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The Rock vs Triple H

So i know many talk about the Ironman Match they had in 2000, and this was a great Match, but a Match that isn't talked about much here is the Match at In Your House Fully Loaded 1998 2 out of 3 Falls for the Intercontinental Championship, i jsut watched the Match and man this was great, i would seriously give it 5 Stars. The Match was build up great and the Feud was done very well, it was actually DX vs Nation of Domination but the Main Focus were those 2. The Match was also build slowly, the pace went up little by little and the drama went up, there were many turns and some interference, which normally can ruin Matches but it just fit right, i was really excited watching this Match, and really chanting for The Rock, the Fans were really loud and the JR and Ross were great, they just had that Chemistry. Everything seemed right. I really don't read People writing about it so i just wanted to ask what you thought about the Match, it really entertained me and i thought now this is pro Wrestling.

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Re: The Rock vs Triple H

These two never had a bad match (at least from 1998-2000) together. Another one is the ladder match from Summerslam '98. Like you said, they had great chemistry.
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Re: The Rock vs Triple H

I could sit here all day and wax lyrical about every feud between The Rock and Triple H in between 1998 and 2001 because it was in my opinion just as good as the feud that many believe defined that era in Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. I have never seen a long term feud in WWE as good as The Rock and Triple H in 2000 and for me that is the perfect blueprint of how you book a feud that is going to go for 6-7 months.

The start of the feud in 1998 over the Intercontinental title was great and was one of the best stable vs stable feuds ever in my mind, back then WWE had some good stables but in D-Generation X and The Nation they had two legendary stables that not only drew but had wrestler's in the groups who could really perform as well which is a rarity. WWE booked the 1998 feud very well and it brought a lot of prestige to the Intercontinental title, i loved the Ladder match at SummerSlam 1998 which ended the feud.

A lot of people forget that The Rock and Triple H had another long term feud in the middle of 1999 as well after The Rock had left The Corporation the night after Backlash and it was the feud in 1999 that took Triple H to main event status. They had some very good matches in that feud including a Cage match on Raw and the culminating match at Fully Loaded which Triple H won and became number one contender for Stone Cold Steve Austins WWF title at SummerSlam 1999.

The feud in 2000 though will always be the best of the lot for me which showed that if booked right a main event feud can go for 6-7 months and stay fresh and draw people in enough to really care. In reality it continued through from the multi man WWF title feud from the end of 1999 where Triple H, Big Show, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin before being run over and Mick Foley were all involved with each other but they kept The Rock and Triple H apart long enough to make the 2000 feud fresh again.

From the Fatal Four Way Elimination match at WrestleMania 2000 to the absolute classic at BackLash which saw Stone Cold Steve Austin return to the Iron Man match at Judgement Day which saw Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker return to the 6 Man tag team match where whoever got the pinfall won the WWF title to SummerSlam 2000 every match that The Rock and Triple H were in was unbelievable. I sometimes convince myself that as a whole the feud between The Rock and Triple H was THE feud of that era but never got the same mainstream exposure as Austin/Rock did although as far as match quality goes i don't think there can be any argument.
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