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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Now I have to watch the entire event! Sounds epic.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

The only problem I had with Sheamus selling the arm was that he did the back breaker with the arm Bryan had been working over.

Otherwise, I thought he did alright.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Lil'Jimmy View Post
The only problem I had with Sheamus selling the arm was that he did the back breaker with the arm Bryan had been working over.

Otherwise, I thought he did alright.
yeah that was the only problem I had wih it too. I thought he did well with it whilst still getting in his signature moves (apart from the back breaker).

Really looking forward to Punk/Bryan at the PPV, unless they add Jericho to make a 3-way, in which case it would still be awesome but I would prefer a 1 on 1 match with about 20 minutes or so.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Extreme Rules 2012
Kane v Orton - *** (a solid match but I wasn't a massive fan of some of the backstage fighting and them inevitably ending up back in ring for the fall, felt they could have had a big finish outside in the car park or something, but overall a solid match).

Brodus v Ziggler - * (have to give it something simply for Ziggler's selling of the headbutt, such a waste of both guys, Ziggler is far better than this and I think Brodus is far better than squashes at this point)

Show v Cody - **1/2 (enjoyed the finish, Big Show sold it really well, The disaster kick was a great spot as well. Thought the aftermath was a bit excessive, liked the military press over the top rope but found it on top of the chokeslam unnecessary)

Bryan v Sheamus - ****1/4 (my MOTN, a really good match which told a great story throughout. The selling of the arm was a bit suspect at the end with the Irish Curse and then holding up the belt after the match but this is really nitpicking problems with an otherwise great match)

Ryback v Jobbers - DUD (just a nothing match, I hate the fact WWE is doing these squash matches with 3 of their debuting stars, just want to see something different, almost deserves 1/4* for the Goldberg chants)

Punk v Jericho - **** (a really good match, felt it dragged in places but some good spots and I'd say on par maybe slightly better than their Wrestlemania match)

Bellas v Layla - 1/2* (not a great match by any stretch but certainly not the worst divas match I've seen)

Cena v Lesnar - **** (an absolute WAR, really physical encounter and a brilliant crowd, loved the beatdown throughout the match and thought the finish was good)

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Just realised I haven't posted anything about ER over here lol. C&P from elsewhere:

So, Cena won huh? Didn't see that coming. Thought the match was done brilliantly though. Nice to see blood once in a while too. Wait... WWE... Blood... ZOMG ATTITUZED ERA IS BACK NO MURE PEEGEE!!!11ONE . Lesnar looked great, Cena looked great taking a beating and making little comebacks but nothing major. Gotta see where they go from here to decide really how I felt about the outcome. ATM it seems more strange that Cena won than anything else.

Enjoyed the PPV for the most part. Orton/Kane was... not too bad. Fell asleep during Show/Cody, woke up right at the end as the bell rang. Didn't see the finish until they did a replay, but given the look on Show's face and the fact he murdered Cody afterwards I guessed it was some crazy shit finish. Gets the belt back on Cody without him having to actually beat Show, but at the same time makes Cody look weak. Brodus Vs Dolph was a nice added bonus, especially when it ended up being more of a real match than Brodus has had as the Funkasaurus so far. Ryback killed 2 skinny guys. Ok. At least Goldberg tore apart the ACTUAL roster in WCW. The guys Ryback is beating probably couldn't take ME in a fight. Give him some actual competition. Have him kill Alex Riley or something. Nobody likes him anyway. Layla returned. Won the divas title. Bella Twins leaving. Was expecting Kharma. Bah.

Bryan/Sheamus was awesome for the most part. First fall was fucking great, and the second fall was perfect given the first fall finish. Third fall finish felt like it came out of nowhere tbh, and ruined the match a little. Not ruined ruined, but didn't exactly feel like the way to end it after what had already done down.

Punk/Jericho was good, but not great. Took me a while to get into it. Crowd seemed fucking DEAD for a lot of it too. Watched MITB 2011 today on DVD and jesus, talk about a HUGE step down in terms of crowd reactions. Sure, MITB had THAT story going into it, but still, it was Punk Vs Jericho and you would have maybe thought they would have been on fire for it lol.

Some STARS~!

Orton/Kane - ** - watchable, but I liked their WM match a ton more, and their SD street fight was a lot better too. Christ knows why they didn't do THAT match at this show lol. In fact, this match was very similar to the house show one I saw earlier this month lol.

Clay/Ziggler - * - Fun match for what it was.

Cody/Show - Fell asleep lol.

Sheamus/Bryan - ****1/4 - Fucking great, just wished that third fall ended a little better. 3rd best MOTY for me so far (behind Undertaker/HHH and Punk/Jericho WM)

Ryback/Jobbers - DUD - Want him to destroy some REAL talent please. Not people who I could probably take.

Punk/Jericho - ***1/2 - Took me a while to get into it, and as good as I thought it was, I didn't think anything was "great" just "really good". WM match was a ton better.

Layla/Bella - Skipped, god bless sky+. Made a pizza to watch with Bryan/Sheamus, so I just paused it for the 10 minutes it took to cook and used those minutes to skip this shit .

Cena/Lesnar - **** - Could have been even better had Cena NOT won. Lesnar was fucking awesome though. As was Cena. Until the finish. Blood happening made it feel really fucking special too. Not even HHH/Undertaker HIAC had blood, but THIS did. Just need to see where they go from here now. Looks like a fuck up, but hey, so did Bryan/Sheamus at WM. And technically it still was, and the finish to this still will be, but it could lead to something good afterwards hopefully lol.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Okay, I finished watching the show last night right before RAW, and here are my thoughts. This is a good show, not a great one. I think people are possibly overhyping it a bit on the basis that it's a lot better than most PPVS, and yes, probably the best PPV since MITB '11, but I still don't think it's great. It had a very nice lineup and if nothing else, the crowd was amazing. Chicago is clearly a great town, and proof that with the right product, people will make a lot of noise. Ironic that this comes a couple of weeks after the worst crowd in wrestling history at Lockdown. My thoughts:

Falls Count Anywhere: Randy Orton vs. Kane
I just didn't love this match. While Orton/Kane is a star pairing, these two just didn't have a great series. The match at WM was kind of stilted, and this was no different. Not bad at all, but this rematch kind of reminded me of the NoDQ matches you see nowadays in TNA: familiar spots, lots of crowd brawling for a pop, but never really goes to the next level. A solid enough opener.


Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler
Entertaining enough. All action for four minutes, good bumping, Swagger interference was fun, and this was good for the time it got, and given that Clay is still a comedy act.


Tables Match for the Intercontinental Title: Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes
Again, this was good for the time it got. I'm a little disappointed that this was somehow shorter than their already short WM match, as they clearly could have had a solid 8-9 minute match, but as everyone else said, the finish was original, clever, and Big Show's expression was perfect and logical. He just looked at the ref like "wait, did that count?"


2-out-of-3 Falls Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan
For the first two falls, I thought "now THIS is a 2/3 falls match." They didn't go for the cheap first fall, which always gets a pop and puts the match into immediate climax mode. They let them really wrestle. Bryan getting dq-ed would have been an acceptable finish even in a regular one-on-one TV match, so that this was the first fall was even more exciting. Finally beating Sheamus into the Yes lock was even more perfect. Anyone complaining about DB looking weak at WM should hopefully see just how destructive he could be. He was clearly out-wrestling the big guy and was smart enough to know that getting dq-ed was worth it if he was going to keep kicking the arm. Sheamus passing out also made them both look great. I love the refs and meds attending to Sheamus to sell the passing out, while DB cheers himself on. I love even more that when Sheamus finally got up, DB charged him and ran right into the kick.

Then it went downhill for me. This turned into straight up SuperSheamus, where he just made a "miraculous comeback", hit all of his major moves, then his finisher, and got in the win. It was terribly anticlimactic for a match so effectively building up to a big finish. They could have traded counters and nearfalls for a minute or so, with Sheamus getting the out of nowhere win, and both would have looked great. Instead, Sheamus just shook it off and won. To me, great matches don't end that uncreatively and abruptly. Good match ruined by the akwardness of fall 3.


Ryback vs. Two Jobbers
PPV is not a place matches that belong on Superstars 20 years ago. A PPV is three hours long and while not every match can be a main event, they should make the most of their time. A rookie monster face vs. two jobbers it not worth that time. First of all, Ryback is a horrible name. It sounds like bareback, which is wrong on so many levels. It also doesn't sound threatining or cool, and his costume looks weird. Squashes like this to nothing for anyone.


Chicago Street Fight for the WWE Championship: CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
As many others have said, and as I noticed myself, this really did remind of the Unsanctioned match between Jericho and HBK. And personally, I didn't like that match. Both had a good personal buildup (involving family, of course), a hot crowd, and was never boring.

But aside from the big elbow drop, none of this felt all that special. They brawled, used weapons, and what I liked was this match was completely different from their match at WM. Nice to see two guys have a rematch unlike their first. It's like a sequel that stays true to the original while going in an unexpected direction.

It had some nice intensity at the end, but to me, this series, like Punk/Mysterio, has never reached its full potential. I honestly thought these would be classics, and they're not. They're good, but not great. Solid match.


Divas Title: Nikki Bella vs. Layla
You know what? For the less than three minutes they got, this was all action, not sloppy, and got tricky at the end. I can never rate a match this short that highly, but it did its job.


Extreme Rules: John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar
Before I read any other comments and I saw photos of this match, I thought: "surreal." This match just had a surreal, entrancing atmosphere. Maybe because it was Lesnar's first match in eight years against John Cena, or the MMA trunks, of the sight of largely unmonitored blood at a PPV since 2008 (not counting HIAC last month), but this match truly felt surreal.

It had that "big fight feel" that so many matches lack these days. John Cena, the biggest wrestling star since Stone Cold, against the man who vacated the same spot 8 years ago, Brock Lesnar, in a NoDQ match.

So I'll give credit to a few things. Just this kind of pairing is huge. The built-in story of Cena being THE guy, Lesnar being for a payday, is too true to not be compelling. And the crowd was raucous in the best way.

But this match really felt special from the beginning, as Lesnar just pummeled Cena. Cena getting busted open in the first minute let us know this would be unlike any other match. Lesnar looked brutal, fast, monstrous, just an amazing heel. Cena making comebacks here and there told a very nice story, too, but what I liked about this match against other SuperCena matches is that, because of the stiffness, this really did look like the heel was killing Cena. There was some great offense, too, as Lesnar pulled out some great germans, some flying tackles, and maintained intensity throughout.

I fully understand people being pissed about Cena winning and then cutting a promo after, but I'm okay with it. Lesnar winning his first match back and Cena losing two ppvs in a row almost would have been too predictable, and as many have said, Lesnar could have won the match any time he wanted, but chose not to. This wasn't like Miz desperately TRYING to make Cena quit. This was a guy just toying with him and not capitalizing when he should have. Cena hit a bit shot with the chain, got the AA, and got a nice win.

Think about it like this: back in 2005, Triple H was gone for three months, and his second match back, got beat by Ric Flair in a cage. And this was already after HHH had been beaten three times in a row that year by Batista. A good enough heel can look brutal, play with their opponent, and get caught. Everyone said the reason Cena lost at WM 28 was because he got cocky. As this match showed us, he took advantage the way Rocky did.

This was kind of like a better structured version of UT/Mankind HIAC: just an absolute trainwreck made my its sheer brutality and atmosphere. Was this a great wrestling match? Absolutely not. It wasn't full of counters, and psychology, and all that good stuff. It was just 18 minutes of brutal mayhem, and while the match is untraditional, it truly felt special. And the end was very nice to see.


Favorite Matches of All Time

1. Triple-Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit - WrestleMania XX

2. Career Threatening Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair - WrestleMania XXIV

3. WWE Championship: John Cena vs. CM Punk - Money in the Bank 2011

4. No Holds Barred Match: The Undertaker vs. Triple H - WrestleMania XXVII

5. WWF Championship: Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior - WrestleMania VI
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

****1/2 for Sheamus/Bryan
****1/4 for Punk/Jericho

My top 5 for the year looks something like this

1. Taker/HHH (Mania 28)
2. Cena/Lesnar (Extreme Rules)
3. Punk/Henry (Raw 4/2)
4. Sheamus/Bryan (Extreme Rules)
5. Punk/Jericho (Extreme Rules)

Need to see those Punk/Bryan matches again though. I remember liking one just as much as my number 5.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

does anybody loves those moments in matches when foe example in a classic one on one match up the two wrestler just wrestler for a short time but then kinda stop and and the crowd is cheering for cool perfromance?
hm its kinda hard to explain what I mean
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ER 2012 and April 30th 2012 Raw review

I decided to not let my opinions be known about Extreme Rules 2012 until after the Raw from Last Night. I know – all of you were just waiting with baited breath for my opinion (/end sarcasm)

The ER 2012 was pretty solid, and I would have to rank it better than WM28. MOTN: It is a close tie between Sheamus/Bryan and Punk/Jericho. Rhodes/Big Show was stupid. Kana/Orton, Divas, and other jobber matches didn’t interest me, but they were better than WM28.

The whole Lesnar/Cena fight was ok – I can’t believe they had Cena blade within the first minute or so of the match. I mean dear God; you can see Cena pull the blade from his wrist cuff, and the blade lying on the mat.

So Lesnar beats the living hell out Cena, and then all of a sudden, an AA on the steps, shut Lesnar down, and Cena gives his little “I might have to take a vacation” speech, only to show up on Raw last night.

So that brings me to Raw from last night: Trips comes out, and he really sold the anger that he was supposed to have. Strips Brock of all the perks, shuts Johnny up, and then gets attacks and has his arm kayfabe broken.

I was surprised that Punk didn’t come out to help Trips, but I was very surprised to see Truth there. I was hoping that there would have been a stare down between Punk and Brock. (Yes – I am a Punk mark)

So then we have the beat the clock matches, even though I don’t like the Miz character, I think he deserves better than being jobbed by Santino as he is a pretty good mic worker, and a good in-ring worker. They are really over jobbing him. Is there something going on with Mike that we don’t know? Why is creative doing this to him?

Then we have the TTC open challenge with Kofi and Truth winning. So I guess Truths face turn is complete. That was a pretty decent match.

Final Beat the Clock Match with Bryan and Lawler – talk about a jobber. And then Punk comes out for a whole whopping 2 minutes. I still think that somewhere down the line that Brock will try and get Bryan to put his #1 Contendership status up, so that he can “bring the pain” to Punk. However, with the apparent conflicts that are happening behind the scenes, this will probably not happen. I think it is confirmation that there are legit concerns behind the scenes with Brock that he was NOT in the Beat the Clock matches.

Then we have the whole Cena/Johnny Ace thing. Oh my God – Laurinitis against Cena? WHY? WTF is the point of this?

Another thing that is really ticking me off about the creative/booking: I don’t care who the WWE Champ is, I don’t think he should be playing second fiddle to a non-belt holder. I know that for a good amount of time, Rock was not a belt holder, but he was the “face” of the company even when Trips was the belt holder, but they had an active feud going on, so it worked. You have the WWE Champ – Punk – not headlining PPV or even the weekly shows... WTF is that?

The holder of the “most coveted prize in sports entertainment” is playing second fiddle to a guy(s) that don’t have a belt or just make a temporary return? Like I said – I am a Punk mark - but even with that, the WWE Champ should have first billing, not some performer who is going through some sort of identity crisis. (Cena)

I just don’t know why they are doing this.

I am looking forward to Punk/Bryan. Similar styles, etc. But for some reason, I don’t see Bryan getting to OTL.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Cena never bladed, he got busted open by an elbow from Brock, you can see it happen in real time.
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