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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

downloaded TLC. about to watch soon.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

TLC randomness and thoughts and shit as I watch it while faking a back injury so I don't have to go to the "premiere" job club


Sin Cara + Tables. Too early in the day to play a botch drinking game. Speaking of botches, King thinks this is a chairs match.

Fuck me at the commentary. Is BAD, but in a funny way. Cole especially is just coming up with really bad one liners to entertain himself.

THE ALL AMERICAN DREAM, DUSTY RHODES. The commentary is providing more botches than Cara. JBL can't pronounce Borat.

Sin Cara is making up for the lack of botches so far. Can't even do a flying head scissors.

Sin Cara's Moveset - Kick. Another kick. Kick again. Followed by a kick. Then a kick. With a couple of kicks here. Another kick there. Here a kick, there a kick, everywhere a kick kick. Old Sin Cara has no moves, e i e i o.

So this isn't elimination style. Shame. Cara goes through a table at least. Fun. He almost missed it too lol. This was ok. Sandow and Rhodes dominated most of it and then won.

Quite like the Sheild's style of promos. Reminds me of the old NWO ones.

Antonio Cesaro... one day he might get a good gimmick. And hopefully once he gets done with R-Trtuh maybe he can get a good PPV opponent. So Cesaro claims that R-Truth is all about making a highlight reel. Yet another thing Truth sucks at.

Poor Cesaro. Literally. He can't afford a mattress. Sleeps on the floor. Reminds me of TNA when the knockouts champion a few years back had a day job because she wasn't earning enough.

Commentators are definitely just entertaining themselves tonight. Quite entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining... wait no. This match isn't. Rest hold.

I see why Kofi and Truth were put as a team. Not because they are both black (though I wouldn't put it past WWE if that was the actual reason), but because their wrestling styles are the same. Everything Truth does seems to involve jumping, spinning and kicking. And its all utter shite.

Cesaro wins.

Cesaro promo. USA SUCKS. IRAN #1. Not word for word, but it might as well be.

Miz TV. The most must change the channel talk show in history. Apparently Miz TV is unpredictable. One minute he's asking hard hitting questions, the next we are seeing a train wreck. I must only see out of one eye or something because its always a train wreck.

3MB - Where Drew McIntyre was sent to die.

3MB are better than Jay Z. Well at least I agree with something.

at them laughing at the Spanish Announce Team because they don't speak English .


Oh god I think it is. Well I guess turning him face can't make him any WORSE... can it? We'll see.

Miz doing what he does best: fuck all while other people do the work. I smell a 6 man.

6 man announced tonight. Told ya.

Team Hell No are gonna burn Shield down. Somewhere Nick Fury is laughing.

Wade Barrett promo. He has a beard since he returned. So he has like, charisma and shit. Why isn't he world champ yet? He deserves it because he has a beard and is English. Sandow deserves it because he has a beard and wears a bath robe. Beards = deserving champions.

Kofi Vs Barrett.

Barrett loses. LOL.

CM PUNK. He hurt his knee by going back first through a table. That's how WWE are explaining it. Seriously.

392 days of CM Punk as champ. Imagine if someone like Randy Orton held the belt for this long? Christ. I'd have to shoot myself. My name is Randy Orton. I am the apex predator of the WWE. I am your WWE champion. That x 392 days. I wonder if Orton will return with a character. He's been dull since 2010.

TLC match. People were talking about this all week like it was gonna be the main event. Uhhh... Cena isn't in it guys.

Ambrose has a bullet proof vest on. He's selling chops to the chest from Ryback. Really?

at Rollins. Sets himself up on a ladder making Ryback look like an idiot as he was going over to place him there... then the moment Ryback turns around to grab Ambrose to throw him into Rollins... he moves . Then notices what's going on and stands up again.

Poor Spannish Announcers. They get their table hijacked. I don't see Ricardo and Del Rio coming to help. Also, where are Kane and Bryan? I don't remember anything big happening to them that warrants their disappearance for like 5 minutes while Shield 3 on 1 Ryback.

Kane gets burried! Under a ton of really light stuff . Not a literal ton. Cos even a ton of light stuff is a ton. Like that old stupid "joke" question people used to ask you as kids. What's heavier; a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers? LOLOLOL fuck off twats.

Some pretty fucking SWEET spots through this match btw. And not the usual spot heavy shit for the hell of it. These 6 men are in a fucking FIGHT and a lot of the spots were more "random" that big elaborate spots. The barricade spot was just Reigns charging at Kane. The chokeslam through a chair was just a chair being in the right place. The curb stomp on the chair was Rollins taking advantage of the situation. The table spot with Ryback WAS elaberate, but in a good way. They've been doing it for weeks on TV, and it was the perfect way to eliminate Ryback from the match for a while. The table set up on the ropes was definitely the most elaborate and somewhat "done because it looks cool", and at least it actually looked cool. Double superplex was awesome.

Rollins table spot was stupid though.

FUCK YES. Shield get the win. Poor Bryan takes the pin, predicted that last week. At least it was a powerbomb from the ropes through a table, so he got pinned by something big.

Match was TREMENDOUS fun. Best TLC match I've seen in years. Without a doubt the best since the TLC PPV started. Made my top 10 MOTY list yesterday thinking nothing from TLC would break into it. This might be #10.

EVE. Had no idea there was a divas match on the show. Was probably announced and shit, but I don't care and... what the fuck? Naomi? Brodus' dancer? What? Oh ok, she won a divas battle royal on the pre-show. Still... Naomi? She was the best fucking choice? NAOMI? Eve is pretty awesome at least. Laughing and pointing and mocking Naomi's dancing. Eve can be pretty great with the character work. Was talking about her match with Layla where she won the title on WF yesterday. She was tremendous in that. King making a joke about being told to drop dead. A few weeks after he returns from nearly dying on live TV. Oh hey Eve won.

FUCK YES. SHEAMUS VS BIG SHOW TIME. If anyone can make the chairs stip work, its these two. Undertaker and Batista couldn't, but Batista kinda sucked and Undertaker was injured. And they did that utterly retarded bullshit finish that could have made a ***** match go to **.

Match was great... right up until the finish. Chairs matches continue to end in shitty ways. That giant chair was fucking stupid. I burst out laughing when I saw it. Absolutely retarded shit. Up until then this was great. Typical awesome brawling from them both. Thought the White Noise through the tables might have ended up, but glad it didn't because it would have been a flat finish. Looking bad I wish it did end that way. Kick into the WMD was well done once again. That should have ended it. Not that fucking John Cena cheesy style finish.

AJ . Am I her only fan left around these parts?

Kinda hope AJ turns heel on Cena and joins Ziggler. Make her like Lita was with Edge; Super slutty. Though she doesn't really have the tits to pull off the slutty outfits. Hmmm... scratch that then.

3MB Vs Jiz, Del Boring and their tag partner... please be Ricardo, please be Ricardo, please be Ricardo. Its... the Brooklyn Brawler. Ladies and Gentlemen... I give you the worst team in history of things.

Brawler makes Jinder tap out. Jinder was built up as something of a threat to RYBACK a couple of months ago. Now he's tapping out to the Brooklyn Brawler.

Main event time, and oh look, Cena's in it. Screw the WHC main eventing, we gotta have CENA. Then again, with that ending, the chairs match didn't deserve to main event. God I hope Cena doesn't win.

When Cena set up the table, I was expecting some boring generic table spot. Then Ziggler locked in the sleeper, Cena tried to climb the ladder anyway and then ended up falling though the table. That was AWESOME. Oh man, if Cena had landed that FU with the ladder I would have marked the motherfuck out. Kinda stupid that he did it right after passing out from the sleeper, falling off a lader and going through a table, but hey, it was too awesome to really complain about .

The hurricanrana from Cena to Ziggler through a table was... terrible. And it was Ziggler that make it look bad. Cena actually executed it really well. Did better than Sin Cara's flying head scissors attempt in the opener . I hate the table in the corner spot anyway. I think Show got driven through a table on the corner on Raw last week (right?), and wow did it look bad. Show sold it like he was knocked the fuck out and it just looked retarded as fuck. The spot looks about as painful as a basic slam, yet because its a table spot people have to sell it like death. Falling through tables, being slammed through tables and shit normally is fine by me, but the corner one just looks horrible and megafake.

AJ . LOL at her doing Cena's moves. Didn't think they could be executed any worse . YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! SHE FUCKING TURNED ON CENA! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! WANTED IT TO HAPPEN, DIDN'T THINK IT WOULD, BUT IT FUCKING DID. AND IT WAS AWESOME. She didn't join Ziggler, but she turned on Cena . Dolph wins! Dolph wins! Dolph wins!

So... Cena Vs AJ at the RR now?

Match was ok. Some fun stuff early on, but the longer it went on the more it was just there tbh. Fun and very little more. AJ TURNED ON CENA .

So with Dolph retaining the MITB briefcase... does this make him the longest holder of it since EDGE the first time around? Bryan cashed in at the TLC PPV last year and that was the longest at the time since Edge, right? Honestly think he should keep it until after WM.

Overall, I had fun with this show. Opener was fun, not particularly GOOD, but fun. They got the shitty IC and US title defences out of the way, leading into the AWESOME TLC match, good Show/Sheamus match (aside from the finish) and the fun main event. I'll ignore the 3MB tag. Eve looked hot in her match so that was awesome. AJ TURNED ON CENA .
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Given all the talk about this TLC match, I'm downloading the show now. MOTYC? This I have to see lol. If the mass brawl that ended Raw along with all the love this thing is getting are anything to go by, I be expecting CARNAGE. I lol'd at the AJ turn on Cena though. Will probably check out that match too since its getting love as well.

I have to say, I'm rather looking forward to the Slammy's tonight for some strange reason lol. Taker/HHH seems a lock for MOTY. If you look on twitter, which is where they're taking the votes from, it's killing every other match tbh. If that is the case then one of them is obviously going to have to turn up to accept. Having one or both of them on the show, even if just for a minute, would be rather darn cool.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

The Shield vs Ryback & Team Hell No (WWE TLC)
Yeah, this was great. It was worked pretty much perfectly, with Shield taking out Kane or Ryback in brutal fashion and using their experience in numbers (kayfabe wise, obviously) to eliminate them and go after Bryan. Everyone was great in this, and yeah, that means even Ryback. Bryan as an underdog just IS, and he is so over it's crazy, so the crowd naturally got behind him and the team. Bryan going crazy on all of them on the outside was , I fucking love Bryan, he's truly brilliant. Shield looked like a million bucks here, going in and fighting these guys in a brawl type of situation and coming out on top for the whole match. Made them look great and this has to get them over as tough bastards that need to be taken seriously. Great booking and brilliantly worked by everyone in the match. Really nice spots, but only one really 'big' spot that came from Rollins near the end, so it never felt like they were doing too much and all of the stuff was built to and set up really well. Great stuff. ****+

Also, Cal's point about the spots not really being elaborate (bar a couple) is spot on. there's one point where Ryback just fucking launches himself into Reigns and they go into chairs and a table and a ladder all at once, looked like they legit didn't give a fuck and just wanted to hurt eachother.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

HHH will show up long before Undertaker I think. He only shows up for special occasions like Raw 1000. He didn't show up the last time his match won MOTY.

NOT looking forward to the slammys. Show is usually horrible. Hope they don't throw in a random guest host for the hell of it either.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

The 1st hour was lack luster bar the tag match and even that wasn't spectacular, with all the back stage segments/promos they had it really did feel like Raw.

The TLC match really made this show . Just sheer carnage with a hot crowd and some really innovative SPOTS~!. Made The Shield look like real stars imo , and not just your usual group of jobbers who lose the big match. That face Ambrose pulled made me lol , you can see his character come out in his in ring work and it makes him stand out from the other two. Bryan had one of the best reactions of the night just thunderous YES! chants when he was on offence. Speaking of thunderous chants I think this was easily the loudest GOLDBERG chants heard to date , although they were cheering for Ryback when it mattered. I liked how it seemed like they had a man advantage all the time even though it was equal numbers showing that its their cohesion as a unit gives them the advantage not just sheer numbers. Probably the best TLC match ever done at the TLC PPV.

Cena/Ziggler was enjoyable but I felt their spots were underwhelming having followed the TLC. Also there wasn't much action at the start of the match and then it just went into the finishing stretch. I hope Ziggler doesn't get lumbered with AJ as thats the last thing he needs , glad to see him getting an ovation.

Nothing else really stood out. Sheamus/Show was easily the poorest match in their series and that chair was hilarious. And they really are over doing it with Miz TV . Every WWE program needs a Miz TV segment apparently. The show is definitely in the upper area of WWE PPV's this year due to the hot crowd and DAT TLC MATCH.

DAT GOAT bringing those PPV classics:
Bryan/Sheamus ****1/2
Bryan/Punk ****1/2
TLC ****+
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread


13. Edge Vs Kane Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Alberto Del Rio - TLC XI TLC 2010 - **
12. Undertaker Vs Edge - TLC VII One Night Stand 2008 - **1/2
11. DX Vs JeriShow - TLC IX TLC 2009 - **1/2
10. CM Punk Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs The Miz - TLC XII TLC 2011 - **1/2
09. John Cena Vs Edge - TLC VI Unforgiven 2006 - ***
08. Bubba & Spike Vs Kane & Hurricane Vs Chris Jericho & Christian Vs Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam - TLC IV Raw 07/10/2002 - ***1/4
07. CM Punk Vs Jeff Hardy - TLC VIII SummerSlam 2009 - ***1/2
06. Jerry Lawler Vs The Miz - TLC X Raw 29/11/2010 - ***1/2
05. The Dudley Boys Vs The Hardy Boys Vs Edge & Christian - TLC II WrestleMania 01/04/2001 - ***3/4
04. Edge Vs Ric Flair - TLC V Raw 16/01/2006 - ***3/4
03. The Shield Vs Team Hell No & Ryback - TLC XIII TLC 2012 - ****
02. The Dudley Boys Vs The Hardy Boys Vs Edge & Christian - TLC I SummerSlam 2000 - ****1/4
01. The Dudley Boys Vs The Hardy Boys Vs Edge & Christian Vs Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit - TLC III Smackdown 24/05/2001 - ****1/2
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Shield vs Hell No/Ryback - ****1/2

Man this is one of the greatest matches i have ever seen.Great stuff.

Top 3 matches in 2012 :

1-Undertaker vs HHH - Wrestlemania 28 ****3/4
2-Lesnar vs Cena - ER ****1/2
3-Shield vs Hell No/Ryback - TLC ****1/2

J.R:"Everybody claims to be an icon and claims to be something special,and maybe they were in their day
None will Ever surpass the Undertaker in my view"
Kurt Angle:"He is our leader, and I consider Undertaker the best ever"
Shawn Michaels:"Wrestling against Undertaker was the best professional experience of my life."
Triple H:"He is The Greatest Legend in the history of this business"
Michael Cole:"The biggest Smackdown and WWE superstar of all time,the legendary Undertaker".
Mark Henry:"it's hard not to put The Undertaker in the same breath as Hogan and Rock because not only has he served more years as them, but collectively, I'm sure he's sold out and made more money than all of them."
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

What better, Shawn Michaels: My Journey or Shawn Michaels: Heartbreak and Triumph?
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Can't go wrong with either. Great match listings for both, but I guess I'd give the edge to Heartbreak & Triumph because of the doc.

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