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Re: What made Shawn Michaels an asshole in the 90s?

Drugs; I'd say. Drugs and a massive fucking ego...

The man can work one hell of a match, though.
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Re: What made Shawn Michaels an asshole in the 90s?

It's hard to say exactly what kind of a guy he was since we weren't there. Also taking into consideration that a very large portion of all the dirt we've heard came from Bret Hart and Jim Cornette. Cornette isn't exactly known for having anything nice to say about anybody in the business, and Bret Hart is honestly just a crybaby.

I really liked Bret Hart, thought he was great, then I started watching all his post-retirement interviews, he does almost nothing but complain and talk about how much he deserved and how little he actually got. He talks about how he's earned everything and how everybody in the locker room respected him, and it's true, people did respect Bret Hart, but you don't have to go pat yourself on the back about it. He just had a bad attitude, so I'm less likely to take what he says to heart.

Shawn probably was a jerk, but I don't think it was as bad as some people claim. Vince had been in the business for a very long time, the WWF was a media sensation a full decade before Shawn became mega popular, do people really think he and a few others could control Vince McMahon? I honestly think he liked them as performers and just thought they had generally good ideas. And with the exception of Sean Waltman, they were all pretty popular with the crowd, so why keep them out of the spotlight?

That's just my opinion.
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Re: What made Shawn Michaels an asshole in the 90s?

Originally Posted by Naman View Post
I'm only gonna rattle off the ones I remember/researched. I know he kept Bret Hart out of the main event picture because, I think, he didn't like him. Don't know what year this was, but I know it was before the screwjob. Tried to ruin The Rock's career(well-known.) Threatened to go on Nitro with the world title.....and I believe he wasn't going to lay down for Stonecold, or didn't want to, at Wrestlemania 14 until coerced by Taker. That's all I know of, tbh.
Despite being a HUGE mark for Shawn Michaels i have always said that in between 1995 and 1997 he did act like a prick towards almost everyone with his attitude and immaturity yet people often make out like everything that happened back in between 1992 and 1998 was all his own fault simply because of a reputation gained because of his group of friends. How Shawn Michaels could keep Bret Hart out the main event scene when Bret Hart had been there for four years solid and then took a year long break before coming straight back into the title picture is beyond me and all the stuff with The Rock is known to be nonsense that got overblown because The Rock said before that he never really wanted to work with Shawn Michaels and they were the type of people who simply said hi when they saw each other.

Not at any point did Shawn Michaels want to go to WCW and the only time it was even rumoured was when Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart had their real life backstage fight in June or July of 1997 which was when The Undertaker was WWE champion so how he would have taken the WWE title with him again is beyond me. The thing with The Undertaker and WrestleMania 14 is again something that has seen it's urban myth gain more and more momentum because people still talk about it but all that happened was an argument between Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon in which Shawn Michaels turned round and said he might not turn up then to which The Undertaker told him he should do what is best for the business which regardless of whether he wanted to or not he did and Vince McMahon has always said that regardless of their arguments and whether he liked it or not Shawn Michaels would always do whatever was asked of him.

Now the reasons why Shawn Michaels was such a prick to people is talked about in both Heartbreak And Triumph, the dvd with both Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart and numerous radio shows over the years. That reason mainly was because people like himself, Bret Hart and Curt Hennig were closing house shows and showing what they could do whilst people like Hulk Hogan were doing a promo and then leaving. Shawn Michaels became frustrated later on because it took him so long to be pushed as a main event wrestler despite being better than almost everyone else around and wasn't really taken seriously until WrestleMania 10. Once he was taken seriously and was given a push towards the main event scene he felt he was in a spot that he had deserved yet people complained about his backstage power in being there yet the people who complained were people like Pierre Laffitt, Shane Douglas and Adam Bomb.

No one has ever heard of Bret Hart complaining about Shawn Michaels prior to WrestleMania 12 and in actual fact they have both said they were still friendly up until mid 1996, the only people who did were people who didn't make it in WWE and then complained about The Clique rather than Shawn Michaels in particular. People hated the percieved power The Clique had when they were all together yet three of that group in Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were alongside Bret Hart and The Undertaker as the biggest stars in the entire company therefore were going to be pushed. Yet once The Clique had gone seperate ways with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman going to WCW all the people that hated The Clique still hated Shawn Michaels and to a lesser extent Triple H.

There is no doubt Shawn Michaels immaturity and often very poor attitude of not caring what people said or thought certainly didn't endear him to anyone nor did the fact he knew how good he was back then and would become cocky about it whilst telling people to "follow that" as soon as he had finished a match but Bret Hart has since admitted to his faults in the problems that dominated WWE backstage. Was Shawn Michaels a prick backstage back in between 1995 and 1997, certainly and his drug problems didn't do him any favours but was as bad as people make out in terms of more or less taking over WWE i would say no because the Shawn Michaels of today had turned his life around and admitted to anything he did back then but has said a lot of what was made out was made out as much more than really was.
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Re: What made Shawn Michaels an asshole in the 90s?

A mix of drugs and being overprotective of his spot.
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Re: What made Shawn Michaels an asshole in the 90s?

Don't bump old threads. Read the WWE section rules.

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