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Re: I think John Cena exploits the U.S. military

Ok this is officially petty...I think if the military was being exploited they wouldn't be involved with the guy at all. He hasn't used "the marine" tag lately either, and I thought it was weird when he was using it again Lashley who really was in the military and Orton who was too but if those guys didn't mind I won't complain.
I guess he exploits college students due to his marching band entrance at WM 24 and he exploits white men from his WM 25 entrance.
What's next? He's exploiting Barney? Or Dino? Gtfoh
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Re: I think John Cena exploits the U.S. military

Originally Posted by wrestlingfan91 View Post
So if he is exploiting the military by a small gesture, what is Slaughter doing?
Thank you.

He isn't exploiting anything. He respects the men and women of the US Armed Forces and tries to pay them a tribute every chance he gets. He once starred in a movie where he played a Marine. His character on WWE TV is kinda comparable to a soldier since he is athletic, clean cut and has good moral values (as pointed out by a suer who commented before me). How the hell is this in any way an exploitation of the military?
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Re: I think John Cena exploits the U.S. military

Originally Posted by redeadening View Post
Well Orton served in the army. Maybe they should swap gimmicks
lol over the yrs with all the ex soldiers in wrestling, i've always wondered why none had a military gimmick...maybe orton would be a bad choice since i think he did get kicked out.

well on topic, i dont know about disrepectfull, but at this point its just annoying..idk how much control over his acting in this way, but it seems over the top alil too much. the only problem i ever had was when they would go to warzones for shows and they promote it like hes the only one there. that only bothers me because all the wrestlers are at risk when they do that. so for that they all should get credit. for those who dont remember it was either this past summer or the summer before on a raw cena had a huge tribute video about going to iraq or afganistan and all the work he did, and it never showed any others even in the background and there was never mention of any others even going there til tribute to the troops.


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Re: I think John Cena exploits the U.S. military

not a Cena hater but the whole thing last year with the Soldiers basically acting as his props was rather over the top theirs nothing wrong with admiring services Men and Woman for the service they give but do it in a more tastful manner this year if they do something similar tomorrow.


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Re: I think John Cena exploits the U.S. military

What, people have a gimmick they aren't a part of in real life? This is a shocking revelation. I guess people think Randy Orton squirms around with other snakes all day when he isn't being "The Viper" in the ring too right?

Errr, wait, maybe he does...


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Re: I think John Cena exploits the U.S. military

The people in my family who have served in the military and watch WWE don't have a problem with it at all.

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Re: I think John Cena exploits the U.S. military

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Re: I think John Cena exploits the U.S. military

I don't think he's really exploiting it. It's a pretty cheap way to get over imo, but they've always had uber-American guys like Hogan, Hacksaw, Cena... it's just a cheap way to get someone over with "USA USA" chants, in the same way some heels get over with the anti-American foreigner gimmick. I'm not really a fan when they try stuff like that, but I wouldn't say he's exploiting anything.
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Re: I think John Cena exploits the U.S. military

Originally Posted by scienceinproducts View Post
Well, I think our elected Commander in Chief is in a different place than a corporate-created prowrestling star. That honors entrance really was something else. Saluting? Maybe. But that honors entrance really made the men in uniform look like a prop. To me, it just felt really disrespectful, because the ideal soldier that the uniform represents is a far greater hero than John Cena could ever be.
Well, the OP made a point that Cena never served in the military, and expressed bafflement why he should be shown any respect because of it.
It is valid to state that the president likewise has never served, ie: Serving in the military is not a prerequisite to being shown respect by the military.
There is a whole host of civilian honors, for those civilians who advance and promote the cause of the armed forces and assist in recruiting. There are staffs and whole bureau's within the military whos sole function is public relations, and cultivating personalities like Cena. The relationship is mutual, and comes as no surprise to anyone who has served.

The honors entrance was overblown and gaudy, no question about it.
Much in the military itself is overblown and gaudy, and just about everything in the WWE is.
From that perspective, a perfect match, pageantry, hoopla and martial displays are the order of the day ,,, But not disrespectful, not even close.
I highly doubt if there was a single complaint from an active or former military member, and their opinion is all that really counts.
It was no doubt a signal honor for Cena to be shown such respect, and I personally think it was well deserved.
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Re: I think John Cena exploits the U.S. military

Originally Posted by XrayZen View Post
President of the USA has never served day #1 in the military, yet
Ummm he is the President that's why. Serving in the military isn't a prerequisite to becoming President or being showed respect by the Army. Hell a military person can't serve as Secretary of Defense until after 6 or 7 years removed from service.

He was elected by the people and therefore he gets all the acolytes he deserves for being Commander in Chief.
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