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Modern Day Attiude Era Stables.

I know there's an abundance of threads talking about stables. But I was just wondering, if we were to have the attiude era stable in WWE today. Who do you think would be in it?

The Corporation
Vince McMahon- Returns with a vengence and starts The Corporation.
John Laurinaitis- The yes man and suck up, he'd be Vince's right hand man obviously.
John Cena- The Crown Jewel, honestly it's a no brainer.
The Miz- I think The Miz would be well suited to the stable. He has that weasly and sneaky side to him.
David Otunga- He's been working alongside Johnny Ace for a while now so I don't see why not, also his gimmick suits The Corporation too.

Nation Of Domination
Mark Henry- He's a former member and also someone who can act as a leader now that he's a former World Champion.
Theodore Long- He's been a face for a long time, but i'm sure people haven't forgotten that he managed people in the past, mostly black wrestlers. I think he be great as the mouthpiece and manager of the stable, because I just don't trust Henry on the mic.
Justin Gabriel- In the role of Owen Hart, Justin Gabriel. But also he could use his ties to Africa for membership(hope that dosen't come off as racist but then again we're talking about the Nation of Domination).
Kofi Kingston- Honestly, I think it would work with him as a heel, and being in the stable.
Kharma- A bit of an interesting one but Kharma is big enough and strong enough to do damage to other males. If she were in the stable, she could be what Chyna was to D-Generation X.
Byron Saxton- Finally in the role of The Rock. Byron Saxton, he'd be the young up and coming rising star who tries to outshine everyone in the stable. Eventually he'd get kicked out.

The Union(I know this stable wasn't around for long, but let's ignore that for a minute)
CM Punk- Only man I could see in a role like this, fighting the system and undermining The Corporation. Punk is the voice of the voiceless and the man who rebels against Vince. Yes yes I know it all sound familiar.
Zack Ryder- With his current storyline with John Cena. It could be possible for Ryder to side against the Corporation after, Cena turns heel. Maybe Cena brutally assaults Ryder, under orders from Johnny Ace or Vince McMahon, maybe as a way of showing his loyalty and their authority.
Alex Riley- Let's be honest here. He isn't doing much else, and since he has a history with The Miz and a little bit of history with Cena. He could be a member of the team.
Mick Foley Or Big Show- Well they were members of the Union in the past . Why not have one of them return as a member. I'd be more focused towards Foley though since he had a lot of history with Vince, and always plays those types of role. But Big Show would also be an ok addition since he can actually wrestle(Not great though).

If this thread get's bigger I post more later maybe.

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Re: Modern Day Attiude Era Stables.

The J.O.B Squad
Santino (leader)
Heath Slater
Drew McIntyre
Tyson Kidd
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Re: Modern Day Attiude Era Stables.

John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, HHH and the Undertaker.. Now THAT would be a helluva stable!

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Re: Modern Day Attiude Era Stables.


CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd, Chris Jericho, William Regal

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Re: Modern Day Attiude Era Stables.

Originally Posted by DoubleDeckerBar View Post
The J.O.B Squad
Santino (leader)
Heath Slater
Drew McIntyre
Tyson Kidd

Here we go
Mr. McMahon
John Laurinaitis
David Otunga
William Regal
Kevin Nash
The Big Show
Alberto Del Rio
Ricardo Rodriguez

Ministry of Darkness
The Undertaker
Jinder Mahal
The Great Khali
Mason Ryan

Los Boricuas
Rey Mysterio
Sin Cara
Kofi Kingston
(I know Mysterio or Kofi are not from Puerto Rico but some Filthy Animals Stable)

Nation of Domination
Mark Henry
Ezekiel Jackson
Booker T
Heath Slater

Disciple of Apocalypse
Wade Barrett
Alex Riley
dolph Ziggler

John Cena
Randy Orton
CM Punk
Beth Phoenix
The Miz
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Re: Modern Day Attiude Era Stables.


Punk (Leader)
Tyler Reks
Sheamus (Enforcer)
Hunico (Stooge)
Nash (Manager)

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