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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Rollins plug. Awesome. I probably would have said him if I grouped Rollins with the rest of the Shield. Didn't think collaborative efforts meant what the topic was suggesting. He's plenty great. Always has been so I'm not surprised. He should easily be a star. I know he has the talent to do so. Not to mention he's been the star of almost every promotion he's worked for.

Rollins is the future. Or I can only, truly only, hope for. Being a mega fan since I got into the indies doesn't blind me, I swear.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Boot Camp Match
Sgt. Slaughter vs. The Iron Sheik
16th June, 1984
Not surprising that they add it to the set, they pretty much had to or there would be a backlash from fans
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Man that Scorpio tag in fantastic. Best Blondes match for sure. What I said a year and a half ago-

The Hollywood Blondes v 2 Cold Scorpio/Marcus Bagwell (Worldwide 5/8/93)
--Not even my hatred for Bagwell prevented me from loving this. I'm going to try to talk about everything I liked but I'll probably forget fifteen things because of how much water made up this tidal wave of greatness. I'll start with how awesome the weapon stuff early on was. You get a lot of weapon-play in matches, but Pillman shoving the [insert what I thought was a bar of soap] into different areas of clothing so the referee would never find it was as good a weapon shtick as I've seen. Would have cool of him to keep it instead of giving it to Austin so he didn't get his his arse handed to him by Bagwell and 2 COLD SCORPIO. Scorpio looked really good on offense and the crowd jumped for his shit. Bagwell looked replaceable, but he was a good guy to be the hot tag to run around clobberin' people up, and the way he fell after the towel wrapped around his neck looked nasty. The time limit expiring disappointed me in a marky way and I was totally pissed that there were any commercials. I may actually be the low voter on this, but it's definitely top 50 material and I'd gladly call it better than any match I saw from 2011. Just everything I want in a tag team match.
They have at least one other match that rules as well. SCORPIO! Scorpio's 1993 >>>>>>>>>>> HHH's 2000.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

How good is Bigelow-Bret from KOTR in star expression?
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

It's the other Blondes match vs Scorpio & Bagwell that I saw; not the one mentioned. Scorpio was a talented cat. While in his prime. Anyone who tries to pass him off today is living with nostalgia vision.

Triple B vs Hart KOTR is great. So, where ever that left star ratings for most, go from there. It's worth your time.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

What makes Mark Henry a top 5 worker in the company right now?. What has he does this year to even warrant that position? I was just looking at this years PPV's, and he's only appeared in 3, Elimination Chamber, WrestleMania and Extreme Rules. Henry's performance in the Elimination Chamber was great and I'll give him praise for that, but his matches at WrestleMania and Extreme Rules both sucked. I can't remember any good TV matches from him either this year and he's been gone for some of the year. Unless I'm missing some good TV match he's had, he hasn't had a good in-ring performance since February in the Elimination Chamber, and here we are in July calling him one of the best workers in the company right now. Genuinely curious why, I think the people who just enjoy his work are putting them in their top 5 despite the fact that Henry hasn't done shit pretty much all year. The question might as well be ''who's your top 5 favorite in-ring guys''.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

It depends how you want to classify a worker, I guess. Henry's character work this year has blown everyone else out of the water. Even during a match that isn't particularly great (i.e. Ryback Mania), Henry is still tops.


I could swap Rollins for Jericho, Ziggler, or Sheamus, but Rollins has just been fantastic this year. In his individual work during the six man tags, and all of The Shield work. It's nice to have another fresh face around the top of the pile. Given the opportunity to work more singles matches, I think he'd give anyone a run for their money right now. Guy has improved so much since signing with the 'E and it's tremendous.

Christian returning makes things more interesting as well, and hopefully Rey comes back on form.

Cena has been wishy-washy in '13, like he was in 2012.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Mark Henry hasn't had a good match this year. Why are people putting him in the top 5 workers this year?

His promos have been good, But his matches have mostly sucked this year.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Top 5 workers this year:


For curiosity sake, TLC 2012 or Payback 2013?

Special thanks to King Gimp for the sig.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Fluze View Post
How good is Bigelow-Bret from KOTR in star expression?
So glad you asked, as I fucking LOVED that match:

Spoiler for My review:
King of the Ring Finals
Bret Hart vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
King of the Ring '93

I've been on a Bret binge as of late since watching The Dungeon Collection, so I said what the hell, let's turn on The Best of King of the Ring on Netflix. My GOD what a great decision. The major story coming into this is that Bret has had to wrestle two long, grueling matches against Razor Ramon & Mr. Perfect (classic), while Bam Bam had a 5 minute match in the first round against Jim Duggan & then a 2nd round bye thanks to Luger & Tatanka going to a time limit draw. Clearly Bret is the underdog on so many levels here.

I'm not gonna lie, not everyone is going to love this as much as I did, it's probably a good 15 minutes of isolation and back work from Bam Bam, but this is the kind of structure I enjoy. Bigelow does nothing but high angle back suplexes and a bunch of different bearhug/backbreaker variations for several minutes until we go to the outside where he takes a sweet looking bump into the guardrail. He manages to get back the upperhand and catches Bret flying off the apron and drills him back first into the ringpost. Bam Bam sneaks back into the ring, allowing Luna Vachon to creep down to ringside and nail Bret in the back with a steel chair. Easy pickins for the Beast from the East. He rolls Bret back in, hits the big flying headbutt off the top rope, and 1-2-3. Bam Bam Bigelow is your King of the Ring! But wait...

Earl Hebner runs into the ring like a madman and demands the match be restarted because he saw Luna's interference. So that it does. Whatever, fine with Bigelow. Back to bearhugs! Couple more minutes of grueling backwork until FINALLY Bret is able to mount a comeback, hits a big back suplex, throws the big man outside and leaps on top of him with the flying body press. Big flurry back in the ring from the Hitman as he hits the signature flying clothesline, bulldog, and tries to set up for the sharpshooter, but HELL NO. Bigelow's having none of that and kicks him away. Couple nice nearfalls here as they counter each other's moves and we wind up with Bret leaping from the middle rope and getting the victory roll on Bam Bam for the 1-2-3. (a finish you saw a lot of in their matches). Bret Hart is the TRUE 1993 King of the Ring winner!

As basic as this match really is, I think it's utterly fantastic. Bigelow's weardown and control segment was excellent, the story of Bret having to overcome so many odds and fight off the beast was amazing, and the sheer execution of everything was so well done. In my eyes, an underrated classic.

**** 1/4

Originally Posted by HayleySabin View Post
Triple H vs Umaga street fight is kind of dull.

Trips was Trips where he did his run of the mill gimmick match work and I was bored. Umaga had his few moment during it, but he didn't make it special like he usually did. It was ok. Nothing like how I remembered it being. I guess I just can't enjoy much with Triple H these days.

Disc three of Falls Count Anywhere has been pretty bad, tbf, even if I'm getting a slight kick out of it no matter what, haha. Trips vs Michaels from SummerSlam '02 is average. The premiere match where Triple H on the offensive during a workover period is very uneventful. Triple H vs Nash from Insurexxtion is so bad. It's something straight out of WCW or TNA with all the random interference. Fun when you turn your mind off and accept the wrestlecrap, yeah, but it's still a bad match. I can enjoy it for the negatives while bringing them all to light. Then Melina vs Mickie James Falls Count Anywhere is crap. Four minutes and it is filled with mediocre convuluted spots and comedy moments. Candice Michelle's tits were seen. Yawn. That's happened a ton in life. Use google. Then next was the street fight from Cyber Sunday and I harped on that.

Cena vs Umaga is next. Street Fight. I hope this is pretty fun. While this set still retains its glory of being a nice "shut up and watch" set, I have to mention how disc three is probably the weakest so far. Then again, disc one did have the 29 minute street fight from Uncensored '96 and that won't win any praise itself. Well, who cares. Can't say WWE was wrong from putting the additions on here. It fits the theme well. It all depends if the match(es) is/are for you.
Well, we agreed on everything until this. haha. I loved the Trips/Umaga Street Fight despite the slower pacing. I actually thought it was one of Trips' best babyface performances and he didn't manage to bury Umaga at all. You know I love Trips/HBK and I had fun with the Nash match but you noted on why/how you can do that. Cena/Umaga sucks due to the ending.


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