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Re: Just so that you understand Cody Rhodes' new character...

He's not meant to be actually deformed.

BUT you have to factor in the characteristics of his Dashing persona...he considered his looks to be EVERYTHING..so the SLIGHTEST imperfection is a deformity to him.

so to us he's not deformed, but in his eyes he's a filthy monster even if he has not one single mark on his face.

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Re: Just so that you understand Cody Rhodes' new character...

Originally Posted by IAmNotAJ View Post
This. It's why people are confused, I would presume.

But then again, not much Michael Cole does nowadays helps with anything, except getting himself over as a heel.
He is basically the pretty boy version of Kane in a way. Kane's face wasn't horribly burned either. But he wore the mask all those years claiming it was. He has a psychotic break, etc. I think the same could work just as well for Cody, only not much of a disfigurement need be imagined for him since he used to be "perfectly dashing" and the smallest imperfection ruins that.

The Cody Rhodes character really is genious, and they really should use an opaque mask, at least for a little while. Use the fact that he's not really scarred as part of a reveal and twist in the storyline, developing his character further.
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Re: Just so that you understand Cody Rhodes' new character...

Originally Posted by Prospekt's March View Post
I honestly think he's currently suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, individuals with BDD believe they look ugly or deformed (thinking, for example, that they have deformed face, just like in Cody's case), when in reality they look normal. Those who have developed this mental/emotional obsession will generally devote a lot of time to covering up the “flaws", performing repetitive and time-consuming behaviours in an attempt to examine, fix, or hide the “defect.” The most common are mirror checking, comparing themselves with others, camouflaging (for example, with a towel), reassurance seeking, and excessive grooming. Some of these really fit Cody's behaviors. And like someone said earlier, the mask is legitimate to prevent injury, so it makes sense he wears it.

I'm genuinely impressed by Cody's work so far, i don't think it's easy to portray such gimmick, it must take a certain amount of skill to convince the viewer of what he/she is watching, he's got some serious talent.
Correct. I can't believe I had to read this far before someone brought up Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Besides, Cole went out of his way to highlight that Cody's mask had been "approved by the board of directors (or whatever) because the see-through plastic mask is legitimate sports equipment. I've never seen someone wear a hard plastic opaque mask for sports protection, so that wouldn't be legal.

God, this third hour of Raw really drags...
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Re: Just so that you understand Cody Rhodes' new character...

Cody's face wasn't broken but as it's been said he's so obsessed that he's so goddamn handsome that he feels he's ugly and fears he's a freak. Its bordering on psychotic behaviour that he believes he's ugly when he's not and the fact the mask is see through is a moot point its there to protect his "injury" thats all. Hiding his face is part of that and really? This angle is pretty easy to grasp and yes Cole is an annoying little turd i don't believe half the stuff that comes out his gob he's the less charming and funny version of Karl Pilkington.
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Re: Just so that you understand Cody Rhodes' new character...

Exactly. It's all psychological.

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Re: Just so that you understand Cody Rhodes' new character...

Originally Posted by Malachristo View Post
So now he's a retard too? You guys are reading way too much into this, it's just the usual WWE writing.
Yes, all people with mental disorders have retardation.


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