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Re: Funny wrestling pictures

Originally Posted by MrAxew View Post
I guess you're not a fan of ECW then, huh?
I'm not a fan of moronic spots. ECW was a lot more than that.

But, I didn't mean to go on a rant. I don't want to sidetrack the thread, so that's the last I'll say on it.
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Re: Funny wrestling pictures

Ugh, don't you DARE compare ECW to CZW.

By the way, those drive-thru clips are fucking awesome, that Austin impression was dead on! Had me cracking up for ages.
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Re: Funny wrestling pictures

That gif is from a WarGames: Cage of Death match

It was inside a cage with two rings and they had to throw their opponent over the cage (there was a scaffold on top of the cage) or inbetween the two rings (there were 2 boards laid inbetween the rings)

I've seen the move he was trying to attempt and there's no way he was going to hit it successfully from that height

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Re: Funny wrestling pictures

Strange shit..

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Re: Funny wrestling pictures

She looks moronic.

Her facial expressions are awful, both by model and wrestler status.

Originally Posted by Elstro1988 View Post
Really, really enjoyed this week's Superstars. Honestly, the fans who are too snobbish to watch it, dismissing it as 'Jobberstars' really miss out.
Originally Posted by -Extra- View Post
This post really makes you too smart for a '12er, doesn't it? Your new join date is 2008.
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Re: Funny wrestling pictures

And Yet I doubt half of the population would kick her out of bed. She can always take the Chyna route if all else fails for her.


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Re: Funny wrestling pictures

Originally Posted by Aloverssoulz View Post
Some great pictures, why isn't there a way to upload from the PC? Everything needs a link and some sites completely suck.
If you knew how many members post here and on the entire website the server would be overflowing with pictures soon.

"It's that jolt of electric anticipation as the arena lights go down. It's the first jarring chord as the music hits and the pyrotechnics erupt into sparks that fade to a sizzle. It's that moment when an iconic Superstar emerges and the crowd is instantly ignited into a deafening roar. The fans can feel the adrenaline surging through the stands and they realize they are each a part of the spectacle, a part of the phenomenon, a part of the thrill of wrestling. Each of them will forever be able to say... I Was There (for only $9,99").
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Re: Funny wrestling pictures

Originally Posted by Strats View Post

Strange shit..
Weird but funny but still weird

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Re: Funny wrestling pictures

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Re: Funny wrestling pictures

(Sig drawn by me. Made better by CHAMPviaDQ)

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