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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by jonoaries View Post
I have that set, the match I'm talking about was on Superstars after Shawn won the title. I haven't seen it in ages but it must be good if I remember a TV match from my childhood lol
Interesting. I don't believe I've ever seen that one.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Best In The North Pole View Post
Settled on reviewing the TEN HBK-HHH matches that span from the 90s into the 2000s. I'm going to post my pre ratings of every HBK-HHH match now and compare them when I'm finally done it all. I haven't watched a HHH-HBK match in over a year where my reviewing style and harshness has been increased substantially, I usually put my markdom aside more than ever now so expect my ratings to DRASTICALLY CHANGE ;

RAW 1996 : ** 3/4
RAW 1997 : N/A
SS 02 : *****
ARM 02 : *** 3/4
RAW 2003 : **** 1/2
RR 04 : *** 3/4
BB 04 : ****
TT 04 : *** 3/4
RAW 05 : ** 3/4
RAW 06 : ***

Yeah, I'm expecting the Armageddon, Taboo Tuesday, and.. Well... Basically all of them to change
Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
I dare sometime to do HHH/Michaels.

Actually....I think I've watched every HHH/Michaels singles match this year. Maybe watched the shitty TTTroops boot camp match last year, and I don't think I've seen SummerSlam 02. They had one on Raw in 2005? I don't think I've seen that either. Other than that.....watched them all this year. NOT RECOMMENDED.

RANKINGS (maybe, some might need a re-watch which not even I'm willing to do):

1. Christmas 97
2. SummerSlam 02
3. Raw 5/96
4. Raw 12/03
5. Raw 3/06
10. Taboo 04
46. Bad Blood 04
111. Rumble 04
279. Armageddon 02
1866. Tribute to the Troops 05

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I would start it tonight but I still have like 8 Road Warriors matches to watch , which makes me extremely depressed. Fuck this DVD. Might as well tell you what I thought about the NWO DVD while I'm at it...

NWO : The Revolution DVD Review

Disc One

This is the prototypical WWE produced "glazing over" documentary. What I mean by that is that although we get some pretty interesting names talking with the likes of Vince Russo and Lex Luger being featured, we learn NOTHING new. If you're looking for why Starrcade 97 or 98 happened, you won't find out. If you're looking for stories about how crazy Scott Steiner ACTUALLY WAS then you will not find it on this. This is as bare bones as you can get when discussing one of the most groundbreaking stables ever. No new Hogan or Scott Hall interviews are kind of MEH considering that they were two of the three founding members of the NWO, but no Hogan is certainly understandable.

Kevin Nash has the best and most informative interview of the documentary, but again I think he should have went more in depth about certain subjects than he did. They shouldn't hold things back on a subject as controversial as the NWO, definitely not. This isn't a complete bury job of the NWO surprisingly, it's just a quick refresher of why it was as popular as it was , and how much of a fucking convoluted mess it could be at times. The doc is pretty MEH, and is one of the worse ones they've done since the shift in documentary format back in 03-04.

As for the extras on Disc One, we get a few segments that we've seen on other DVDs and a few new exclusives. The exclusive ones with Piper and Hogan are pretty interesting to say the least, as it really exposes Hogan as a one dimensional rambler on the mic, I swear to god I don't even know what he's talking about sometimes. Really entertaining though, and saves this disc from being a fail IMO.


Disc Two

The Outsiders vs Sting/Lex Luger/Randy Savage (Bash at the Beach 1996) : **

The Giant vs Hulk Hogan (Hog Wild 1996) : DUD

The Outsiders vs Harlem Heat (Halloween Havoc 1996) : **

The Outsiders vs The Steiner Brothers (Souled Out 1997) : ***

Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Piper (Slamboree 1997) : * ¾

Hulk Hogan/Dennis Rodman vs The Giant/Lex Luger (Bash at the Beach 1997) : ¾ *

Oh... FUCK YOU WCW. Seriously, just look at that match listing, does it just SCREAM DVD OF THE YEAR to you ? Because it REAAAAAAAAAAALLLYYYY fucking doesn't to me. Let me run down the six matches with one sentence each to describe them. BATB 96 is a very slow and plodding match that is okay I suppose, but more known for it;s famous finish than anything else. Giant-Hogan is a fucking horrible piece of shit that features 20 minutes of back rakes and knuckle locks, a match I wouldn't recommend to my worst fucking enemy. Outsiders-Harlem Heat is a slow , forgettable match that a few days later I don't remember whatsoever. Outsiders-Steiners is pretty good due to Scott Steiner being fucking awesome. Hogan-Piper is better than expected but is still a bad match with no replay value, do you EXPECT a Dennis Rodman match to be good ?

FUCK NO. By this point I was ready to just blow my brains out with a shotgun but I knew what was coming on the next disc so I had to keep the faith. This disc was one of the worst discs I have ever watched from the WWE library. SIX MATCHES, with one being good, two being MEH, and three being fucking HORRIBLE. This is NOT acceptable in 2012 whatsoever, and whoever devised this disc is a sick fuck who deserves to be placed in a SAW-like game to atone for his sins. I mean, I'm a guy who likes to get his hands on and subsequently watch whatever WWE Home Video release he can find, and this shit is just CRUEL. Major, MAJOR fail here on WWE's part.


Disc Three

Randy Savage vs DDP (Las Vegas Sudden Death Match ; Halloween Havoc 1997) : ****

Hollywood Hogan vs Sting (Nitro 97) : *

Hollywood Hogan vs Randy Savage (Nitro 98) : DUD

The Giant vs Sting (Great American Bash 1998) : ** ½

Hollywood Hogan/Eric Bischoff vs DDP/Jay Leno (Road Wild 1998) : *

Roddy Piper/DDP/Warrior vs Hogan/Stevie Ray/Bret Hart vs Kevin Nash/Sting/Lex Luger (War Games ; Fall Brawl 1998) : *

Goldberg vs Kevin Nash (Starrcade 1998) : ** ½

Bret Hart vs Goldberg (Nitro 99) : *

Hollywood Hogan/Kevin Nash/Scott Hall vs The Rock/Steve Austin (Raw 2002) : ** ½

YES! YES! YES! DDP-SAVAGE on a DVD is fucking NICE and by the time I watched it, I honestly felt like giving it ***** for saving me from the shittiest matches ever, but alas, it's still the best match on this DVD by a fucking thousand miles, and the only match that's probably going to stick with me in a positive way. Now, let me explain the rest of these matches in a way that everybody will easily understand ; THEY FUCKING SUCK. Seriously, I think Vince has a hard-on for tarnishing the legacy of WCW in the eyes of today's fans, and purposely made this DVD as shitty as possible just so he could say "HA! REMEMEBR WCW?!!?!?! IT SUCKED DIDN'T IT?!?!?! I RULE" , while Triple H laughs maniacally in the background. This DVD features the WORST Randy Savage match that I've ever seen, with him taking on Hulk Hogan in what is surely one of the worst matches between two main eventers that I've seen in my entire life. Hogan-Sting was... You know what ? I'm not even going to go in-depth anymore.. Fuck it.

It doesn't even matter anymore, I'm just giving everybody here an excuse to laugh at me. This DVD is a sick joke that you'd play on a dumb mark friend of yours like "hey, you wanna see what WCW was like ? Watch these matches man!". This shit made me appreciate all the good shit we get seemingly on a monthly basis from the WWE, all the ***+ matches and the memories they've given us, because if wrestling was ever angle based and gave us horrible matches like this in the main event , I'd have to stop watching wrestling or start watching ROH or something. Anyways, I've rambled on far too long about this disc. It fails, but DDP-Savage keeps it from failing as hard as the other disc. PS: Giant-Sting is actually a great little short match that needed another five minutes for sure.


Final Thoughts

I'm convinced ; This is probably the worst three disc DVD the WWE has ever produced. How anybody could possibly enjoy this DVD blows my fucking mind as it features two of the most lackluster discs of matches I have ever witnessed in my entire life. I know this is the part where I'm supposed to say who WILL enjoy it and who WON'T , so I'll keep it pretty concise down to a point:

- If you love wrestling, family, friends, the cold breeze of a December morning, or any of the subtle joys of life, YOU WILL HATE THIS DVD

- If you love torture, deception, and sadomasicism ... GO GET HELP .... AND YOU WILL HATE THIS DVD TOO.

- THIS DVD SUCKS. If a parent gets you this for Christmas, get emancipated. If a girlfriend gets you this for Christmas, break up with her. If a co-worker gets you this for Christmas, BURN DOWN THEIR FUCKING HOUSE. If you find this in a bargain bin for 2 dollars, just stay the fuck away. Resist the temptation to add another DVD to your collection, it's not worth that beautiful two dollars that you could give to a hobo or something. Watch DDP-Savage online and perhaps the doc if you're REALLY REALLY BORED. As for the other 85 percent of this DVD ; RUN. RUN FAR AWAY AND HIDE. Hide and dream of a world where Hogan-Giant doesn't exist.

I don't like this DVD.


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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Man your review of the nWo DVD is wow. I agree about the documentary though, shit broke no major new ground. The story of why they did black & white, the story about how they started doing their promos was interesting. The match listing left a lot to be desired but let's not be out here like them cats was dropping 5 star classics everywhere and Vince & co. picked the worst of the worst to put on the DVD. Its not a very good set but its not a conspiracy either.

The biggest matches the nWo were apart of were the Goldberg & Sting matches (which are on basically every WCW DVD) and the two celebrity matches (both of which make the nWo DVD but are totally shit matches).
The Hogan/Savage, Hogan/Sting (Nitro) matches aren't that bad, they aren't as good as their more famous counterparts (in fact I think Hogan/Savage had a Cage match better than their Nitro match) but it wasn't all that bad. The War Games clusterfuck, was well, it was new to me, I didn't even know the match existed so it was cool to see. I have no clue why Hogan/Piper is on there either, its the same match from the Starrcade DVD.

I'm good with not knowing the story of Scott Norton and his ilk though, there weren't that many nWo members worth giving a fuck about. The core 3 plus Bischoff is all people really cared about. I'm kinda salty about the match listing but I already know the nWo wasn't on that match quality tip...Savage de Gawd is all about matches but that slouch Hogan? Nah, B. I'm not surprised at all.

I haven't watched all the matches yet, simply because its slim pickins. I watched every match on disc 2 though, Sting/Giant shouldn't have made any DVD, I don't know where that even came from. It was such a weird match and so forgettable I have no idea what's up. I remember Giant smoking and the next thing I knew it was almost over. But I feel you, I just don't think its some Vince McMahon vendetta against a company he already owns...its just a shitty box set lol.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

The DVD is BAD. If there wasn't enough good NWO material they should have just cut it down to one disc of matches or less. OH NO... You watched the DVD too? Poor soul

I'm watching the Road Warriors DVD with 4 matches left to go, and while this DVD so far has given me reason to slap a 5-6.5/10 (depending on how the last few matches do) on it, it is GOD compared to the NWO set. This LOD set is surprisingly entertaining ... Well... Not entertaining , and there certainly isn't a **** match on here, although the Hogan/Tenryu tag fucking OWNS and is as close as you're going to get to a **** match on a Road Warriors DVD I do believe.

In all honesty, I'm just gonna watch some episodes of "The Simpsons" before bed and finish the DVD tomorrow. Too much Road Warriors for one night

"He's not the biggest. He was never the strongest. He was never the fastest. He was overlooked. He went in the sixth round. So with that being said, all of the intangibles that a quarterback is supposed to have, they overlooked it with him because it was burning from inside of him" - Ray Lewis on Tom Brady
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by wwedvdnews

The official synopsis for Bret Hart’s Dungeon Collection has been released. Plus as first revealed on the 2013 WWE Home Video Schedule, we can confirm Bret “Hit Man” Hart: The Dungeon Collection will hit stores in the United States on 3-Disc DVD and 2-Disc Blu-ray on March 5, 2013.

For nearly 30 years, Bret “Hit Man” Hart travelled the globe proving he was “The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and the Best There Ever Will Be”. From his roots in his family’s own Stampede Wrestling, to the bright lights of WWE, WCW, and his watershed return to the ring in 2010, no Superstar could match his unmistakable presence in the ring. Known as the “Excellence of Execution”, he is widely regarded as the greatest technical wrestler of all time, evidenced by multiple reigns with the Tag Team, Intercontinental, WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. Now in this collection, compiled by the Hit Man himself, fans can experience Bret Hart’s best matches never-before-released on DVD. Bret takes the viewer behind each match in a brand new, revealing interview detailing the inside stories surrounding these rare matches. Over 8 hours of in-ring action is presented, including classics from the Stampede Wrestling vault as well as vintage WWE bouts against the top stars of the 80s and 90s.
This could be really good-great DVD collection. Hopefully the match list Bret chooses/chose is great which it probably will be if it's anything like his "Best There Is..." and Hart & Soul sets.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WWE Night of Champions 2009

1) WWE Tag Team Championship
Chris Jericho & Big Show(c) vs Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase Jr ~ **

2) ECW Championship
Tommy Dreamer(c) vs Christian ~ *1/2

3) WWE United States Championship - Six Pack Challenge Match
Kofi Kingston(c) vs Mike Mizanin vs Jack Swagger vs MVP vs Carlito Colon vs Primo Colon ~ **1/2

4) WWE Women's Championship
Michelle McCool(c) vs Melina Perez ~ DUD

5) WWE Championship - Triple Threat Match
Randy Orton(c) vs John Cena vs Triple H ~ ***1/2

6) WWE Divas Championship
Maryse Ouellet vs Mickie James ~ DUD

7) WWE Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio(c) vs Dolph Ziggler ~ ***1/2

8) World Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk(c) vs Jeff Hardy ~ ***

~ Opener had an interesting feel to it. It's heel vs heel. Fans took to JeriShow as the faces. Decent and forgettable match. I expected better. Establishes JeriShow as the new team on the scene. Their run was great.

~ Too bad Christian's legend that is his 2009 didn't show up here. Dreamer's slower workrate is what dictated the pace in this one. All of their either matches Christian upped Dreamer's work. They duke it out on PPV and it goes in the opposite direction. Shame. Again another forgettable match up. More the the extent that nothing pops out at all. Granted it does have a championship switch. One that would last until ECW would be gone from the WWE as a whole.

~ 6 pack challenge was wild and did what it needed to do. It's too bad it's chalk full of trash talent like Carlito, MVP, & Kofi. Oh, yeah Kofi is champ here btw. Had to say that since you know it happens all the time. Guy can't go one month without nabbing a belt somehow. MOTN so far. This PPV has been very average to say the least. I suppose that beats bad. Which was their last PPV The Bash. One match show that was.

~ Oh boy what's next? A REALLY SHITTY DIVAS MATCH YES! Oh sweet science kill me now this was horrid. Bitches "brawled" b/c things are personal. I think someone got make-up thrown in their face. So personal. These morons attempted a ddt ON THE BARRICADE. Nearly killed themselves. The spot was botched as the head of Melina or Michelle (too blind with anger to remember) didn't even connect with the barricade. Waste of 40 seconds to set the spot up. Sloppy. Bad. Fans didn't give a damn. Get off my TV. Oh and this is only the first of two divas matches on this event too? Great...

~ Thankfully the WWE Championship salvaged my sanity in wrestling following the divas match. Crowd was HOT~! for it too. Afraid the crap might have killed it. Pretty quality rematch here. I mean I don't have much else to add other than they brought what you would expect and it worked. Don't know which I prefer more this or WrestleMania. Maybe Mania. That one was shorter and I thought it flowed a bit better. This one had good finish. Well, not so much the interference but the RKO on Cena while holding Rhodes for an F-U rocked. Best part of the match was at the very beginning when Orton slithered out of the ring following the bell. This is when I loved that man. Miss those days. Good match.

~ Nope. This match isn't worth a review. Maryse is incredible to look at. Not so much in a wrestling ring. Mickie James was fat here. Oh and shitty too. DUD. Fuck off match.

~ YES. MOTN for me was the intercontinental championship. Really strong contest here. Loved the work done by Dolph. Even busted out the old super gut buster that Malenko did to Mysterio during the WCW days. Dolph was attempting to ground Rey, while Rey found any chance he could to bust out his quick, sudden offense to gain the advantage. Dolph was clearly on his path to showing what he could do on a bigger stage and Mysterio continued to rule with the IC title/show why he's got to be the most consistent guy ever. The fact that they changed up their rematch for Summerslam makes me love love this series more. That's brilliant.

~ Main event was underwhelming as far as the level they would reach soon after it. Still, a good match. It's grown on me more after mutliple rewatches. About all I can say there. Punk is the man. Jeff isn't doing too bad himself these days.

All in all a decent show with about 3 good matches. Rest was average or downright look away bad. Not the cream of the crop from 2009 although it moved things nicely in the year. Continued Punker/Hardy, Mysterio/Ziggler, allowed Christian to get his lengthy run with the gold, JeriShow debuted, Orton vs Cena was set into motion, and DX vs Legacy got it's legs here. It accomplished something. I still like 2009 a lot. Screw the people that don't.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

TLC 2009

Benjamin/Christian - ***1/2
Morrison/McIntyre - ***
McCool/James - *
Sheamus/Cena - **3/4
Taker/Batista - **
Orton/Kofi - ***1/4
Jerishow/DX - ***3/4

- Benji/Christian was really fun. Hated how they stopped it to clean off Christian's blood. Slowed it down. Spots were pretty cool though.

- Morrison/McIntyre was a decent match.

- Sheamus/Cena was a little slow for me. The end always makes me wonder if that table outside the ring was supposed to be set up for Sheamus to go thru. He falls so close to it. But probably not. Decent match but not really worthy of a WWE title match.

- HATE Batista/Taker here. It might be because they can put on classics and this just falls so short due to a lame ass gimmick. Heel Batista owned but CHAIRS MATCH ruined this match. Not to mention the weak ass chair shot to Taker that ends it, the restart of the match due to a goddamn low blow and the immediate finish after that. Really didn't enjoy this one despite the great chemistry the two have.

- Kofi/Orton was solid, imo. Loved the spot on the outside where Kofi dove off the ropes and Orton caught him with the dropkick. Match made Kofi look pretty good though, tbh. Probably one of his best performances in the company and by far the best days of his character.

- Main event is loads of fun. The spot with Jericho on Show's shoulders was epic although Jericho looks like he dies at the end. Plenty of creative stuff in this match and with two guys that you wouldn't expect using ladders, it worked. Interesting that this main evented but I can agree with it since the two title matches were lackluster.


Damn Cody, NOC '09 sounds really iffy after reading that.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I've yet to see all of TLC '09. Always forget to borrow it from my brother. Next time I see him I'll swap NOC with it. Want to see the final two matches on it. Heard the TLC was pretty rad & Orton vs Kofi did work. Judging by your ratings, Brye, I'm gonna believe the hype.

tbf, NOC isn't really THAT bad pardon the Divas matches that I royally abused. They deserved it. Like I said rest was either really good or passable in a forgettable sense. It's one of those split PPVs - where half is good and half is blah. I'll nudge it in the area of "easy to watch". Skip the divas matches to make that more credible.

Everyone should at least check out Mysterio vs Ziggler. I'll pimp that out to people. Summerslam '09 was better. Both matches are well worth seeing multiple times, imo.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
OH SHIT! Someone do Christian/Jericho v Booker T/Goldust as a series. No, seriously. It's tremendous. I watched those a few months ago. They have like five really good matches and one that I swear is close to being a WWE MOTYC for 2002. Maybe. I guess that depends on how much you like the other stuff WWE put out in 02. Regardless it's excellent.
If you can assist with dates I'll happily watch the series. I remember loving the Booker/Goldust team and it'll be good to see Goldust back when in 02 considering how good he looked in 2009 and 2010. Think I recall you loving one of their PPV matches, so guessing that might be the MOTYC?

Speaking of an overlooked tag team series, I'd recommend the Eddie/Tajiri vs WGTT series from 2003 to anyone. They have 3 really great TV matches, with 5/22 being incredible. A lot of the feud is built on Team Angle wanting to be champions by the time Angle returns to Smackdown from his injury, so the feud runs from May-July and culminates the week before Angle returns IIRC. Its fabulous. The Judgement Day Ladder match is probably the weakest match in the series, but I could totally see someone a bit more appreciative towards tag team ladder matches really digging it.

Originally Posted by Stocking Filled w/HAYLEY JOY~! View Post
I could do the 1989 matches between Rockers vs Brainbusters that Segunda Caida dropped. I own about 3 of their matches. I'm sure I could find the rest online. Don't think they had THAT many matches either. Enough to do a project like this at least.
Please do. Its a brilliant series of matches and the ones I watched from 89 were all on youtube (and I'd be shocked if they're not up on Dailymotion either). Pinnacle of WWF/E tag team wrestling. That being said I'd love if someone decided to do an in depth review of a few more Rockers matches. The Powers of Pain and Orient Express Royal Rumble 1991 matches jumping out immediately.

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