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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Trent Barreta vs Tyson Kidd - Superstars 12.05.2011
Interesting note - Kidd came out with Hayes in his corner. Seems a bit random but I guess it means they must like Kidd and it seems like he'll get a push now on SD which is potentially great at least. Really good back and forth match with both men pulling out plenty of awesome little "burst" spots and having a generally really good match. Barreta normally does a huge dive from the ring over the ropes to the outside which they build up as a massive spot and he hit it 2 weeks ago vs Kidd. Nice little callback when he goes for it again but Hayes' influence on the outside manages to allow Kidd to avoid it this time around.

Drew McIntyre vs Chris Masters - Superstars 12.05.2011
This was exactly what you'd expect. Masters sells a body part whilst Drew destroys it. Masters is obviously an awesome seller and a great FIP so it works. Only problem I have with Masters is that his style of working matches doesn't suit his size at all. Like if he was a small guy then he'd be made but yeah it's a tad annoying when you have this massive guy and he gets beat up every match. All the same this type of Masters match is normally better than a match where Masters controls it and looks like a monster. They had a match last year too on Superstars that I thought was slightly better than this and more enjoyable but this is a really strong match too. Sucks to be McIntyre atm though.

Daniel Bryan vs Sin Cara - Smackdown 13.05.2011
Lost my shit for a second when Danielson's music came on as the opponent. There were quite a few flaws with this but none due to what these two were doing in the ring. Putting Danielson in there with Sin Cara isn't helping one bit to get him over and the crowd was disturbingly dead for Danielson's control segment which fucking sucked (the reaction, not Danielson). Also I fucking hate how they have that stupid lighting on for all of Sin Cara's matches. Chavo interfered at the end and it was a really wierd dynamic in a face vs face match having a heel try to cost the least over babyface the match. After the match they were trying to do an angle where Sin Cara was unhappy with Chavo when he saw the replay on the tron and although they did a decent job with it and they got the point over, it's pretty much impossible for Sin Cara to get any real emotion or storytelling over. One because he doesn't speak and two because you can't get any emotion with that mask on as it covers his entire face. Aside from some outside stuff not making sense the match itself is really enjoyable. Think I spoke last week about Sin Cara needing to be in there with guys who can work his style as he comes to learn the WWE style and Danielson is definitely one of the right guys to put him with in that sense. He made him look terrific too and everything looked totally crisp. Chavo was entertaining on commentary in the sense that he was a total goofball pretending to be a huge star but coming off like everyone knows he's a nobody bar his surname. Chavo taking credit for everything Sin Cara did was enjoyable though. Danielson hit one of the best top rope dropkicks that I've ever seen him pull out either.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Drew McIntyre is the best, I think it should be a Main Eventer, and Sin Cara Vs Bryan, a spectacular battle certainly.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Awesome Kong vs Natalya vs Beth phoenix , or they could form a triple-team - Dominate the WWE.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

McIntyre/Masters was great, everyone should watch it.

Also don't get why folks here seemed so down on Christian/Orton. Really awesome face/face match that was smartly-worked around hierarchy. I dug Orton being one step ahead of Christian throughout. Christian came out with slaps and tried to work like a veteran because that's the role he had on ECW as the top dog, but Orton had a response for everything, so down the stretch, Christian went aerial because that was what always got him out of jams against bigger opponents. Worked for a while, until Orton busted out the RKO, which was easily the best RKO counter to an aerial attack I've ever seen. Also, the rib work that played into the ladder match was great, and Christian's selling was tremendous. Really awesome to see Orton turn all scowly & stompy again. Much better when he's working methodically in control than he's working from the bottom. Plus they built toward all the near-falls. They teased all their big signatures before delivering, so they got dramatic near-falls out of all those. And the finishing stretch was red-hot. And I liked Orton's responses to Christian kicking out. Made it feel like a big deal. Granted, Orton never wins with the rope-elevated DDT, but Christian was already banged up, etc. I really hope this leads to a rematch with Christian working more pure babyface and Orton working mostly heel, because Christian working from beneath against Orton could be incredible. Knowing WWE, though, they'll probably turn Christian and drop him to the midcard. Really great match, one of the best of the year.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Smackdown was solid this week. Here is my Review!
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Anyone got some insight on Summerslam 92? I have heard good things about Bret/Bulldog and the tag team table match interests me along with Shawn/Martel.

I am downloading it and in the mean time, someone who has seen it wanna let me know if it's worth anything? or not to get my hopes up.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

To me Bret s Bulldog is a 5 Star Match, just a really great Match with some False Finishes and i was really hooked every time watching it, i might be wrong but the Storyline as i remember was very plain but yet something people wanted to see, plus the UK Crowd made the SummerSlam really unique, and after that you could have thought Davey Boy and Bret would go far, well Davey didn't get as far, but still. Cant remember anything about the Table Match.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Davey Boy was so much shit, that match is pretty good though but solely because its a great carry job by Bret.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Their December match in 95 is so much better.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Was the Rock a good seller?

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