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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Damn, Show reign was so great? The most I recall is a Summerslam match with Sabu. Also Flair on ECW? Really can't remember that either. I remember DX (and I believe Cena as well) though.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Oh my, the match with Batista & Show in the Ham Ballroom is hilarious

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Random ratings:

Edge vs Ric Flair (Raw 16/1/2006) - ★★★
The Rock vs Booker T (SummerSlam 2001) - ★★★
Eddie Guerrero vs Rob Van Dam (Backlash 2002) - ★★★
Chris Benoit vs Sid Vicious (Souled Out 2000) - ★★★
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Ever Wolf View Post
Oh my, the match with Batista & Show in the Ham Ballroom is hilarious
The crowd chants were amazing. "Change the channel *clapclapclapclapclap*" I love smarky ECW crowds.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by That's irrelevant View Post
The crowd chants were amazing. "Change the channel *clapclapclapclapclap*" I love smarky ECW crowds.
That was phenomenal.

Credit for Sig &
Avy to

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WWE Survivor Series 2003

I'm home for Christmas and out of all of my DVDs I remembered this one the least so I figured I would give it a watch.

Sunday Night Heat

Cruiserweight Championship Match:

Tajiri(c) vs. Jamie Noble

This didn't even make it to the 5 minute mark but it was still fucking awesome. The crowd went crazy for Jamie Noble and he put on an incredible performance with the time he had. It really helped not having a clue how this would end and I'll admit that I got sucked into the match and the outcome. Great ending that has me strongly considering skipping the DVD and finding more matches between these two. Perfect match to be on the pre-show.

Survivor Series

Survivor Series Elimination Match:
John Cena, HE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED, Bradshaw, Hardcore Holly, and Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show, A-Train, Nathan Jones, Matt Morgan, and Brock Lesnar

Well if you have never seen Cena give an F-U/Attitude Adjustment to Big Show I suppose the ending would be shocking. Dated ending aside this was still very good. The booking of he falls really surprised, I didn't think Brock would tap to anyone. I liked how quick the falls came, it created this feeling that you never knew when someone was going to get eliminated. Good pacing and the dead weight in the match (and there was a good deal of it) had limited involvement. HE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED was fantastic in the match. His selling during the control segment was fantastic and he really had the crowd behind him. I can't say this was anything too amazing but it got decent time and was very entertaining.

WWE Women's Championship Match:

Molly Holly(c) vs. Lita

Pretty standard affair. Miles ahead of what we see from women now in the WWE but this still wasn't anything great. I mean you have Molly Holly work a control segment for a good portion of the match. Lita makes her comeback, we get a few minutes of back and forth, and then we see a rather unoriginal ending. There were a few nice looking moves that helped grab my attention and also let me know that there might be more things worth seeing. Neither good nor bad.

Ambulance Match:
Shane McMahon vs. Kane

This isn't what I expected at all. Kane was being built as a monster at this time and I expected to see Shane go in and play a huge underdog. I didn't feel like Shane was the underdog as he got in a ton of offense. It appears that Kane was getting established as a monster by being able to get his ass kicked and not seem to be effected by the punishment. It's not a normal way to make someone look strong but I would be fine with this philosophy if it didn't hurt the match quality so much. Simply put this wasn't very good. There was no comeback from the babyface. The crowd has no reason to become invested in the outcome. This could have been incredible too which annoys me even more. Near the end when Kane was finishing off Shane the crowd was really into the match as they were trying to will a comeback from Shane. The spots were cool and there some brutal shots with various weapons, from just a violence standpoint this works and the spots were almost enough to keep me entertained from bell to bell. However from a match standpoint this fails on all other grounds

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:

The Bashams(c) w/Shaniqua vs. Los Guerreros

This was bland. I don't think I've ever said such a thing about an Eddie Guerrero match before but must of this was really uninteresting. The crowd loved Eddie and Chavo but they never really had anything to cheer about other than a few brief moments. Shaniqua was actually the most interesting part of the match as seeing a really tall jacked black woman in heels give Eddie a clothesline and a body slam was a sight to see. The Bashams did nothing to impress me. They showed no personality at all and had no memorable or even interesting offense. Something really important was lacking here.

Survivor Series Elimination Match:
Christian, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Scott Steiner, and Randy Orton w/Eric Bischoff, Teddy Long, and Stacy Keibler vs. Booker T, RVD, Devon Dudley, Bubba Ray Dudley, and Shawn Michaels w/Stone COld Steve Austin

This is the way that these matches should be booked as it was a total roller coaster ride. Every elimination meant something in terms of momentum and the crowd reaction. Every time the face team would score an elimination and the crowd starting popping for it the heels would cut that off and take control of the match again. This match also is another example of just how incredible Shawn Michaels really is. I don't know if there's anyone better to have in the ring alone with Jericho, Orton, and Christian. The best part about all of this was that he never resorted to the fighting spirit or no selling type of comeback. You were just kind of left wondering, "How did he do that?" after he eliminated two guys.

The ending was pretty screwy but saying I don't think I can say without bias that I didn't like it. I mean it's impossible to watch this and not root for Shawn Michaels so there is a feeling of disappointment when Michaels gets pinned. This is one of the better elimination matches that I've seen. The match was a blast to watch and the finishing stretch featured an incredible babyface performance by one of the best wrestlers ever.

Bured Alive Match:
Vince McMahon vs. Undertaker

I thought it was pretty hilarious that Vince was bleeding after one punch from the Undertaker. This wasn't much of a match. I don't think Vince got in any offense until the very end of the match. The ass kicking delivered by the Underaker was pretty awesome though. There were just some brutal shots to the head that Vince took. It's barely a match but it was pretty entertaining.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Goldberg(c) vs. Triple H w/Ric Flair

I don't think this was a bad match but on the other hand this doesn't seem like a main event quality match to me. It was on the short side (maybe a little over 10 minutes) and most of the match was Triple H working the leg of Goldberg. I understand that the point of the match was to make Goldberg look like an unstoppable monster by having him beat Evolution by himself with one leg but I wish they could have just made it more entertaining. This match really shows why Goldberg didn't fit in with the WWE. He wasn't able to work a lengthy match and he delivered a lackluster main event on a big show. Triple H didn't exactly deliver an inspiring performance either but he managed to keep a lengthy control segment interesting and he had the awesome antics of Ric Flair on his side.

Overall this was really a one match show. I loved the pre-show match and it was more enjoyable than anything on the card aside from the Raw Elimination Match. I don't know where you could go and find the match between Tajiri and Noble other than buying this DVD but if you ever come across the match online make sure you watch it. It's only a few minutes long but it's fucking awesome. A lot of the matches were really lackluster which is a shame considering how much talent was on the card.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Someone put up RAW the night after WM 24 on XWT so, taking advantage of the freelech week I gave it a download and started to watch it.

Just some highlighs from the show. First off, I forgot how damn good the Age of Orton was. Secondly, this was the night Cryme Tyme returned after being released and holy shit the crowd was hot for them. Cryme Tyme of all people got "Welcome back!" chants. Why did WWE ever split them up?

This RAW also featured Santino vs Maria and I forgot how damn good Santino was a heel. It takes true talent to be a comedic character and be hated. You're doing funny stuff but people are still booing you. And damn, I forgot how hot Maria was.

Also does anyone remember Show and Kahli having a feud? They had an encounter in the ring but I really can't recall a feud between the two nor can I even recall Khali confronting Show.

Probably the most amazing thing that stood out for me on this RAW was that Jericho and Punk had a match that night! I had no idea these two clashed before their Mania storyline. I really don't remember the two having a match. It was a really good match too. Orton and Hardy had a solid match as well and Maria vs Santino was freaking hilarious. It lasted 10 seconds but it sure as hell was entertaining. What happened was that, in a backstage segment, Santino told Maria that Divas don't belong in the WWE blah blah. So when the match started Santino slammed Maria's face into the Matt, went to hit a elbow drop but missed, meanwhile all the Divas were making their way to the ring. And they basically beat the shit out of him. I actually remembered this moment when I saw it happen. Holy shit, Santino really is a great talent.

And of course, this RAW was marked my Flair;s big send off. Really sad moment. I like re-watching these old RAWs. All I remembered from that night was Flair's send off )then again that's what you're really suppose to remember anyway)but it's night just looking at how the landscape was back then and how much things have changed. Like I mentioned, Punk and Jericho took place on that night. I wonder how much people (if they themselves) would have though these two would have worked again 4 years later in one of the year's top storylines.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I remember the Khali/Show feud. Was when Show first began using the WMD. I recall some stupid segment on SD where Khali was giving Big Show gifts, shit like a goat and piss or something . Their match at Backlash... well it wasn't HORRIBLE which is surprising given the fact Khali is one of the worst wrestlers ever, but it won't go down as a great Big Man Vs Big Man match lol.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

@ he who shall not be named.

Watched Triple H vs Lesnar yesterday and it still stands as my number 3 MOTY, probably higher than anybody else has it in this universe. When the BIG FIGHT ATMOSPHERE actually delivers a great brawl with some fitting psychology (BROCK'S FUCKING STOMACH PROBLEMS) and some fantastic selling by both how can you go wrong. Trips' battle cry that "THIS IS THE WWE, NOT UFC" seemed a little MEH but I was cool with it at the end of the day. Watched it right after I got finished with Lesnar's book so I put extra emphasis on the great stomach work. Cerebral Assassin 101

**** 1/2 ALL THE WAY.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Flair's retirement send off made me cry at 13 and Jesus at 18, it makes me cry even more because now I understand a whole lot more about his legacy with the Four Horsemen and Evolution and Steamboat.

I'm going to try to finish off that RAW '99 pack. This is the second time I've downloaded RAW '99. The first time was in 2010 and I don't why I tortured myself like that again. I just find the product to be unwatchable. I'm sorry but RAW in '99 sucked! Nitro must have been complete dogshit. It's amazing how ratings peaked in '99. I find myself skipping through a lot of stuff, in particular the midcard stuff. Oh and the horrendous Hardcore matches.

My ECW 2006 pack is at 98% (ahhhhh hurry up!!) so I'll kill some time (hopefully before I do myself) watching some RAW '99. Christ, did I mention how unwatchable this show was back in '99? The raunchiness just masks it.

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