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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 - Extreme Rules: John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar

Hands down, one of the most brutal, disturbing, beautyful and exciting matches I've ever seen. The drama, action, legitimacy and a raucous crowd who were in it from bell-to-bell, man this match had it all was all. I've heard a lot of outrage on forums about Cena winning here, but Lesnar DESTROYED him for nearly twenty minutes before Cena got the fluke win and Lesnar isn't seen as infallible as he was during his first run/debut. This was one of the most brutal flat out fights I've seen in a wrestling ring in a long time, some of these spots were VIOLENT and I sometimes wondered if this was a "SHOOT" because they looked so damn stiff. This was like an old school fight where two guys would stiff each other so hard they'd break bones, and to see that kind of a match worked in a WWE ring in itself was incredible, never mind all of the crazy heat and flat out hard work from both men, Cena's selling might of been the best i've ever seen from him but tbf I was more impressed with Lesnar not being in the WWE for what 8 years and for him to comeback and have a match like that FUCK ME!. ****3/4 MOTYC

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
Oh yeah he's dull as fuck and I don't really give a shit, but its still a confusing situation lol. I'm expecting Show/Sheamus/Del Rio triple threat at the RR atm, unless they do Sheamus/Show for the title on the first SD of 2013 (they like to do big title matches now which is pretty cool), then have Del Rio face Show on his own at the RR. Either way I'm not looking forward to that . Give me Show/Sheamus LMS and I'll be happy.
That has the potential to be a GREAT match. Damn. I'd love to see that.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I broke out my Legends Greatest Wrestlers of the 80s disc:

U.S. Title Dog Collar Match: Greg Valentine (c) vs Roddy Piper. Starrcade '83. ★ ★ ★ 3/4

Talk about intense, stiff matches this one deserves recognition for being both. There was some great psychology on the use of the chain and a weapon and for certain spots as a partner. One such instance is the good spot where Piper used the chain to tie Valentine into the corner. These two went all out.

The story-line going into the match was Piper returning from an ear injury caused by Valentine in a previous match. Valentine attacked the ear with the chain and the ring post, Piper sold being imbalanced pretty well and the blood near the ear really gave the feeling that Piper is legitimately on the verge of defeat.

A lot of back and forth with Valentine's methodical and stiff offense, more wrestling based with knee drops, suplexes etc against the more brawling style of Piper with a lot of punches, but the story isn't furthered much by his offense but more by his ability to continue fighting through the assault on his ear.

I didn't really care for the finish however. It lacked proper excitement and seemed anti-climatic for a match with so much going on and a title on the line but a good, fun match.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

New Year's Revolution 2006:

Ric Flair vs Edge - ★★
- Was doing well and going great in the first few minutes but then it ended way too soon when Lita interfered and took the Figure Four followed by Edge hitting Flair in the head with the briefcase. I can only hope their TLC match the next week will be better and I'm sure it will.

Trish Stratus vs Mickie James - ★★¾
- A pretty enjoyable match. Not as good as their Wrestlemania match but this one was fun and both did their job pretty well. Plus the teasing of Mickie finally turning to the dark side worked well with the storyline. And for once, the women's division finally has a storyline with development!

Jerry Lawler vs Gregory Helms - ★★
- To me, this is more comedy than anything else. And it really looked like both men were just playing around. Helms and his constant heelish facial expressions (plus going over to the announce table) and Lawler's victory comeback. Nothing special but not annoying although it could have done away with a couple of minutes.

Triple H vs Big Show - ★★★¾
- A very good match here. Big Show does a great job at selling the injured arm and HHH does some masterful work on it by constantly going back to re-injuring it. They get a lot of time to go with and HHH finally looks like an underdog after having been the odds for so long. He tries everything to take out the Big Show and win but in the end after a ref bump, he finally finds the perfect weapon with the sledgehammer to the head and the Pedigree. I enjoyed this one a lot.

Shelton Benjamin vs Viscera - ½★
- This is just painful. Shelton's "momma" is extremely annoying and so stereotypical, can be funny at times but she never shuts up either. And Shelton doing his very best to carry Viscera to a passable match but he fails because not only is his opponent pure crap but they also get too much time. At least, Shelton's losing streak is mercifully over here.

Bra and Panties Gauntlet - 0
- Next.

John Cena vs Carlito vs Kane vs Chris Masters vs Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels (Elimination Chamber) - ★★★★
- Not as good as the chamber match from 2005 but still pretty entertaining and I loved it. I got some gripes such as Kurt Angle being eliminated early while he was on fire suplexing everyone left and right and the stupid lack of logic in the ending when Masters and Carlito were supposed to work together in eliminating everyone yet Carlito betrays Masters only to get rolled up himself. That aside, a very entertaining match and that's what matters. Besides, Kurt Angle went to Smackdown the same week and became World Heavyweight Champion so not much for me to complain about. And I have to talk about the crowd here. They are so anti-Cena, more than any crowd before them. The guy can't even get up from the mat without getting heavily booed and it gets to the point that they take anyone over him including Chris Masters who got silent reaction and the thumbs down. I also noticed the first ever "Let's go Cena"/"Cena sucks" dual chant towards the end. And looking into Cena's eyes early on, you can see the frustration with the boos.

Edge vs John Cena - N/A
- Not really ratable but this is a classic moment and one that smarks were dying for back then. Edge finally cashes in the Money in the Bank contract and Cena's long title reign is over at last. Match is nothing more than two Spears followed by Edge's celebration and the crowd heavily cheering.

Overall Rating: ★★★ out of ★★★★★ (A very decent opening PPV to the year of 06. Some terrible shit between the best matches of the show and some okay undercard matches along with the two standout main matches. Also a memorable ending where Edge finally cements his place in the main event and would remain so until his retirement. Ultimately, the bad stuff took up too much time so that knocks this PPV down into the middle of the road. Another thing I wanna mention is the three hand signs with the thumb sticking out in the crowd. When they like something, it goes up and if not, it goes down. Pretty cool.)


Now I'm done with another PPV, it's time to finish my Orton/Cena series before new year!
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

The Iron Sheik vs Sgt. Slaughter. ★ ★ 3/4

Man Sarge broke out a gotdamn dropkick! What the hell? Anyway Sarge looked pretty strong early. Just doing whatever he wanted with Sheik. Fans are into the match, both guys are incredibly over. This is pretty good story telling by McMahon to have an Iranian wrestler and an Armed Forces wrestler in a program during those days.

Back to the match. Sheik did some really good damage when the momentum changed. Nice story telling with the loaded boot being teased by Sheik and ultimately blocked by Sarge. The first kick with the loaded boot got the blood flowing and Sarge is in trouble, leaking profusely and being mocked, spat on and snot rocketed by Sheik.

Who knows what the hell Sheik was doing when he came off the top with I guess a stomp, but in any event the miss swings the momentum back Sarge's way and pretty good comeback exchange ending with a big clothesline. Sarge then changes focus to removing Sheik's loaded boot, which ultimately leads to a DQ.

The DQ finish was kinda meh but it was a decent match. Not one I'd watch again anytime soon however, not a bad performance by either guy, in fact I would say both were pretty good.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I hated all of RAW's New Years Revolution PPVs. They were only good for those chamber matches. The '06 Chamber wasn't very good as far as I am concered because there was no way Masters or Carlito were going to win. They did pretty good having them work together to eliminate the more experienced and superior competition but then Carlito loss on some Wile E. Coyote type shit and ruined it. Of course the bullshit of taking Angle out of the match hurt it fort me too. Angle had just feuded with HBK and Cena so it makes sense to have them interact more but the off screen politics was too obvious in this match. Just like the WWECW December To Dismember chamber where all the good faces were taken out so they wouldn't undercut the office's guy. It just seemed too safe a match for Cena to me, overcoming two midcard heels while a main event heel was eliminated early and a main event face was used to put over the two midcard heels. Kane was basically a non-entity lol

Elimination Chamber 2006
★ ★ ★ 1/2

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WWE Royal Rumble 2003 review.

- Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show - Royal Rumble Qualification match.
Way too predictable, typical big-men powerhouse match, and seemed too much like a filler. ★★

- World Tag Team Champions William Regal & Lance Storm vs. The Dudley Boyz.
Pretty decent tag-team action I must say. Was kinda disappointed with the lack of tables being brought into play though. But yeah, match's nice for the time length it got. ★★1/4

- Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie.
Yeah, um... next.

- World Heavyweight Champion Triple H vs. Scott Steiner.
Ugh, hated this match. All the coffee in the world can't keep you awake from this absolute borefest... Shame because I actually had some hopes for this match and it had been hyped for weeks. ★

- WWE Champion Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit.
Brilliant technical/submission wrestling match, just brilliant. Two of the greatest in-ring workers in history competing over the most coveted prize. This match consists of serious over-the-top-rope chemistry, perfect psychology, great selling, tremendous effort put by both men, etc. Always been extremely fond of this match. And the huge standing ovation that the latter received is one of my personal favorite moments. ★★★★★

- 2003 Royal Rumble match.
What I loved about this match was that it added the nice and unique "Raw vs. SmackDown" feel to the mix. Enjoyed this match from #1 to #30 as it's entertaining throughout. Had some fun moments in it, such as the development of the Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho rivalry, the temporary 'alliances' being reformed for the time being with Edge & Christian and The Hardys, Undertaker's return, the winner's rise to superstardom, etc. ★★★★

Overall, WWE Royal Rumble 2003 gets a 6/10.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Triple H/Steiner is a GOAT match. You don't need coffee to enjoy a train wreck like that lol.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I feel asleep watching it live back in the day. Woke up to hear Steiner's music play thinking he'd won the title .
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

H vs Steiner a match so bad its watchable for comedic value
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