanie McMahon

Well, time for a bad match on the card. No PPV can be perfect .

At least both women are hot. And wearing somewhat revealing outfits. Commentary is like on giant innuendo too. Makes it interesting to watch lol.

Part of me certainly liked this one .

In all seriousness though, its... not actually that bad. They have plenty of HATE~! and throw some stiff shots (slaps, forearms, elbows etc) no doubt to make it look as good as possible considering Steph isn't a wrestler and Sable is about 4 years past her prime. Gotta love Stephanie trying to get Sable's tits out. Again. She already did it on Smackdown, might as well do it now. Referee gives Sable is shirt to cover her up, while A-Train motherfucking RUNS OVER Stephanie to help Sable win. Holy fuck at that lol. Stephanie took it like a MAN. A very hot man. With tits. And a Vagina. A women, one might say.

Rating: **

The Undertaker Vs John Cena

Build up video for this match is great. Remember this feud pretty well from back in the day lol. Wasn't a fan of Cena even back then, but he definitely didn't suck in this feud. And from what I remember, he most certainly didn't suck in the match either.

This is all about respect, and Undertaker is determined to beat it out of Cena, and fuck does he do a great job early on. Some wicked shots from the Dead Man. Referee tries to get Undertaker away from Cena at some point and ends up jumping across the ring to get away from a very pissed off Phenom lol. Always love that spot in Undertaker matches .

Match actually looks like its going to be a total SQUASH, with Undertaker dominating Cena entirely and then landing a HUGE chokeslam, and going for the pin. Looked like it was over, but Undertaker wanted to punish Cena more so he picks him back up, which ends up being a HUGE mistake from the veteran! Cena then takes his time to expose one of the turnbuckles, and it looks like he took TOO long, as Undertaker gets back up and begins to destroy Cena again, but the turnbuckle comes into play and Cena gains control. Undertaker's ribs are the target of Cena's assault, and he does a great job working them over. Undertaker is bleeding internally, and keeps fighting back in desperation. He knows he needs to get back into this match and end it quickly, something he had the chance to do earlier but didn't follow up on.

Undertaker takes one hell of a beating, including a shot to the ribs with a chain and an F-U! He barely kicks out, and Cena gets majorly pissed off, and makes a mistake by mounting 'Taker in the corner, and gets a Last Ride! Match is over.

Great, great stuff. Another great example of Undertaker putting someone over without actually losing. Plus, he does get beat by Cena on Smackdown in a re-match not long after this. But yeah, Undertaker gets the win on PPV while Cena looks better than he ever has. Everyone is a winner here.

Rating: ***3/4

Mr McMahon Vs Zack Gowen

Match is what it is. Mr McMahon beating up a one legged guy. One legged guy makes comeback and Vince bumps to the best of his ability. Didn't do much for me. Worst match on the show, and the only actual bad match on the show too. Vince's blade job is pretty much THE only thing that is good lol.

Rating: 1/4*

Brock Lesnar Vs Kurt Angle Vs The Big Show - WWE Championship

Classic "Big Show Vs The World" start to this one, which is always a ton of fun. Even against two of the companies top stars at the time, Show looked like he could legit destroy them both and take the title if he wanted to, and that makes the match a whole lot more interesting. Show Vs Angle and Lesnar was a nice way to set up Lesnar and Angle working together to take out the bigger man (and they begin with weapon shots and then hit a double chokeslam!), and then move from there to both of them turning on each other because they both want the title.

Pretty sure Tazz calls Big Show a hooker at some point during this match lol.

Lesnar hits a RUNNING POWERBOMB ON BIG SHOW. Ok, it was out of the corner, but still, he had the guy on his shoulders in a powerbomb position and RAN WITH HIM. Lesnar was a fucking beast. Big Show is hurt from that move, and then is finally taken out of the match for good with an Angle Slam through a table. Angle Vs Lesnar time! They became friends after the WM match, but this is for the title, and friendship don't mean SHIT.

Oh hey, Big Show does come back into this match lol. He breaks up Angle Vs Lesnar and double chokeslams both of them! Lesnar and Angle are up about 20 seconds later exchanging punches with each other. LOL. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Show, then on Lesnar and picks up the win. Didn't enjoy this as much as I did on last watch tbh, but its still a good triple threat match, and its a great piece of the Angle/Lesnar story which leads into SummerSlam superbly.

Rating: ***1/2

Overall, a fantastic PPV. Only ONE bad match on the card. Everything else is at the very least fun. Opener is MOTN, with Undertaker/Cena coming in close.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Man, KC; Thanks for that. (Being sarcastic.) Was reading some of that post, & thinking I might try to YouTube some of it. Then, thought, & remembered I have the DVD... Here, I had already thought of watching the new Rock or Edge DVD docs this weekend. (Does it say something I have more interest in both of those than "Over The Limit"?!)
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Just rewatched Wrestlemania 24 for the first time in ages, I'd forgotten just what a great show it was and it is definitely number 4 on my list (behind 17, 19, 18).

Finlay v JBL - ***1/2, really good brawl to open the show, some great little spots, JBL really was an unbelievably good heel and got a lot of heat here.

MITB - ****1/4 maybe ****1/2 - my favourite MITB, so many good spots

Batista v Umaga - ** - an ok brawl and the Batista Bomb at the end was insane

Kane v Chavo - just like Bryan v Sheamus this year this can't be rated

Shawn Michaels v Ric Flair - ****1/2- a masterpiece plain and simple, amazing story telling and great action, the ending was perfect

Beth Phoeniz/Melina v Maria/Ashley - * - typical divas Wrestlemania match

Randy Orton v HHH v John Cena - *** - not a bad match but not a great match, some good action but should have been a lot better

Floyd Mayweather v Big Show - ***3/4 - I actually really enjoyed this match, it told a good story and was a lot better than I expected it to be

Undertaker v Edge - ****1/2 - A great main event, really underrated imo, Edge played such a great heel and the crowd was really into the match

Overall just a great show, even the backstage stuff wasn't as bad as it usually is at Mania

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat: The Trilogy

Match 3: Wrestlewar: May 7th, 1989

Here we go, I've heard many individuals (including Triple H) claim that this is the greatest match of all time, lets see how it holds up. The build to this match was greater than any other match in the series, as everyone knew this was the final encounter. They take the womanizer vs family man story to a whole new level, as Flair has about FORTY women accompany him to the ring for his entrance. The first thing I notice about this match is it's pace, they're working at that insane Flair vs Steamboat pace that is unmatched by any two competitors in the industry. The beginning of the match gets the fans more involved than the previous match as well, when Flair and Steamboat duke it out in a chop battle. The chops still aren't as vicious as Chi-Town Rumble, but there are about 10 times more of them.

Now we get to my favorite part of the match; Steamboats arm work. In the previous match, Steamboat made Flair tap out to the standing chicken wing submission, and in this match, Steamboats offense is centered around working on the left arm of Flair to set up the chicken wing once again. I love how they throwback to the previous matches and add certain elements to it. For instance, just like the other two matches, Steamboat teases a dive outside of the ring onto Flair, but the referee stops him everytime. However, in this match when the referee goes to stop Steamboat, Steamboat pushes the referee out of the way and begins to get aggressive. The drama in this match is at a greater high than the other two matches because we know this is the last encounter, so that adds to the match.

Where this match isn't as good as the other two varies. For instance, this match has better psychology and matwork than Chi-Town Rumble, while it isn't paced as good and the crowd isn't as hot. When comparing it to the COTC battle, this match has better drama and better nearfalls, but the matwork and psychology of the Clash battle triumphs over it. At the end of the day though, that 's what makes the series to special; every match is near-perfection and tell the same story in different ways. This is more of a face-face encounter than the previous two, where Flair goes full heel mode. One last thing: Steamboat's selling and Flair's bumping are phenominal, and are some of the best in the entire series. Flair takes back the title in a nod to the Clash match, where Steamboat goes for a slam and his injured knee buckles. Amazing storytelling. Do I think this is the greatest match of all time ? No, as a matter of fact it's my least favorite of the trilogy, but that obviously dosen't make it the worst.

It's a work of art and ONE of the greatest matches of all time.


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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Steamboat has said in the past he thought Flair and him could have/should have had a final blow off match after WrestleWar since he did lose the World's Championship, but Flair and Funk had the perfect introduction to their feud here. Maybe they could have held it off instead of instantly shifting to the next program but it still was greatly executed.


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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I just decided to keep watching The second disc of TURFC

Ric Flair vs Terry Funk: I Quit Match: Clash of the Champions IX

If Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat was an indication of what wrestling as an art form is supposed to be, than Ric Flair vs Terry Funk is an example of what wrestling violence is all about. Flair shows his versatility in this brutal match, that honestly reminds me of an older version of the WM XXVIII end of an era match between The Undertaker and Triple H. Not that the matches have anything in common, but what makes both matches so great are the SUPERB storytelling and intense violence. The story here is simple: Funk is insane, and broke Flair's neck, now Flair needs to do what seems impossible; make Terry Funk say I quit.

For 1989 standards, and even by today's standards, this match is stiff and brutal. The psychology complies with the storytelling PERFECTLY, as Funk beats down on Flairs neck and sets up for a piledriver, but before he pulls the trigger he asks Flair does he want to quit. The way Funk says "Remember your neck Ric ? You don't want me to hurt your neck again do you?" is storytelling and drama so compelling, but it's actually congruent with the storyline. What can I say about some of the spots in this match ? A piledriver on the floor, steel barricade shots, and one of the most brutal suplexes to the outside that I've ever seen puts the icing on the cake for this match.

For a long time in this match we believe that Funk might actually win this, because lets be honest; Did anyone visualize Funk actually saying I quit ? Funk takes some absolute brutal bumps in this match while protecting Flair very well, an all around fantastic job. Flair uses some leg work and after trying for a long time, actually manages to hook the figure four to make Funk quit. Better storytelling and drama than the Steamboat series, and incredibly violent, if the build was a little better it would get the full five stars from me, but nonetheless, this is probably my favorite Ric Flair match. Fantastic.

**** 3/4

"He's not the biggest. He was never the strongest. He was never the fastest. He was overlooked. He went in the sixth round. So with that being said, all of the intangibles that a quarterback is supposed to have, they overlooked it with him because it was burning from inside of him" - Ray Lewis on Tom Brady
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Taker/Cena Vengeance 03: ****

Love this match. Taker (and Angle for that matter), from Cena's first match, to Taker showing him respect, to Taker putting Cena over majorly in their feud to Cena's feud with Angle later on in 03 really helped elevate Cena and were probably the two men responsible for Cena rising as high as he is. From what Cena gained from Taker and Angle in credibility, his popularity and cred sky rocketed and he became the top guy of the company by late-2005.

I'm watching you...

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
That's likely to just be a placeholder image atm, but the actual cover could be Undertaker taking a shit for all I care.
Would it rest in pieces? See what I did there?

That cover is ok. This dvd makes no sense unless A. the streak is over and Taker is going to lose next year to the Rock (JK about the last part...just wanted to piss you off Cal) or B. if Taker retires which I want him topping WM28, perfect ending

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

How long does it usually take for Silvervision to ship outside the UK? The Netherlands in this case.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by MachoMadness1988 View Post
Would it rest in pieces? See what I did there?

That cover is ok. This dvd makes no sense unless A. the streak is over and Taker is going to lose next year to the Rock (JK about the last part...just wanted to piss you off Cal) or B. if Taker retires which I want him topping WM28, perfect ending
Wouldn't mind if he retired but I feel like they'd make it more official. Although Taker is a special case that they could do without that.

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