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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Outside of Punk, Mcintyre, Henry and occasionally Big Show I don't even think there's another heel worker on the roster who can actually work an interesting control segment. Del Rio does a lot of creative stuff and it all moves along nicely in a 'psychology' manner, but fuck me does it ever drag and never grab me. Of course this isn't helped when he works guys who aren't as good at making their comeback a big deal, such as Orton. Cesaro has promise but he hasn't really had a long match yet where he can put together a proper control segment that isn't just a string of moves.

Its even worse in tag matches atm. The southern tag formula whilst formulaic is a brilliant style but between the matches barely getting time and none of the heels really exhibiting classic tag team heel tactics (illegally entering the ring, distracting the referee, choking the babyface with the tag rope, blindsiding the babyface on the apron) the matches just blend together into a really played out formula. I think there was one tag a couple of months back with Ziggler and Del Rio as the heels and they had to wait for Ziggler to get back into the ring from the outside just to do the dual tag spot with both babyface and heel coming into the ring off the apron.

I have no idea who I'd like Punk to face at Wrestlemania tbh. He has good chemistry with Taker when given the chance, but as much as I think of the guy I could just see WWE not doing enough booking wise to make a program with Taker feel as big as it should for 'The Streak'. Honestly would prefer he works Bryan if truth be told, especially if Bryan ends up going face and they build him up a bit.

Oh and put me down for the territories being a better style than the WWE Main Event style, though when done well WWE style is probably one of the only styles I can still appreciate in wrestling outside of FUTEN and classic Lucha. Flair/Steamboat is the definitive series in US wrestling for me, mainly because of the character dynamic between the respectful and humble Steamboat and the brash/cocky and world phenom Flair. Their chemistry is fluid and brilliant but its their ability to make the character dynamic a factor in almost every exchange that makes their matches that extra bit special for me. Every Steamboat transition either comes about through Flair's arrogance or Steamboat's tenacity and hardwork, and Flair manages to find a great balance between blatant short-cuts and just plain good wrestling to put over his talent.

Windham/Flair as a series isn't really that far behind though, and in many ways I can see the arguement for Windham being an even better babyface foil for Flair. He brought the speed and power as well as the immense young potential that created this beautiful story between the young phenom and the grizzled veteran looking to outsmart the potentially more talented foe.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Turn Orton heel and problem solved.

Heel Orton/Face Miz
Heel Orton/Face Seamus
Heel Orton/Face or tweener Daniel Bryan
Heel Orton/Face Mysterio
Heel Orton/Face Ryback
Heel Orton/DA RAWK
Heel Orton/Cena (yes, again lol)

He works much better ring wise as a heel imo and character wise, well, that's a no brainer really.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I see lots of people are getting in DAT CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!

I'm thrilled to be going to Mania, though I'm not too excited for Rock/Cena II and Brock/HHH which I'm sure will be the top two matches, I am very much looking forward to the possible Taker/Punk match... or hell any match Taker has. Truth be told if Taker doesn't end up being on the card, I may just sell my tickets and be ready for WM30.

In a perfect world though, the main event will be Rock/Punk for the WWE title (and they can throw Cena in there as well for all I care... won't hurt the match for me), Taker/Lesnar, Heel Orton/Sheamus, Mysterio/Cara and maybe Ryback/Show for the WHC if Sheamus/Orton isn't for that.

I'm watching you...

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

My heart tells me that Trips is going to work simply because he's reached "Big-Named-Part-Timer" status as has Taker. REALLY thinking that we're getting Trips-Lesnar LMS or something and that would be the reason that we haven't seen an LMS in quite some time. I think he should end his career with a loss to Punk to pay him back for that HORRIBLE booking decision at NOC 11, or just give him his win back in general. Trips-Punk @ Mania is my dream match but I honestly don't think we'll get it.

Cena-Rock-Brock (WWE Championship ; Foreshadowing on the poster)
Ryback-Big Show

That's my card prediction honestly. My BRAIN tells me Trips wouldn't wrestle with that beautiful head of hair that he has. In all honesty it's probably HHH behind the Shield, leading to Ryback-HHH @ mania ....... I'm half serious on that one. If Ryback goes over HHH/Punk/Brock at Mania I would fucking RAGE. It honestly has the potential to begin another self-imposed exile from the current product.

I'd be all for Orton-Rock or Orton-Lesnar TBH. Orton is one of the big 3 CURRENT performers (alongside Punk and Cena) that deserves a big match with one of the part-timers. Punk's getting Rock at RR and probably Taker at Mania, while Cena is THE GUY anyways. Orton has reached the stage in his career where he's "dream match" worthy, and an Orton-Punk rematch would make me JIZZ.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I really don't want to see Punk vs Orton ever again. I can't stand the sight of seeing my favorite living wrestler job to that cocksucker.

Turning him heel would do wonders, though.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

C2D we get it.

Orton as a heel is so much better than face Orton. Other than '04 face Orton which I kind of enjoyed.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Trips/Brock LMS could own but only if they went out there and legit went crazy with the spots and shit. Still think Brock is for Taker though. It would be stupid to put Punk in the streak match to me and I've already outlined why a million times. He's just not a big enough name or anywhere close to being credible enough for a match like that, especially if he either loses to Rock cleanly or needs interference to win a match again come the Rumble. There's no way anybody gains enough momentum to challenge for the streak in 2 months lol. For all those reasons, I don't ever see them booking Punk/Taker at Mania and I'll genuinely be shocked if it happens. They're retarded and all but they aren't that retarded.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Orton going against The Rock or Lesnar would be AWESOME! Problem is those idiots that book the shows don't even think of that possibility and are rather on some straight up bullshit. They really need to put him in 'dream matches' rather than have him wrestle the same generic midcard heels 5000 times a week.

And a LMS is probably the only way I could accept a Lesnar/Hunter rematch. Something about LMS matches and Hunter does well when he's in one as evidenced by those he's had with Flair, Orton and Jericho. Even the HBK one wasn't bad.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Heel Orton only works for me in his younger days tbh. I found him dull as dishwater in the Viper phase outside of the right gimmick match where he could play up his sadistic side. I just think his languid and passive style is just never going to click with me regardless of whether he's face or heel. Only way I can see me slightly caring about him is if they just stick him with Mysterio and Christian for an extended period of time since those are the two guys he seems to generally click with: though I'd prefer face Christian as opposed to the less than stellar matches we got after Christian turned.

I seriously don't see why they don't just give Bryan a run in the upper midcard, give him a title and let him work guys for 15 minutes plus. I mean christ the booking and creative juices are at an all time low, may as well at least try and give fans who look forward to good matches on PPV an incentive to purchase a PPV if they think Bryan will deliver. Mysterio also needs to get away from Cara asap and work Cesaro because that could be brilliant if they play it right.

EDIT: Rock/Orton sounds like one of the most dull feuds on paper I can imagine. I mean I get people may be tired of Punk's waning character which has been on repeat for 3 months now, but fucking Orton is hardly going to be the guy to make a feud captivating and he'd sooner be shown up by Rock than Punk would be: not to mention I can't forsee the day that current day Orton gets a better match out of anyone than Punk.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

04 face Orton was too corny sometimes. He'd come out like a chicken with his head cut off spinning around with his arms out smiling like a 12 year old. Nothing will top Legend Killer Randy imo.

edit agreed w/Caida on Orton being dull as a face/heel and giving Bryan a legit run at the top.


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