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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
I asked .

That HIAC your on about is pretty damn amazing, along with the PPV itself.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Started my Raw 06 Project again. Got up to WM last time, but I really couldn't be arsed to get the DVD out and watch it so I've skipped it for now and started from the Raw after. Here are some reviews for the better matches, and then list of STARS~! for all that I have watched (I'm just watching matches that interest ME btw, not everything lol):

Shelton Benjamin Vs Charlie Hass - Raw 17/04/2006

If Shelton wins, his match with RVD at Backlash is for the MITB briefcase. If he loses, the match at Backlash is for Shelton's IC title. Charlie Hass being his opponent is a surprise. I still remember not caring when it first happens. LOL. Hassucks.

Hass starts throwing Shelton around with a German and a bunch of awesome looking arm drags (even if you could see them coming a mile away), and Shelton can do nothing but ask Charlie "What are you doing?". Kicking your ass, Shelton. Duh. Very nice cut off spot from Shelton that transitions into his control. A couple of weeks ago in the Chavo match he did a really nice cut off leading into his control segment too. Its been so long since I first started this project I don't remember much about Shelton's matches, but it wouldn't surprise me if that was something he did really well in most of his matches and something I really liked from those matches too lol. Kinda reminds me of Kennedy from 06 too in that way; both seem to find openings in really unique and pretty awesome ways.

They work a little of the "they know each other so well" spots into the match, not as much as I would have liked, but then again this WAS just a surprise match on TV. Based on this match I wouldn't have minded them to have a PPV match together.

As well as working that little "story" in the match, Shelton also works his feud with RVD into the match too when he mocks his "RVD" thumb pose thingy and does a rolling thunder too. Then he proceeds to destroy Hass with a pretty impressive kick to the head, similar to what we see Punk do these days. He even attempts a 5 Star Frog Splash, but Hass moves, and even though Shelton rolls through, Hass is able to get a surprise pin on Shelton!

Yeah, this was really good. DEFINITELY would have liked them to have done a PPV match, but since RVD was Shelton's opponent at Backlash and this was during the brand extension (when it meant something) with PPV's ever 2 months, I highly doubt they could have kept a feud going between the two because Shelton was pretty damn horrible on the mic and I don't recall Hass being any better . At least this was a good match.

Rating: ***1/4

Edge & John Cena Vs Triple H - Handicap Match - Raw 17/04/2006

An interesting way to build to a triple threat, by having a handicap match every week involving all 3 guys. And having each match under 10 minutes. Guess it gives us a bit of a taste of what we can expect without them spending too much time in the ring with each other at once, and builds some tension between them as they team up with each other despite the fact they don't like each other, and try to get the win to benefit themselves rather than their "team".

This should hopefully be the better of the 3 matches too, because it means I won't have to sit through a period of Edge Vs Cena .

Cena and HHH work a nice little match together, with Cena dominating HHH, then HHH coming back with a Spinebuster. Edge tags himself in, gives Cena the thumbs up, then knocks him out of the ring and he and HHH go at it until Cena gets back in attacks Edge.

Ref bump, and HHH looks super happy because now he can bring his friend Mr Sledgehammer to the ring. Hi Mr Sledgehammer! Cena takes a bump from thin air (aka HHH missing him completely while swinging the hammer), and Edge catches the Game with a Spear for the 3 count!

Yeah, this was definitely the best of the 3 matches. None of them were exactly "good", but I enjoyed how they used them to build to the triple threat.

Rating: **3/4

Shane McMahon Vs Shawn Michaels - Raw 24/04/2006

HBK takes one hell of a bump off the ring post. Shawn does it in a way that looks like he legit went head first, and managed to slap it hard enough to give off one hell of a sound. Unless, you know, that was actually his head .

Nice back work from Shane. He actually does stuff that I've not really seen anyone else do before, and tbh I never understood why. Its basic, just driving the elbows into the back while Shawn is on the mat, but for some reason nobody else bothers with it. Looks brutal and is a nice way to at least start the back work before they go into submissions and shit. Awesome torture rack from Shane too, and he turns it into a spinny slamming type thing. That's the technical name for it. Honest. Nice moonsault too, but HBK moves and begins his comeback, no selling his back and all!

Vince stops Shawn from landing Sweet Chin Music (for the second week in a row), and Shawn wants revenge by flying off the ropes and elbow dropping Vince through the announcers table! But of course he doesn't get to do it . Instead Shane saves him and Vince fucking KO's Shawn with a ring bell shot that looked sick as hell, and its SHANE that flies from the top rope onto the announcer's table, elbow dropping HBK!

Not sure what the official ending for this match is. DQ? No Contest? Double Countout? Ah who fucking cares. Was a ton of fun. Shane looked great in all of this too btw. Should have been World Champion. After all, he does moonsaults and elbow drops from the ropes through tables, so he's like, better than Cena, yeah?

Rating: ***

The Spirit Squad Vs Triple H, John Cena & Edge - Handicap Match - Raw 24/04/2006

The Spirit Squad... were they only brought up to the main roster to be bumpers and stooges for the main event? I swear that's all they ever did .

LMFAO, The SS introduce themselves one at a time to Tredna (you heard that name here first. And last) while doing some stupid dances... and it results in them getting their faces smashed in . Being bumpers and stooges for the main event guys might be the only reason SS are here, but dammit they ARE good at it lol. They bounce around and make everyone else look great, while looking great themselves at times. No wonder Ziggler is so good at bumping .

Its also hilarious to see Cena being dominated by a bunch of male cheerleaders for a short time. No wonder Rock wasn't scared of Cena.

In the end, the cheerleaders get destroyed. Pedigree and FU at the same time to two of them as Edge just walks away and watches as Cena and HHH beat the hell out of each other. Also, LOL at Cena kicking one of the SS guys in the head after the FU, basically telling him to fuck off out of the ring .

Another fun match.

Rating: **3/4

Shelton Benjamin Vs Rob Van Dam - Intercontinental Championship & Money in the Bank Briefcase Match - Backlash 30/04/2006

Shelton went to Vince after losing his match to Hass and got the match changed so the MITB Briefcase would be defended as well as his IC title.

So the match begins with Shelton taking RVD down to the mat and showing up the former ECW star, and he looks as happy as can be. RVD tries to do the same, but Shelton counters and gets the better of RVD. That's what happens when you get a real wrestler against one of them there ECDub wrastlers .

RVD starts to build momentum, hitting some kicks and then a high flying move over the ropes. Unfortunately as he's on his way back into the ring after rolling Shelton in, Shelton is able to find an opening and make the most of it once again; and he hits an awesome and sick looking sunset flip powerbomb onto the floor. Take THAT ECDub guy!

After the powerbomb on the floor, Shelton works over the back of RVD, and wisely so. Awesome cut off spot at one point when RVD tries for a Rolling Thunder and Shelton jumps up at the last second and catches RVD into a Samoan Drop! Cool looking counter, AND it targeted the back! Same goes for Shelton leaping up and catching RVD with a superplex on the top rope too! Take notes, Kurt. Shelton leaped up onto the ropes for a suplex in a spot that make sense AND wasn't done after he'd taken a finisher or something.

RVD's comeback thankfully isn't filled with no selling and shit. He DOES hit some of his known offence, some of which he lands on his back (rolling thunder), but he shows that he is in pain and doesn't start quickly moving around and shit. Then he misses a frog splash and gets planted with an awesome DDT. Huh, guess it wasn't his big comeback lol. Or perhaps it was, and this is now going into the finishing stretch.

Holy shit at the superkick from Shelton. Seriously, if it wasn't for HBK still being around and using it as a finisher, Shelton should have totally gone with that instead of the T-Bone thingy that honestly looked kinda crappy as a finisher.

Yep, that comeback from RVD was his big comeback, leading into the finishing stretch with included that awesome superkick, some counters, and then RVD kicking the MITB Briefcase into Shelton's face, allowing him to finally land the frog splash! New IC champ.

Really fucking good match. RVD wasn't a spotty, sloppy kicking, no selling arse like he usually is. Shelton was great on offence, all of RVD's little comebacks were done well, and the big comeback was real nice. I liked how they built up to RVD's signature and finishing moves with him not being able to hit them early on, instead having Shelton counter them and use them to his advantage, then towards the end as RVD build more and more momentum he can finally land them and eventually use them to win the match. Not pleased that Shelton lost his belt though, would have preferred a new MITB Briefcase holder from this match lol. Just give Shelton a new manager (his Momma was gone by this point) and he could have easily gone on to the main event FINALLY by the end of the year if they kept going the way he was going.

Rating: ****

Shawn Michaels & God Vs Vince & Shane McMahon - No Holds Barred - Backlash 30/04/2006

I'm gonna go ahead and say it now; god is a better wrestler than Chavo Guerrero.

at HBK. Vince gets on the mic and tells Shawn that he and god are going straight to hell. So HBK defends god's honour... by beating the shit out of Vince. Very Christian of him.

With Vince not being a wrestler but Shane able to actually do stuff, this match is a mix of a brawl (usually with Vince) and Shawn getting mauled (by Shane). Shane hits some pretty sweet looking stuff, especially the armdrag on the outside sending Shawn back first into the guardrail.

Shane is a crazy bastard with some of the things he does, and HBK is busted open so its believable that even HBK can be in trouble here. Then you have Shane's Buff Daddy (probably the only reference I'll ever make to Bagwell in any reviews not about Bagwell ) who looks like he could tear Shawn apart now that he's down and hurting.

Nice callback spots from WM with Vince returning the favour and smashing a trash can over HBK's head. Then apparently god leaves. Because he was actually there. Honest.

Worst attempt at a superkick ever by Vince, thankfully it was blocked and Shawn begins his comeback. He even continues to sell after the kip up! Well, the first one, anyway. He does one after hitting Vince where he sells, then after hitting Shane and decides to no sell .

Sweet Chin Music! Sweet Chin Music again! Vince and Shane are down! Time for the tables. Shawn sets up a couple of tables... and the fans chant "we want tables". Uhhh, guys, he has tables. In the ring. Set up. Why are you chanting that you want them? He's giving you them. Morons.

Both Vince and Shane are set up on tables right next to each other, and it looks like Shawn wants a repeat of WM, but with BOTH male McMahon's on tables to break his fall! Before he can make the leap into the ring, he switches up and dives outside the ring! What a crazy bastard. Thankfully a bunch of male cheerleaders appeared to break his fall .

The 7 on 1 situation doesn't work out too well for Shawn, and he gets driven through a table and Vince picks up the win.

This was a TON of fun. Just an extremely well worked match. Vince was taken out early on so he wouldn't have to do much in the match. Shane took come crazy shit, then busted HBK open with a chair shot and worked over Shawn while Shawn did a great FIP that we all know he's capable of doing. The Spirit Squad making it a 7 on 1 match in the end was a perfect way to allow Vince and Shane to get the win without it seeming like Shawn couldn't beat an old man and his non wrestler son. Some nice little callback spots to WM too which I always like. A genuinely good match.

Rating: ***1/2

John Cena Vs Triple H Vs Edge - WWE Championship Match - Backlash 30/04/2006

For some reason I always remembered HHH getting busted open from Edge's DDT on the announcers table, and I recall him clearly blading before taking the DDT so it would look like he was busted open on impact. But nope. He got busted open moments earlier when he was sent face first into the ring post, and you could clearly see him blading before THAT spot lol. Doesn't make the DDT spot any less impressive, but damn, how did I remember it so wrong?

I watched most of this match without typing anything so the reason that is my first thought is just because that's the first time I decided to actually write anything, even though it takes place over half way into the match lol.

Match starts off with Edge going out of the ring and letting HHH and Cena beat each other up. Which they are fine with until they notice Edge laughing at them. So they team up to take him out, and take turns at smashing his head into the announce table etc, before HHH turns on Cena and takes him out and goes to work on Edge. From here its all one on one with one guy coming back in, sending someone out and going at it with whoever is in the ring. Lita plays her part well on the outside, helping Edge whenever possible. All really picks up with the DDT spot tbh. HHH is a bloody mess, so with him out for the time being Edge things he has things won... until he gets put in the STFU! He tapped out to it a couple of weeks back so it was a believable match ender. Cool spot with HHH getting back into things and preventing Edge from grabbing the ropes and escaping the hold, but smashing Cena in the head with a mic so he can't keep it locked in and win. Then we get a great visual of HHH being locked in the STFU while being all bloody, and given the fact he tapped out at WM to it without being covered in blood, again its a great believable spot.

HHH is a bastard. A piece of shit fucking cunt. Just throwing it out there. Spinebusting Lita. Dick.

Finishing sequence with the sledgehammer and the FU/Pedigree teases all leading to Cena rolling up HHH for the win is all great stuff. Really good match. Hit "great" territory around the half way mark, but the early stuff wasn't quite there and brings it down a little, but I don't think any part of this was bad in any way. Definitely one of the better triple threats in the company.

Rating: ***3/4

Shelton Benjamin Vs Rob Van Dam - Intercontinental Championship & Money in the Bank Briefcase Match - Backlash 30/04/2006 - ****
Triple H Vs Ric Flair - Raw 06/02/2006 - ***3/4
Edge Vs Ric Flair - TLC WWE Title Match - Raw 16/01/2006 - ***3/4
John Cena Vs Triple H Vs Edge - WWE Championship Match - Backlash 30/04/2006 - ***3/4
Shawn Michaels & God Vs Vince & Shane McMahon - No Holds Barred - Backlash 30/04/2006 - ***1/2
Triple H Vs The Big Show - New Years Revolution 08/01/2006 - ***1/2
Shelton Benjamin Vs Shawn Michaels - Raw 23/01/2006 - ***1/2
Shelton Benjamin Vs Charlie Hass - Raw 17/04/2006 - ***1/4
Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels - Raw 27/03/2006 - ***1/4
Triple H Vs The Big Show - Raw 13/02/2006 - ***
Trish Stratus Vs Mickie James - WWE Women's Championship - New Years Revolution 08/01/2006 - ***
Shane McMahon Vs Shawn Michaels - Raw 24/04/2006 - ***
Chris Masters & Carlito Vs Shawn Michaels & Kurt Angle - Raw 09/01/2006 - ***
Jerry Lawler Vs Gregory Helms - New Years Revolution 08/01/2006 - ***
The Big Show Vs Triple H Vs RVD - Raw 20/02/2006 - ***
The Spirit Squad Vs Triple H, John Cena & Edge - Handicap Match - Raw 24/04/2006 - **3/4
Edge & John Cena Vs Triple H - Handicap Match - Raw 17/04/2006 - **3/4
Shelton Benjamin Vs Viscera - New Years Revolution 08/01/2006 - **3/4
The Big Show Vs Shelton Benjamin - Raw 06/02/2006 - **1/2
Ric Flair Vs Shelton Benjamin - Intercontinential Title Match - Raw 20/02/2006 - **1/2
Shelton Benjamin Vs Ric Flair Vs RVD - Intercontinental Championship Match - Raw 20/03/2006 - **1/2
Shelton Benjamin Vs Goldust - Raw 30/01/2006 - **1/2
Kane Vs Shawn Michaels - Raw 02/01/2006 - **1/2
Mickie James Vs Trish Stratus - Women's Championship - Backlash 30/04/2006 - **
Shawn Michaels Vs The Spirit Squad - Steel Cage 4 on 1 Handicap Match - Raw 13/03/2006 - **
Umaga Vs Shawn Michaels - Raw 17/04/2006 - **
Triple H & John Cena Vs Edge - Handicap Match - Raw 10/04/2006 - **
The Big Show Vs Kane - Backlash 30/04/2006 - *3/4
Shelton Benjamin Vs Chavo Guerrero - Intercontinental Championship Match - Raw 03/04/2006 - *3/4
Shelton Benjamin Vs RVD - Intercontinental Championship Match - Raw 13/03/2006 - *1/2
Shelton Benjamin Vs Ric Flair - Intercontinental Championship Match - Raw 06/03/2006 - *
Triple H & Edge Vs John Cena - Handicap Match - Raw 03/04/2006 - *
John Cena Vs Shawn Michaels Vs Kurt Angle Vs Kane Vs Chris Masters Vs Carlito - WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match - New Years Revolution 08/01/2006 - *
Shawn Michaels Vs Shane McMahon - Raw 06/03/2006
Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels - Raw 16/01/2006 - 1/2*
Mickie James Vs Maria - Raw 10/04/2006 - 1/4*
Rob Van Dam Vs Chris Masters - Raw 10/04/2006 - 1/4*
John Cena Vs Kurt Angle - First Blood - Raw 02/01/2006 - 1/4*
The Big Show Vs Shelton Benjamin - Raw 16/01/2006 - DUD
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

What is the best north-american female match...
I can only think of Trish vs Mickie @ WM22 or Trish vs Lita @ Unforgiven 06
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I'd add Mickie/Trish from NYR as well, love that just as much as their WM match.

Yet to watch Kim/Kong matches from TNA though. They get some huge love from just about everyone.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

The triple threat match for the women's championship from Wrestlemania 19 was pretty great as well.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Just watched Orton/Kane from Mania 28 there. I don't think it was horrible by any means. Actually rather enjoyed it. Alright match and not the borefest disaster I thought it was going to be lol.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

The handicap match at Backlash 06 is a match I love, I remember watching it live and seeing HBK fly at the spirit squad, great spot.

I remember during Backlash 06 in the Carlito/Masters match, Masters forgot to kick out and the ref stopped which made me laugh.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
Just watched Orton/Kane from Mania 28 there. I don't think it was horrible by any means. Actually rather enjoyed it. Alright match and not the borefest disaster I thought it was going to be lol.
Agreed. I liked it.

Speaking of Kane, got his DVD for about $3 the other day. I've never been a huge fan of him but it has a solid listing. Both of the Shane matches, original Taker/Kane, Kane/Finlay belfast brawl (I'm assuming it's good), HBK/Kane (never seen but sounds good), Kane/Jericho LMS (sounds good, Kane/Umaga, couple BOD matches plus it has some X-Pac on it.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Top 10 Cell Matches

1) Taker vs. HBK- *****
2) Taker vs. Lesnar- ****3/4
3) Taker vs. Edge- ****3/4
4) Batista vs. HHH- ****1/2
5) Taker vs. Batista- ****1/4
6) Taker vs. Orton- ****1/4
7) Taker vs. HHH- ****
8) Foley vs. HHH- ****
9) Taker vs. Foley- ****
10) Jericho vs. HHH- ***3/4

I'm watching you...

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

ECW Extreme Evolution DVD

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn - (16/5/99) ****1/4
Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka - (7/11/99) - ****1/4
Sandman vs. Raven - (7/12/96) - **1/2
The Dudley Boyz vs. Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney - (14/8/99) - ***1/2
The Eliminators vs Steve Williams & Terry Gordy - (26/10/96) - **
Taz vs. Sabu - (13/4/97) - ***
Shane Douglas & Francine vs. Tommy Dreamer & Beulah (7/12/96) - ***

This is actually not that bad of a DVD. I see it retailing on most sites for like 15-25 these days, wouldn't pay that much for it but if you can find it cheap anywhere, it's certainly worth a buy.
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