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Re: Funny wrestling pictures.

Originally Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7 View Post
You just saw it know after he posted it like 5 times.

He'll post it another 40 times, just like his non funny 'CM Punk and Rock' meme.
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Re: Funny wrestling pictures.

Originally Posted by swagger_ROCKS View Post
credit wrestlingwithtext

Fuck were they doing?

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Re: Funny wrestling pictures.

Beautiful Bryan bitches !
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Re: Funny wrestling pictures.

This is not a picture but a worthy addition.

Originally Posted by ThePeoplezStunner View Post
I wonder what would happen if cm punk showed up to his house
He'd close all windows, lock all doors, and dial the Rock's # on speedial. Then the Rock would show up and say this,

Rock: Hey Punker, you still being a smarmy dickhead?
Punk: Yeah Dwayne, you know it, you still making terrible movies that fool millions into emptying their pockets?

~Meanwhile ROCK316AE listening in with his ear up against the door...
ROCK316AE(thinks to himself): YES!! Rock's finally gonna whoop his no ratings ass!

Both The Rock and Punk burst out into laughter

Rock: Man I can't believe this is ROCK316AE's house, this guy has been calling me constantly and leaving messages until all 3 of my phones' mailboxes have filled. I don't even know how he got my work # much less my other two numbers? The guy also sends me a dozen roses every damn hour...

Punk: ~laughs~ Oh god... This dude is something else I can't believe we fooled him into believing we dislike each other! Some people will believe anything they read.

Rock: Yeah I know just wait til he finds out I'm putting you over as the new face of the wwe next wrestlemania, he'll really flip his lid then

Punk: haha Yeah that's worth the wait for sure.

~Meanwhile inside the house...
ROCK316AE(in his mind): Whaaaaa, what's going on? Rocky please, you gotta be trolling me, come on please, nooooo

ROCK316AE: Rocky!!?

Rock: Did someone just say something?

ROCK316AE: Yeah Rocky its me ROCK316AE do you want to come inside and have an applejuice with me?

Rock: An apple juice? Weird... but anyway, what's your name kid? You've been sending me roses, leavin' me messages, and my damn publicist has no clue what's coming next!

ROCK316AE: Yessssss!!! Yessss! Yes! You wanna know my name! Why its.......

Rock: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS, ya kung pow ratings bitch!!

ROCK316AE(runs upstairs and dives under his bed crying)

Punk: Well done friend! Let's go hit up a bar and throw back some JD

Rock: But I thought you were straightedge?

Punk: Nah dude, that's just some shit I use as an excuse to avoid having to go the gym, and to make loads of money in marketing. It works too! Vinnie Mac is still reeling about steroids and, as a result, I'm rakin' in the profits

Rock: Nicely done man! I knew you had it in you

~They both walk off together, fist pumping along the way~

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Re: Funny wrestling pictures.

Lol nice. It's funny, if Rocky hears some of these people's opinion his palm
Would be on his face for life
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Re: Funny wrestling pictures.

That story never gets old.
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Re: Funny wrestling pictures.

THANOS, you should drop it. You're going to get banned, and even if you don't, you still come off as butt hurt.

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Re: Funny wrestling pictures.


It's not even funny, man.

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Re: Funny wrestling pictures.

Originally Posted by RobsYourUncle View Post
Just found this, it's fucking amazing

Wow, that's so epic! Someone should tweet it to him.
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Re: Funny wrestling pictures.

From this weeks NXT
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