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What's with the hate for Goldberg?

I wasn't following the WWE when Goldberg was still wrestling, so I don't know much about him

Anyway, I saw on another thread that Golberg is considering returning to wrestling on a full time basis, which caused some people to get angry and some users actually don't want him to come back.

Can someone explain this? What did Goldberg do to become so hated among the IWC?
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Re: What's with the hate for Goldberg?

IWC loves to hate the guys who gets pushed. That's why. And Goldberg is probably the most pushed star of all time. I'm a huge fan of Goldberg. He had talent, tons of presence, great look, great character, good chemistry with his character, and he was STRONG AS FUCK!!

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Re: What's with the hate for Goldberg?

I like Goldberg, sure he was Turners answer to Stone Cold, but his squash matches were great in the WCW.... He will have lost that edge that he had I would imagine and won't be such a squash guy as he isn't even that big. But he is better than most of the crap the WWE is rolling out these days.

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Re: What's with the hate for Goldberg?

IWC is full of sheeps and this Goldberg hate is really annoying

I would say he is the most charismatic wrestler, why? not saying his mic skills or his ability to dance or sing

He is the wrestler whose music hits and gives you goosebumps, if someone's comeback I want to choose it would be Goldberg, and he is not even my favorite, its just that his gimmick was the unstoppable force and he did justice to it, wwe needs such forces rather than un-credible chumps like Miz and Swagger
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Re: What's with the hate for Goldberg?

Because the IWC i really angry and upset he "burried" Nunzio. Nunzio was rumoured to become WWE champion and the IWC were mad Goldberg made him look weak like that

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Re: What's with the hate for Goldberg?

They hate him because he was one of the biggest DRAW in pro wrestling history and draw Mega Arenas while the Jiz can't even draw 1000 people.
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Re: What's with the hate for Goldberg?

How much do I hate Goldberg? Let me count the ways.

1) He can't wrestle

2) He doesn't respect the business. He should have been there working FOR FREE the last day WCW closed down.

3) Refusal to work with others-Believe it or not in WCW Goldberg did have a certain extent of creative control. He also didn't want to work with Jericho, who carried an excellent program with Goldberg. Instead of a match, Goldberg wanted to just spear Jericho on the entrance way and that's exactly how the feud ended.

4) Believes his own hype-one of the reason you haven't seen Goldberg back yet is because he says he "wants to come back for the fans". However, a few years ago WWE offered him money and he said it wasn't enough. Just recently (like a week ago), he said he didn't want to go to Impact Wrestling, which has a show on a well known channel known as Spike TV. Both of his reason has NOTHING to do with the fans. It's his own ego. I wouldn't mind his decision but it's insulting that he says he will come back for the fans, when all the reasons he isn't back has nothing to do with it.

5) No mic skills and zero charisma.

6) Easily duplicated-I don't say this about many people but Goldberg could have been ANYBODY. People will say Hulk Hogan could have been anyone but I disagree. I can't see the One Man Gang being the leader of the 80's. Whereas I could see Roadblock (another big man worker) be a Goldberg. With a limited moveset, no mic skills and zero charisma, fake chants, anyone could have been pushed like him. Most of what got him over was predetermined wins.

those are just a few reasons I hate Goldberg. There's probably a few others but I'm getting tired of typing. It amazes me people actually like Goldberg.

In regards to WWE, we are not in the PG Era. We are in the Watered Down Era!

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Re: What's with the hate for Goldberg?

I find Goldberg boring. He'd have to change something to keep my interest. Needs to be dynamic; his gimmick wouldn't work in WWE anymore, and if it 'did' work, it'd be boring.
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Re: What's with the hate for Goldberg?

There is nobody who gets your blood boiling for a match like Goldberg! He is one of the only guys along with the likes of the rock and stone cold who can create that big match feeling just because of his presence and his awesome entrance! Just amazing! Not amazing ring skills, but still more watchable to what we get these days.
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Re: What's with the hate for Goldberg?

I don't think anyone hates Goldberg. After all, it's not like he isn't a heel or anything
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