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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by AlienBountyHunter View Post
Yeah. Even a DDT or suplex would have been nice. But he did pull out the Samoan drop. Love that move.
He did hit the DDT in this match.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I'm more interested in Swagger/Del Rio which is odd. I like Cena more than Del Rio, and I sure as hell like Rock more than Swagger, so it's strange, but I'm more looking forward to SD and seeing where they go with that, as opposed to Rock/Cena.

And thank god Orton didn't win the chamber. We didn't need to see Orton/Del Rio again.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KingOfKings View Post
Hit the nail on the head right there. The WWE has realized that outside of Punk there are currently NO big time heels to feud with Cena (that hasn't been done already) besides like Mark Henry. When Cena takes the title back at Mania they're going to need to get him some feuds and some fresh blood to work with honestly.

Although if Cena-Ryback ever main events a PPV like it obviously will at some point, I'm going to stay on here and review old shit but I won't be TOUCHING the current product for a while.
Meh. I think there are better options.

And beside, we will surely be getting another Punk-Cena series after WM.


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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Tonight's PPV was very meh. EC match was kind of fun, but nothing special. Really disappointing show, imo.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Oliver-94 View Post
He did hit the DDT in this match.
Ok, must have forgotten it. My point still stands though.

Del Rio/Swagger might have an interesting build up. I'm intrigued as to where it will go. They could still add someone to the match. Perhaps Ziggler cashes in before Mania, setting up him defending against both Swagger and Del Rio?
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Ryback turning heel? If that happens, I'll share my issues on that, but until then I reserve judgement. However I have so many problems with a Heel Ryback vs. Face Sheamus match for WM29, it ain't even funny. But I'll get into that if that time comes. All I'll say is, just turn Orton fucking heel to feud with Sheamus.

Not gonna lie if I said I wasn't looking forward to Raw tonight. Until it becomes apparent that Taker ain't having a match for Mania, I'll be looking forward to Raw every week just for his return. Also looking forward to whatever Punk is doing.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Pretty entertaining show for the most part. Del Rio/Show was the worst of their encounters (imo), and it looks like we're continuing Cesaro/Miz. I'm all for an extended midcard storyline.

Chamber match was fun. I was surprised that there wasn't more interaction between Bryan and Kane, but I'm guessing the seeds were planted and aftermath will take place on Raw to set up their Mania match. Jericho and Orton put in great performances in the finishing stretch, and Henry was kept looking strong despite being eliminated. Swagger winning was interesting. Not sure how I feel about a Del Rio/Swagger title match, but given proper build it could be fun. It'll be overshadowed by the other matches anyway so they can afford a lower profile World Title match.

SHIELD. Pleasant surprise. Great match.

Main event was probably better than their first match. At least Punk kicked out of 2 finishers. With Heyman's interference I'm guessing Punk will blame Heyman for costing him the match, prompting BROCK to come out to Heyman's defense, creating a Mania feud between BROCK and Punk and turning Punk back into a babyface in the process. They'll need another top face once Rock disappears after Mania.

Just my two cents.

edit Oh and Punk kicking out of The People's Elbow is one of the better nearfalls in recent memory.


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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Yeah, the announcers played it up as how would Ryback come back against The Shield or something like that but really, that walk off just screamed planting the seeds for a heel turn. Sheamus and Ryback both seem directionless for Wrestlemania and Ryback isn't really over, his reactions at TLC, Royal Rumble and tonight proved that, so I think WWE is pulling the trigger on a Ryback heel turn.

I thought he'd debut as a heel back last April anyways.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

-Rio v Show- Probably my favourite match of the show; had so much fun with this. Del Rio screwing up the first attempt at the bucket kick thing was bad but it was an all right spot when it hit. This was Del Rio trying to get a good rhythm going on Show and Show just beating the shit out of him when possible. I liked this a lot.

-Cesaro v Miz - Cesaro was amusing at the end, but he really doesn't need to look weak. This is getting a lot of love and I didn't see that. I didn't love this, but Cesaro hit a bunch of neat shit and Miz isn't bad. No, fuck it. I don't care how 'not bad' he is, Miz needs to fuck off. Seriously. Drop dead. Fuck you. I hate him. Fuck you. I'll try giving this another watch some time since it's getting a bunch of love.

-Chamber- Standard bunch of nothing until Henry came out. No, that is not me talking as a Henry mark, that is me talking as someone who watched the match. The Kane/Bryan stuff was all right, but I've stopped caring and Danielson needs to move onto to someone who hasn't spent a decade and a half doing nothing of note. Henry comes out and fucking mutilates Orton into that pod, steamrolls everyone else, sells like the best in the world and has that awesome Jericho spot. The whole match was centred around him, and then he gets eliminated. Even in elimination he eats Jericho's shitty finisher better than everyone ever. Fuck you, Vince. This lived and died with Henry. I don't want to see Orton and his shitty clotheslines and embarrassing "voices" seizures. I don't want to see Jericho and his shitty indy springboard moveset. I don't want to see Swagger take fifteen minute breaks between every offensive move. I like Swagger, but for fuck's sake, what's he done? He left at a time where I wasn't even sure he was still with the company, then he returns when I forgot he was even gone, then he has to have Dutch fucking Mantel do his mic work for him. Post-Henry stuff was whatever. I've seen that shit before and I just don't care. Fuck you, Vince.

-Shield v Those Guys- No way I could judge this fairly. I really, really liked the last few minutes, but I was too pissed about Henry to enjoy the rest of this. Sounds stupid? Fuck you. What I paid attention to was good, but I'd be willing to give this another watch with the US title match.

-Dolph v Kofi- I was stupid enough to think when Booker T came out and said 'he can do what you can and a little more' it would be Rey Mysterio. I don't give a shit about either of these two. Moving on.

-Kaitl...still moving on.

-Rock v Punk- Punk was good, loved how he sold the Rock's punches. Ending stuff was kind of fun, but kind of weird. What was that thing where Punk rolled over the ref's leg? whatever. Rock v Cena twice in a lifetime. Wonderful. Fuck you, Vince.

Now I know how people felt who watched Danielson lose the title in 18 seconds live.

Originally Posted by Rah
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

fuck you yea1993

Henry was GAWD but so was shield


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