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Undertaker's Wrestlemania opponents....

After looking over Taker's WM record, at least 50% of the people on that record are pure crap. (Note: I'm not trying to discredit The Undertaker or make him seem less important) When I look at it, I wonder why WWE wasted so many opportunites to put The Undertaker up against truely outstanding opponents?

Now, when you guys look at this upcoming list, I'm sure the #1 respons will be "But if he faced those guys, he probably would have lost." Well, maybe so. But lets assume for a second that WWE knew from the get-go that Taker would never lose at Wrestlemania... Had he faced these guys instead of those complete tools, his streak would mean so much more. (Also, in order to make sure any of these guys don't feel wronged because they were forced to job to Taker, they could have just been allowed to beat his ass at post-WM events)....

He should have fought these guys at Wrestlemania:

Hulk Hogan: Duh! What better than the power of Hulkamania itself going up against The Phenom at the biggest event possible. The hype alone for this match, especially at WM, would have been epic!

Stone Cold Steve Austin: It's a total clusterfuck that this match didn't happen at Mania. It could have easily happened at WM X8. Flair could have been moved to wrestle Scott Hall and Austin up to go against Taker. A Taker/Austin WM match would have been so freaking epic! Just imagine the fearless rattlesnake trying to beat The Deadman at his event! Taker/Austin > Taker/Flair. Come to think about it, WM X8 would have been so much more amazing had this match happened because then he would have had: Rock/Hogan AND Taker/Austin. Badass.

The Rock: Seriously, The Rock is one of the biggest stars ever, and back in the day he had a TON of heat as a heel. This match alone would have been well worth the price of admission. "Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? Ha! Well, The Rock is going to beat your ass at WM! Guaran-damn-teed!"

Ultimate Warrior: Ok, this guy was a total screwball and fuckup, but his character was such a ferocious beast. The potential epicness of this match, from a hype standpoint, is just too good to pass up.

Goldberg: The two biggest things to ever come out of wCw were the nWo and Goldberg. He himself was an absolute monster who crushed and raped everything in his path. Putting him up against The Deadman at Mania would have been spectacular! He would be, by far, the most dangerous threat to the epic streak (at least the wCw "173-0" version of his character would be). From a hype standpoint, their characters being matched up together would be beyond volatile.

Vince McMahon: What better than to see the boss himself try to end the streak.

DX: A tag match of HHH/HBK vs Taker/Kane would have been epic!

Brock Lesnar: What better than to see WWE's (legit) fastest rising star go up against Undertaker. Brock/Taker at WM19 would have been epic! (THey could have tweaked their other matches in order for the fued to actually end at WM)

nWo: Same as the DX match. What better than evil nWo trying to screw The Undertaker at WM.

John Cena: The face of the WWE (Current Era). Face it, he is the biggest star WWE currently has got!

That is just a list of who he could have faced. Face it, had he faced some of these guys at the big event, his record would be so much more freaking epic!


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Re: Undertaker's Wrestlemania opponents....

I agree with your sentiments and the names on that list. I have to disagree with Austin though. One would think they would've had clashed at other PPVs one too many times for it to be a Wrestlemania match.

As far as the crap Wrestlemania opponents goes. I'd attribute it to availability of opponents not being on Undertaker's side in a particular year. Other than that, let's just be glad we never got to see Undertaker and Kane vs. Snitsky and Heidenreich the way things were building up towards Wrestlemania 21.

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Re: Undertaker's Wrestlemania opponents....

Well, it's not completely impossible that some of those matches could still happen. Austin, Goldberg, Lesnar, or Cena are all potential future WM matches. Unlikely maybe (except for Cena), but not impossible.
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Re: Undertaker's Wrestlemania opponents....

My god, I got down into your sig and wasn't sure if I was still reading your post. :/
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Re: Undertaker's Wrestlemania opponents....

That's just ridiculous.

Besides Hogan & Warrior who obviously had better things to do when they were on top of WWE, the rest are of, say, the last 10 years of wrestling.

Let's trim the fat, WWE would never use HHH, HBK & the Undertaker in a tag match at Wrestlemania, it's using 3 of your biggest draw in a fifteen minute match nobody would remember, it would never be epic either. The NWO were WCW, so they couldn't have faced Taker, and when they were in WWE around Wrestlemania X8 Nash was injured, Hall fought Stone Cold & Hogan & The Rock stole the show for what occured. Taker had a great story and match with Ric Flair.

Now, the rest. He has fought Lesnar, Stone Cold, The Rock, & Vince on PPV in a variety of matches. Usually, The Rock & Stone Cold headlined and Lesnar fought Goldberg in one of the Manias so that rules them out. Taker VS Vince at Wrestlemania wouldn't be great, which is why it's a bad idea.

It leaves Cena and it could happen, but the rest is just daft. Come on, he didn't face these guys but he fought so many others when the streak became legit where as if he WOULD of faced one of them, you could replace them with Triple H or Shawn Michaels in your list.
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Re: Undertaker's Wrestlemania opponents....

Sure, but that would mean all these 'big names' having to do the job, which would be extremely hard to do so with the likes of Hogan and Goldberg in there.

Besides, the last what, 10 years of his streak have been epic. Going up against World Champions and former World Champs, The Rock and co had better things to achieve at WrestleMania than jobbing to Taker.
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Re: Undertaker's Wrestlemania opponents....

Very hopefully Cena/Taker will happen before Taker retires. IT DAMN WELL BETTER!

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