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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by The Reindeer Killer View Post
Lesnar nearly killing himself in the Cena match when he catapulted himself over the ropes adds ***1/4 to any rating.
See, I thought that spot was completely dumb and gave it a nice lil' facepalm. Opinions are like assholes.


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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

How dare you.

In all seriousness, that was the spot that led to Lesnar's ultimate demise because when he went for it a second time, Cena had it scouted and saw the small window of opportunity to turn the match around after getting beat to shit for 20 minutes. Classic.


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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I'm sorry, I wish I could get it.

What's everyone's ideal combination of Wrestlemania main events using the big six? (Cena, Lesnar, Rock, Punk, Undertaker, and maybe Triple H)

I really have no idea. I just hope they don't fuck up and actually go the Cena/Rock II route. Ew.


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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

What I would like

What I think we will get
Rock/Cena II

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread


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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread


or if no HHH


or if they're feeling a tad crazy


Hoping it's not



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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I'd like:


Cena can job to Barrett. HHH can job to Mahal.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

No Mercy 2005:

Legion of Doom 2k5/Christy Hemme vs MNM/Melina - **1/4
- Just a fun opening match that doesn't go long enough to get redundant. Tag division is a bit too limited with only these two teams, though. So it's stale and I can't say I cared for this one much. Christy's attempt at the Doomsday Device was not terribly bad either even though Animal did an Electric Chair to make the move look good.

Bobby Lashley vs Simon Dean - **1/2
- Another fun match. Little more than a squash match but the side story with the cheeseburgers makes it funny and Lashley's offense is cool. Unlike most beginners, he's not invincible and Simon actually gets some offense in. Also liked the backstage segments throughout the PPV after it with Simon trying to eat all the burgers he ordered.

Chris Benoit vs Christian vs Booker T vs Orlando Jordan - ***3/4
- A highly enjoyable match with the ring action divided evenly between all four guys. Would have preferred a singles match between Benoit and Christian but I'm glad with what I got regardless. Some great nearfalls and well paced action. Benoit wins by making Christian tap out to the Sharpshooter.

Mr. Kennedy vs Hardcore Holly - **3/4
- Not a bad PPV debut for Kennedy. I find him hilarious and his dissing of Chimel wont get old. The match itself is well worked for two not so great workers and I enjoyed it while it lasted. I'm surprised Kennedy was even allowed to do the Green Bay Plunge since it requires the smallest botch to result in a broken neck. Also am I the only one who thinks these two look extremely similar from a distance? And post-match, the Hardcore Jobber takes a beatdown from Sylvan Grainer that writes him off the shows for a long period.

JBL vs Rey Mysterio - ***1/2
- A pretty good match between Bradshaw and the biggest little man. These two have some kind of chemistry that makes their matches work so well. Can't point out what it is but it was enjoyable. Nothing GREAT but good nonetheless. JBL gets his return victory after losing clean on Smackdown weeks before. Also The Boogeyman cannot come any sooner to rip that damn thing off of Jillian's face!

Randy Orton/"Cowboy" Bob Orton Jr. vs The Undertaker - ****
- Another very good match between Orton and Taker here. This one involves a casket so it's a bit different and the ring is not utilized entirely like their previous matches. This is also a bit different with Bob Orton's involvement. Personally, I think he slows it down a little but he spends enough time on the background to let his son go at it with Undertaker like only they can. Once Bob is inside the casket with the fire extinguisher, the pace picks up and match gets a lot better heading towards the end. Then the casket is opened up and Bob sprays the fire extinguisher in Taker's face, which saves the Ortons from losing this one. After a chairshot to the head, Taker is finally put out of his misery with the casket closed. Orton then sets the casket on fire post-match to write Taker off until Survivor Series. Nothing can go wrong when Randy & Taker are in the ring together! Has been such a great feud to watch and the matches have all been awesome.

Juventud vs Nunzio - ***1/4
- So much red, white and green on this one with Italy and Mexico! Also Nunzio only made ONE Smackdown appearance since becoming cruiserweight champion. What an injustice to the title as they put all the action on Velocity including the title change before this one. For the match, in 7 minutes, they do about everything necessary for a fast paced cruiserweight match. Highly enjoyed it and as expected, Juventud, or rather "The Juice" (lol), wins this one. Also what's the matter with the close-up camera angle they have on for damn near the entire match? Something was strange about it to me.

Batista vs Eddie Guerrero - ***1/2
- A very decent main event and the last ever match Eddie had on PPV. It's a bit slow paced with them using the strength game and restholds quite a bit as well as Eddie being schizophrenic about whether he should use his cheating ways or to be "the new" Eddie that wants respect. Outside of when restholds are abused, the action is pretty fine and it's an enjoyable match. Kinda touching to watch the ending as Eddie walks to the back after shaking Batista's hand since this would be his last time on PPV. The remaining shows from 2005 are going to be hard to watch from now since I know Eddie's life is about to come to an end after a handful of shows.

Overall: ***1/2 out of ***** (Probably the best Smackdown PPV from 2005 so far. Nothing is horrible and most of it ranges from good to great. I specially liked the Casket and US Championship matches but the rest of it was not bad either.)
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

This is a lot longer than 10 minutes. It's 20.

And to throw my two cents on current things here:

I liked Punk/Jericho from Extreme Rules. It is **** in my book. Perhaps could be marking bias. It doesn't come CLOSE to touching the WrestleMania match, however.

Cena vs Brock is the best WWE match of the year. I can't understand any argument against it, personally. Unless you want to put Punk vs Danielson over it.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga - II - 12/11/06 - Monday Night Raw (Thanks for posting that link several pages back)
Hardy starts off getting dominated, but he hits a sunset flip. Umaga holds his ground and goes for the butt drop to no avail. Hardy hits a couple drop kicks and a crossbody. Umaga throws Hardy into the corner, but Hardy soon hits a whisper in the wind. We go to commercial and come back to see Hardy miss a suicide dive. They go back into the ring and Umaga applies a nerve hold. Umaga holds onto it for about a minute before Hardy hits a few punches. Hardy evades a slam and connects with a drop kick. Umaga bounces off the ropes and nails Hardy with a clothesline. Umaga going up top. Oh I guess this is a thing he does often. Umaga misses a splash
and Hardy is going up top. Swanton connects. Umaga kicks out. He goes for a twist of fate, but Umaga reverses it and hits a Samoan drop. Hardy is hung up in the tree of woe. Some weird running headbutt to the chest of Hardy, and Umaga follows with a stink face. A second stink face! The referee calls the match. Umaga hits another stinkface after the bell. The referee tries to calm Umaga down but eats a Samoan Spike. Umaga hits Hardy with a Samoan spike and poses over him.

Umaga looked really strong here. Hardy didn't seem that weak here except that Umaga kicked out of his finisher, but that can be justified since Umaga wasn't really weakened before it. Not as good as their first bout, but nothing bad. **

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Umaga - III - 2/19/07 - Intercontinental Championship - Monday Night Raw
The match starts with Hardy using his speed to get the advantage and Umaga is on the floor. Hardy hits a couple drop kicks and suicide dive but is caught. Hardy escapes and runs off the guard rail for a high flying move to be caught with a strike. They go back in the ring and Umaga hits a kick and headbutt. Hardy soon is starting to fight back but gets elbowed followed with a leg drop. Umaga hits a few more strikes and applies a nerve hold (this is seeming like a trend). Hardy strings a couple of punches together but eats a clothesline. Umaga is on the second rope and he goes for a headbutt. No water in the pool. Hardy dodges a stinger splash and hits a Whisper in the Wind. Umaga uses his strength to shove Jeff away and nails a Samoan drop. Umaga pulls Hardy into the corner and nails several punches. STINK FACE! Umaga signals for the spike and nails it. That is the match. New Intercontinental Championship!

Umaga dominated Jeff with his power, but they played a good Speed against Strength dynamic in the match. Umaga looked really strong in this match, and it bothered me how easily Umaga put him away. I still enjoyed this match and I'd say its my favorite of the three thus far. **3/4
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