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Wrestling Documentaries (DVDs) you want made

I really want want a Chris Jericho Documentary made; like an actual Hollywood big name actor type movie.

Of course mention any other WWF/WWE/ECW/WCW (and other) wrestling movies you want to see.
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Re: Wrestling Documentaries (DVDs) you want made

Originally Posted by You're Pretty Good View Post
I really want want a Chris Jericho Documentary made; like an actual Hollywood big name actor type movie.

Of course mention any other WWF/WWE/ECW/WCW (and other) wrestling movies you want to see.
So you want Chris Jericho to star? Or you want a big name actor to star to make it not actually a doco?

I reckon a doco on the daily life of Vince McMahon or HHH would be good.
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Re: Wrestling Documentaries (DVDs) you want made

I'd love one on someone like The Patriot, who admittedly was a favorite of mine, but guys in general who peaked at some point, but still never really had the recognition to warrant big time coverage.

As sad as it was seeing Jake Roberts in Beyond The Mat, I really like hearing from guys who aren't in the spotlight anymore, and don't have to play politics.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I want WWE to produce a Christian 3-disc set featuring a documentary and matches. He deserves it and has an extensive career to cover. I also want to see this match make a future Christian DVD:

Jack Swagger vs. Christian
ECW Championship Match
ECW February 24, 2009

At the time, Jack Swagger was one of the hottest young commodities in all of the WWE. He embodied the name Swagger. He has a natural cockiness about him like the star athlete at a school whose attitude is annoying but he is so good you have to take notice of his undeniable talent. In 2009, Swagger hadn't been on WWE TV for even a year and heíd already had quality performances with Finlay and Matt Hardy. Granted those two veterans Swagger feuded with steered the ship the in those matches but you can see his natural talent at work and he played a huge role too in making those matches good too. Now Swagger has found the best opponent of his career in the returning Christian.

In this ECW Championship match both Swagger and Christian faced big tests. For Swagger he must step up to yet another level to eventually move further in the WWE ranks. He is bound to have a future main event spot in WWE but only if he wants it which I know he does. Christian is more than mid-card talent. He is in ECW to show the world he belongs at the top as the face of the brand but also to help make new stars.

Swagger often starts his matches quickly wrapping around his opponent with a waist lock/take down combo just to show off his speed, technique and power. Psychologically Swagger wants to show Christian he may be the veteran but itís like heís saying, "youíre not as good as me!Ē Christian has been in the business for over a decade and has seen all styles and has defeated some of the best technical wrestlers and amateur champions in the business including Swagger so he will not be intimidated.

Christian threw Swagger off a bit from his wrestling game plan with his open-handed punches to the mouth. Christian then used his speed to make the rookie champion rush into offense which also helped Christian score some quick near falls. But the mouse can dodge the cat for so long and the momentum started to shift when Swagger would catch Christian in key spots. First, Christian jumped backwards from the top rope and got caught with a clothesline to the back of the head. Another moment while Christian was on the ring apron Swagger ran through him like a truck. And finally Christian rushed himself towards Swagger and got his left shoulder blasted into the steel steps.

A big thing you will see in Swaggerís matches is him targeting his opponentís shoulder. As long as Swagger has someone who can properly sell this particular piece of match psychology then it will continue to work (it has for years for many wrestlers just pick a different body part). Lucky for Swagger, Christian is one of the best sellers in the company. With his opponent injured, Swagger can dominate and build his story easily from there.

Christian has perfected the babyface in peril role. He plays the role amazingly well with his agony filled facials that make him look so distressed. The way Christian flexes his fingers and holds his hand out like itís been snapped in two makes me as a fan want to support him and see him dig down deep and recover. He continues selling shaking his fingers, pumping his fist in an attempt to get the blood flowing again.

Then thereís the spot where Swagger has Christian trapped in a back waist lock and of course Christian canít use his left shoulder which Swagger is leaning a lot of pressure towards so Christian uses head butts to break the hold! Itís the intricate things that may fly over peopleís heads but I see Christian selling and working 100 percent all of the time. Christian has a special connection with his Peeps and some may not notice it but this is one of the reasons why. It is also why I consider Christian one of the very best workers in the business today.

Earlier in the match I mentioned Swagger catching Christian in a quick counter exchange with a back clothesline. Well Swagger tried to use a front/back clothesline combo but Christian countered both attempts and hit his reverse DDT. It is a mark of a true veteran knowing to counter a move that was so devastating from earlier in the match. Now thatís what I call a smart spot. Christian is so damn good at making every little detail in the match make sense and look good.

With the momentum in Christianís favor he was able to hit a diving head butt from the top rope and a brutal tornado DDT that looked like it spiked Swagger's head into the mat! While all this is happening Christian never forgets to sell the shoulder injury. He would always grabbed the shoulder and never forget the story of the match.

Christian can't take advantage (can't win) because heís so wounded at this point. That leads to his downfall as he couldnít hold Swagger to deliver the Kill switch. Swagger whether it was his idea or Christianís it was perfect timing for the champion to throw him into the steel ring post. We see a couple more counters after that and Christian again is in too much pain to use his finisher and Swagger takes advantage again with the devastating Gutwrench Powerbomb to retain the ECW Title!

What a dominate performance from Swagger and a gutsy performance from Christian putting together a smart, excellent wrestling match. They gave the ECW Championship more credibility but more importantly Jack Swagger never looked any better. He dominated most of the match and Christian sold for him to make him look like gold.

**** 1/4

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Elimination Chamber 2012

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

I was kind of blown away when this was the opener, I thought to myself "wow, Smackdown actually gets to main event a PPV for once?", boy was I wrong. The workrate in this match is actually pretty solid, and the bumps taken by Ziggler are absolutely brutal, proving that a match does not need blood in order to be violent. R-Truth wasn't in the match too long and didn't serve much of a purpose(he was eliminated by an elbow drop FFS), while Miz was his usual self (I swear to god he's afraid to take a bump or something). Punk/Kingston/Jericho are all pretty awesome here also, as the match itself is quite great, but there is one pressing issue facing this match that makes me not like it as much as I should: The drama.

I mean, damn. With the exception of Jericho and Punk, nobody had a shot at winning this thing and it was blatantly obvious. Besides that, how about that atrocious booking? There was no reason for Jericho to be in this match at all, as the feud between Punk and Jericho had no real heat to it yet. But, shitty booking aside, this match was a workrate chamber with a high intensity and some absolute VIOLENCE on the outside. The MVP of this match is a tossup between Ziggler and Punk, with all 6 workers giving it their all in this one. The whole concussion angle with Jericho didn't really work for me either, and it slowed the match down completely, but it was a fantastic opener, Punk retains.

*** 1/2

Beth Phoenix vs Tamina Snuka

Can you think of any division in Wrestling history that is more boring than the current Divas division ? I can't recall one specifically. This match was actually quite decent for a Divas match nowadays, which is more than I can say about alot of these Divas matches that I see on PPV. Sure, there are some moves botched and barely anybody in the arena cares, but the pace they were working at, and the story that they both told in the ring was decent enough to carry this match for almost 8 minutes. Plus, we get to see a Superfly Splash and an awesome nearfall where I actually thought Tamina was taking the title home. Silly me, Beth wins this. Above average match for two divas, but still a very MEH match.


World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Wait, wait, wait. So you're telling me that on a show called ELIMINATION CHAMBER, a fucking AMBULANCE MATCH will be the main event? Oh well, this match was pretty good for the talent that was involved. Outside of Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes, we had one of the worst workers in WWE history (Khali), a mediocre giant (Big Show), a comedy wrestler (Santino), and a borefest (Barrett). Instead of doing the smart thing and having Bryan and Rhodes start and carry the match, we have to suffer through 5 minutes of Show vs Barrett, and than Rhodes and Barrett vs Show. They actually work on the Big Show pretty well (to their credit), but Wade dosen't interest me in the slightest so there you go. The crowd is going INSANE for Santino in this one, as he actually gets some good offense. This is all pretty mediocre stuff at this point, and Khali lasts about 2 minutes in the chamber, a smart move (seriously).

The match picks up when Bryan enters at #6 (shocker). It's really a tale of two matches, as from this point on, this match kicked ASS at a great pace, with some awesome storytelling and a hot crowd. The fact that Barrett and Rhodes knock off the Big Show, but Rhodes allows his confidence to lead to his defeat as well was compelling, as well as Santino's elimination of Barrett. The last few minutes are actually amazing, as Bryan does a great job of selling the fact that Santino actually MIGHT WIN the world championship. However, thankfully Bryan retains in a bipolar matchup, with half of it being boring and the other half being packed with a fast pace and excitement. At the end of the day, this is worse than the Raw Chamber, but it is still a good/great match. MVP would have to go to either Rhodes or Bryan.


Jack Swagger vs Justin Gabriel United States Championship Match

This match was just announced during a horrible backstage segment involving farting, Hornswoggle, Vickie Guerrero, and putrid acting from Justin Gabriel. I mean, GOD DAMN his moveset is flashy and exciting, but this guy is HORRENDOUS on the mic and has very little charisma. Practically a nothing match here to get the crowd simmered down for the main event. It's only 3 minutes and has absolutely no structure or psychology, but there are actually some awesome moves and stiff shots here that just make this match actually half worthwhile to watch. Swagger retains with ease as I have NO CLUE what WWE is doing booking matches like these.


John Cena vs Kane Ambulance Match

Let me start off by saying I actually like this match. Sure, it isn't fantastic it terms of workrate or anything, but it has some good quality violence mixed in with some great spots, half decent psychology and some pretty good storytelling. I like how the match is so one sided in Kane's favor at one point, until Cena goes absolutely beserk and just DESTROYS Kane with various weapons, even managing to get some of his "swagger" back until Kane chokeslams him through the announce table in a really cool spot. The playfulness that Cena exerts amongst the carnage is an indicator that he has NOT embraced the hate, which I felt was necessary for the storyline.

Where I think this match isn't the greatest is in the drama department. I mean, let's face it here, was there any doubt that Cena was going to win ? Not in my mind. Also, alot of this match is just setting up for spots or when the competitors are dragging each other to the ambulance, which aren;t the most exciting moments. To wrap this match up, I'll say this: The end spot was pretty cool, and some of the violence was great, and it was an all around ENTERTAININGLY GREAT match, with a few key flaws (mostly in the technical department) that keep it from going to the next level. Good match though, I'd definitely watch again.

*** 1/4


There was an hour and 40 minutes of wrestling on this show, an hour and a half of that being dedicated to 3 matches that were ***-*** 1/2 encounters, so that's actually pretty damn good. Besides those 3 matches, we have two basic filler matches that are MEH and are a combined 10 minutes long. We also got a pretty damn long segment featuring John Laurinitis that I thought dragged on a bit too long, but at a second glance, the wrestling was SOLID. I say solid because there is nothing resembling a classic on this card, but the main 3 matches are pretty good nonetheless. My problem with this PPV is simple..WHY DOES IT EXIST ?!?!

At the end of the show, We have no new champions, two world title feuds continue, and Cena is still just going on to face Rock at Wrestlemania, so that makes this PPV EXTREMELY HARD to grade. Individually, we have 3 long matches that are rock solid, but they don't necessarily provide any advancements to the storylines that they are in. Watch the 3 main matches online (don't need to go out of your way to watch them), and skip the rest. Buy if you're a hardcore DVD collector, because no doubt atleast one of the main 3 matches will be on a best of 2012 DVD set anyways.


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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I just took the time to download Wrestlemania XI (1995) and haven't seen it before, I looked up the card online without spoilers for the matches and it seems "alright" for the lack of depth the roster had back in 95, I mean 95 was probably the worst year of the 90's for WWF, Nash was a horrible champion and they didn't have that many other options until late 96. Anyway, without giving away any of the match results ( ) what are your thoughts on the show? I plan on watching it in a few hours.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

It's often called the worst WrestleMania for a very, very good reason.

Originally Posted by Rah
Is Sienfeld the one with George Costanza?
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Does Mick Foley have a DVD out?
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
Does Mick Foley have a DVD out?
Loads but none recent:

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
Does Mick Foley have a DVD out?
Yeah, 'Greatest Hits & Misses: Hardcore Edition'. It's pretty god damn fantastic. Alternative commentary by Foley and Styles on the four post-1999 matches is really cool, too. Features a lot of fantastic matches.
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