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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Someone should do Flair/Steamboat. I have 15 matches between the two before they even get to 1989 . Over 20 matches in total .

Shame a lot of the early ones are JIP though.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Someone should also do the Rockers/Brainbusters series in 1989. I recently saw the series and would highly recommend them to anyone curious about the pinnacle of WWF tag team wrestling. Arn and Tully are sensational heels with an array of comedy spots and nefarious tactics to draw heat, and the Rockers feature Michaels at arguably the peak of his career as a worker and Jannetty proving he's a damn good talent in his own right.

Sting/Vader is another series that should be done. Its on Youtube/Dailymotion so easily accessible and is arguably one of the most consistent and great David vs Goliath series of matches.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

So everyone is doing a series of matches are they? No idea what I'll do. When it comes to WWE I've pretty much seen what needs to be seen. WCW has some stuff probably, but nothing I can imagine I'd really WANT to see (aka CW stuff lol).
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I like this idea of doing review on entire series. But KOK/#PHG, I really don't know if I'm up for Bryan/Punk, though. Maybe if it was WWE only but not their Indy stuff since I have a hard time watching that kind of wrestling where it feels so 'local'.

Otherwise, I'm willing to review the entire HHH/Orton series (singles only) or if anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate. Just don't try to make my life a living hell.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Can't wait to read those sets of reviews. Good luck haha

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I'll do Malenko/Guerrero while I have a lot of time today...they will be reviewed in the order I watch them, not in the order of when they happened.

-ECW TV 2/3 falls match (their last match in ECW) ****. This match has practically no strikes, very few punches and kicks...if any at all. I dislike the draw finish but it was a spectacular match. Plenty of mat work from both guys. Hold and counter-hold, a chess match of sorts on the ground. Good atmosphere, very receptive and knowledgeable of the maneuvers.

-Hostile City Showdown ***1/2: Guerrero's agility and mat ability combined is an awesome sight. I spilled my cereal at Malenko pulling out a flying head scissor...I'd never seen him do anything like that before. The match was fairly even until Malenko started working the knee and the pace slowed down considerably when Malenko took over, his offense is more methodical and submission. A match where both guys got to set and reset the pace and the other guy was able to keep up. Some pretty good nearfalls with Malenko's Northern Lights Suplex bridge (which was awesome) and Guerrero's Frog Splash.

Guerrero's offense is crowd pleasing in contrast to the workman style of Malenko, his ability to mix up high flying with the mat style. Wasn't a fan of the 30 minute draw but a great TV match. Well worked, but they could have sped the pace up a bit, I suppose its part of Malenko's style to slow the match a lot but within a time limit that can be troublesome. Good match though.
Will review another ECW match and a few (or one) of their WCW matches later on.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I was thinking about either a Benoit/HHH series or Rey/Eddie series - Is there a website that shows all of the matches over a year or whatever and all I have to do is ctrl+f or something? Would make mine, and everybody elses', job a lot easier, not just for this holiday season project but for as long as we're wrestling fans.
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I'll do an HBK series, undecided on which one at the moment. Suggestions accepted

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread


Seriously, anything that gravitates my attention away from these bad DVDs onto something good is fucking awesome.

Seriously considering Jericho-Benoit. From the Super J cup Semi-Finals to WCW Saturday Night to Nitro to Thunder to Raw to Smackdown to PPV these guys had EIGHTEEN singles matches that were aired. STRONGLY considering this...

EDIT : Doing Hogan-Savage from the 80s and 90s. Should get REALLY bad once we head to WCW territory, but I feel that Savage just got the absolute best out of Hogan in the ring for some reason

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Pt. 2 of the Guerrero/Malenko...I'll review one more ECW match and then 2 of their WCW matches (I believe I have at least 2 in my library)

-Hardcore TV *** 1/4:
A little faster paced that the HCS match but you will see many of the same maneuvers. Malenko had this one pretty well in hand for the most part, working the midsection of Eddie but as usual Eddie snaps some quickfire offense here and there to keep the faith alive.
I particularly like the quick finish, it was so sudden it was almost like it was a fluke. Malenko lost nothing in being pinned by Guerrero in a counter-hold. The sequence was crisp, a hurricanrana by Eddie into a pin, Malenko reverses and Guerrero counters the reversal and gets the pinfall. The booking of this match was Malenko heavy, unlike the other matches that were booked to be more even, I suppose that was done due to Eddie going over in such sudden fashion. It wasn't a decisive win for Eddie but the entire ECW feud was based on them being considered equals.
Now on to their WCW matches...let's start:

US Title, No DQ match; Uncensored 1997 *** 1/2:
A major difference from their ECW title matches already....striking! A lot of strikes to start the match off. Malenko seems really intense, when you add that to his offense. A somewhat different style considering the past contests in ECW. The pace started out fast, then Malenko went into his traditional submission based offense but not for long.

The intensity level of this match is much higher than their respectful competition matches in ECW. Eddie worked Malenko's knee with some ferocity mixing up a springboard with some submission holds...specifically an STF that looks legitimately painful. A dropkick on the knee into the ring post was pretty cool looking as well.

Its almost as if Malenko started the match as the heel but the crowd forced Eddie into working heel. Its a pretty interesting dynamic. Both guys were taunting their opponent and heeling it up. Malenko breaks out Eddie's Frog Splash (which was terrible but funny at the same time) and actually breaks the nearfall himself. Eddie uses Malenko's Texas Cloverleaf (not that bad looking). Malenko's offense a little more explosive here than usual, its a welcome surprise.

This was a fun match, well until Syxx interfered for reasons unknown to me causing Eddie to be smashed in the face with a video camera and pinned. It was a good match, but the finish was a bit unsatisfying, with all the aggression between the two, you expected a more decisive finish with one man coming out on top but I feel robbed of that because of the interference.
Next up...

Cruiserweight Title match, Starrcade 1997 *** 3/4:
Eddie working full blown heel here. As the aggression of their Uncensored match is still intact in this one. Malenko pulled off some high impact offense early before Eddie begged off and came back attacking the legs of Malenko momentarily.

Eddie's heel antics are hilarious, running on away his knees, kissing Malenko's foot, constant begging off before coming back to re-engage is entertaining. Malenko's no-nonsense face character plays off well. He punishes Eddie's foolishness instead of playing into it.

Later Eddie really opens up on Malenko's knee with various attacks, including a dropkick of the steel steps into his knee and then follows up with submission holds.
Which works perfectly into the finishing sequence where Eddie lands a huge top rope missile dropkick into the leg of Malenko and follows up with a Frog Splash on the knee for the pin.

Some good mat work but no chain wrestling, some pretty good high impact offense consisting of powerbombs and various slams. I think its one of the better matches, they had, certainly the best WCW match I've seen them have perhaps but just a shade below their ECW work despite the review score.
It was interesting watching all these matches at one time. From the grimy, slow paced, mat struggles of ECW to the intense, faster paced, higher impact matches in WCW. I really enjoy all the matches they had, their styles mesh very well together. The ECW matches seemed to favor Malenko more, they were mostly mat based with Eddie playing underdog even if they were trying to play up them being equals. The WCW matches were more even, both guys got in a fair amount of offense and both looked good even in losses.
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