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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by redskins25 View Post
someone asked me my top 5-6 bret matches and I have no clue why its this hard for me

1)stone cold wm 13
2)owen wm 10
3)owen cage
4)kid raw 94
5)perfect ss 91

havent seen the iron man with Shawn in years
Just letting you know that I'm gonna respond to your post from the Bret thread later. I just want to think about my own answers first.

And I didn't post that in my post in there, because I'm OCDish, and I like to keep review posts as just reviews. [/imweirdlikethat]

C2D, I'm gonna be getting my Orton on soon. :ex:
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Just watched Trips/Shawn from Summerslam for the 5th or 6th time ever, which is a lot for me. This match never gets old; just so good. It still gets ****1/2 from me. Shawn puts on a terrific babyface performance, and never mind it's his first match in over four years.

I was thinking about Shawn and Triple H while this match was happening and how they've not many had good matches since the Summerslam 2002 bout, the lone great match being on Raw on 12/29/2003. Many people have said that these two try to make everything long and epic and don't usually end up succeeding. I think this is true, with the exception being their SS 2002 match. They just did so much great stuff in that match, that they tried to emulate that, but none of the other gimmick matches were nearly as good. There was nothing I hated, but after the Summerslam, there wasn't anything I thought matched it.

My ratings for their matches:

Summerslam 2002 - ****1/4
Armaggedon 2002 - ***
Raw (12/29/2003 - ****1/2
Royal Rumble 2004 - ***1/4
Bad Blood 2004 - ***1/2

Credit: ASAP
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

That's irrelevant, I'd be interested to see your thoughts on the Rhyno/Raven hardcore match. I found it to be really short yet really good.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by LilOlMe View Post
C2D, I'm gonna be getting my Orton on soon. :ex:
I'll be looking forward to it.

My top 100 list for him is progressing.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Rah View Post
That's irrelevant, I'd be interested to see your thoughts on the Rhyno/Raven hardcore match. I found it to be really short yet really good.
A REALLY, really fun match that was. ★★★1/2 for it. I had a blast with that match. Fun usage of weapons with the shopping cart along with the trashcans being used in a creative manner. The usage of weapons made complete sense throughout the match and suited the story of the match perfectly. It felt like both men were trying to one-up each other with the usage of weapons rather than the match being a wild, chaotic brawl which was the usual for these type of matches in the WWE. I hold this on par with Raven vs Kane vs Big Show at WrestleMania X-Seven as far as top Hardcore matches go.

Rhyno had some pretty fun Hardcore matches overall in 2001. I recommend checking out his Hardcore title defense against Jericho on RAW 4/30/01 and against Test on Smackdown. Fun stuff.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I can't stop watching.

La Parka v. Ice Train (Nitro 2/3/97)
I do not remember Teddy Long eve being this fat. Fun heavy v. cruiser match, where the cruiser doesn’t actually look that much smaller than the heavy. Park bumps nicely for Ice Train’s stuff, and Ice Train is fine enough offensively. Train has a beautiful standing splash, too.

La Parka v. Ice Train (Nitro 2/24/97)
Park must have watched the other match and thought ‘you know what Adolfo? That was OK, but let’s really hit home this time’. This was much better. It had a thing of Park trying to get Train down with spin kicks, but Train just had too much power to be too phased by most of it. Then Train’d WIPE Parka out with a clothesline, and Park bumped big for it. Hell, his bumping her was better in general than in the first match. The top rope spin kick looked better, the corkscrew was hit more cleanly, the crossbody catch was smoother (though the first match having a near-deadlift was badass), Park jumping Train at the beginning was a better start, and hell, even Train’s splash (which he calls ‘Tran Wreck’) looked better. It was like a standing Superfly splash. Great shit.

La Parka/Silver King v. Villano IV & V (Saturday Night 1/29/00)
What’s with the weird tag structure in WCW? I mean crap I got la Parka bumping big for Villano IV here so I can’t complain about anything, but these tags are oddly put together. We get Silver King playing FIP, and then Parka kind of tags in and wrecks himself on a corkscrew, and then they go back to King being FIP. Seems bizarre that you wouldn’t have King play FIP, then have Park tag in and destroy shit. He won with like, one move, as well…..and I’m pretty sure he never tagged in. Again, I can’t complain, because this was flat out awesomely fun.

La Parka v. Glacier (Nitro 1/27/97)
Well this ruled. Glacier blocks Park’s strikes with karate-like movements after Park tries to get him to agree to bow. Parka’s shit looks awesome here – the spin kick, the corkscrew, the piledriver, all great. GREAT spot near the end where Park is sitting on the top turnbuckle facing the outside, and Glacier pulls him so Park goes face-first into an open chair. Glacier’s a guy who I think looks shockingly impressive every time I see him, to the point where it isn’t really a shock any more. I think I need to watch more of him.

La Parka v. Sid Vicious (Saturday Night Mid-1999)
Like a minute long, but Park is one of the most charismatic wrestlers of all time, so you can count on him to do at least one cool thing in every match. Here he throws a clothesline to Sid, and sells his own arm as if someone swung it into a basketball post. Sid no-sells a dropkick and then hits two finishers to win.

La Parka v. Psicosis (Spring Stampede 4/19/98)
I hate WCW PPV crowds. I watched Big Bubba v. John Tenta from GAB96 a couple of months ago and thought it was an awesome slugfest. The crowd was dead as shit. This was pretty awesome in its own right and I didn’t hear a peep from the audience. These two start by stiffing the fucking fuck out of each other with palm chops, and then hit what is basically a back and forth finish run for six-eight minutes. Few looney spots, like the Psicosis was on the apron, grabbed Park’s leg (who was on the turnbuckle…STRUTTING), and crutching him. Park also tumbled when Psic cost him a move while he was on the ropes. The dives were looney as well, naturally. Psicosis hits a dive as good as anybody in history. Parka using the ‘no you don’t’ hair-pull-up pin was lame, but if this happened with a hot (or even somewhat non fucking dead) syndicate audience, it’d probably be more remembered as a super match.

Originally Posted by Rah
Is Sienfeld the one with George Costanza?
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
Does anyone else also seem huge potential in Willie Mack? It's such a shame he doesn't know how to work properly, at least imo. I don't know, but I'm not a fan of the guy's work at all. He lets vanilla midgets toss him around like a featherweight and has no sense of timing when it comes to showing off his athletic ability. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the guy do a standing moonsault with no meaning behind it whatsoever.
I loved Mack in his big breakout match against Roddy but ever since then he's done jack shit. It's the same 3 or 4 moves every match and some really sloppy shit throughout the rest. Haven't seen his match with Steen from Threemendouss III yet though.

Originally Posted by The Lady Killer View Post
So who is this Del Sol guy?
Samuray Del Sol. Burst onto the indie scene last year. Guy does some seriously amazing shit in the ring. Youtube him and watch some clips.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Yay another long ass 1998 PPV review from myself. I've been slowing down a lot because of uni but that's nearly over for the semester so I intend on getting right back into it now. I enjoy doing these reviews as it ensures I actually watch the PPV rather than tune out for most of it.

Judgment Day 1998 review

Match 1: Al Snow vs. Marc Mero **1/2
Double J comes out to try and get into the match for some reason but fails. They go back and forth with Jacqueline giving some distractions from ring side and Snow takes some occasional advice from Head. This ends up being a decent opener but the crowd isn’t very into it. Snow wins when he hits the Snow Plow after countering Mero’s TKO.

Match 2: DoA vs. LoD 2000 *
DoA have Paul Ellering with them and LoD have Droz for a six man tag. Wonderful. I remember writing about a DoA/LoD match at Fully Loaded, the PPV before Summerslam. I remember giving it no stars and saying it was absolutely awful just like every other match they had. Well, this is a little better than that. Not much better though. This ‘feud’ if you can really call it that has been beyond terrible, and has gone on for pretty much all of 1998. It has been the same thing over and over again. Same boring ass teams, same boring matches. I’ll give it a star for actually being a competent match this time around. Droz gets the pin after Hawk and Animal hit the Doomsday Device. Hawk looks mad that he stole the win. Who cares? I’m sure this will drag on for another 10 months.

Match 3: Light-heavyweight Championship: Christian vs. Taka Michinoku (c) **3/4
Ha! Pretty sure Taka has defended that title at most twice in his 10 month reign. Somehow Christian gets a shot, even though he just debuted. Not that it matters really as the title already meant nothing 2 weeks after it was introduced. The match is good, it picks up after Taka is sent over the top rope and lands straight on the floor. They go back and forth a bit, Taka tries to hit a Michinoku Driver but Christian rolls through into a cradle and wins the title. I have to take a bit off the score as the crowd is still just dead. Can’t blame them though, unfortunately a lot of the undercard matches on WWF 1998 PPVs were meaningless and came out of nowhere, giving the audience no reason to care. Don’t forget this is Chicago, this should be a much better crowd.

Match 4: Val Venis vs. Goldust ***
Finally a match the crowd can actually care about. I must admit, this has been a surprisingly decent feud between these two with Venis stealing away Terri, after Dustin became sick of Val’s vulgarity and lewd acts. The match starts as a bit of a brawl, but becomes more of a straight wrestling match as Venis targets his arm. Goldust hits a nice superplex but then misses an elbow drop. They exchange sleeper holds and then Goldust begins on the offence. Terri starts yelling at Goldust but he grabs his crotch and thrusts in her direction. He dodges an attack From Venis and as the ref is distracted by Terri, Goldust kicks Val between the legs and pins him. Good match but perhaps a bit too slow.

Match 5: European Championship: X-Pac vs. D-Lo Brown (c) ***1/4
Pretty fun match that the crowd was invested in. D-Lo was in control for a while. X-Pac failed to hit the Bronco Buster a couple of times. The first time, D-Lo stuck a foot up and hit X-Pac squarely in the genitals. Great counter. Eventually X-Pac hit the move to a loud reaction from the crowd. The ref got knocked out and Chyna got in a cheap shot but D-Lo was still in it. Mark Henry came out to harass Chyna and put the ref back in the ring. X_Pac ends up hitting his X-Factor finisher after D-Lo jumped off the top rope. He gets a big pop after he pins D-Lo and becomes the new European Champion. This was a surprisingly good match. They worked well with each other. Maybe the finish was a little overbooked, but then what wasn’t at this time? Either way it was a good, fun match.

The Headbangers interrupt Michael Cole while he’s talking about Austin backstage. They talk about what when they broke their boom box over Road Dogg’s head and then question the New Age Outlaws being the tag team champions when they spend most of their time tag teaming each other. Ouch! These guys are goofy as hell but I like them.

Match 6: Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. The Headbangers **
The Headbangers interrupt the promo bit that the Outlaws do before each match. The Headbangers take control early on, Billy Gunn leads the crowd in shouting ‘Suck it’ which one of the Headbangers responds to with lifting up his kilt. This is an okay match but it moves too slowly. Eventually the Outlaws come back and start taking control however things take a turn and start looking bad for them, however Road Dogg comes in and smashes one of the Headbangers over the head with a boom box. They are disqualified but still retain the titles. It was a solid match but got a little boring at times.

Mankind and Socko have an interview with Cole. Strange interview.

Match 7: Intercontinental Championship: Ken Shamrock (c) vs. Mankind ***
They spent a while trying to get the better of each other as Shamrock started targeting the arm that Mankind uses for the Mandible Claw. They go outside and Mankind grabs a steel chair but the ref takes it from him. But then Shamrock grabs it and wacks Foley in the face with it right in front of the ref. This is not a no disqualification match. I guess it’s possible that the ref won’t let Shamrock disqualify himself to retain the title. They don’t make it very clear though. Anyway the beat each other up a bit more and Mankind hits the diving elbow off the apron. He then runs at Shamrock on the outside but Shamrock counters with a powerslam and Mankind’s legs land on the steps. I hate when he takes bumps on the steps. Shamrock drags him into the ring and applies the ankle lock. Mankind won’t tap and is fighting against the pain by punching himself in the face. Then he gives himself the Mandible Claw and makes himself pass out! So Shamrock wins but Mankind didn’t tap. Great finish. This was a pretty entertaining match. It went 14 minutes, just like the previous tag title match but it went by much quicker. After the match Shamrock looks irate, he wanted to make Mankind tap. He starts attacking the ref and Mankind gets up and puts the Mandible Claw on him.

Backstage Michael Cole is talking about something but Big Bossman (who showed up on the previous Raw) tells Cole to leave before he shoves his nightstick up his ass.

Mark Henry comes out to the ring and recites some poetry for Chyna. That’s what he does.

Match 8: Mark Henry vs. The Rock *1/2
The Rock comes out to a very good reaction. His popularity is soaring at this point in ’98. The Nation disbanded a little while ago. The Godfather started doing his own thing and D-Lo and Mark Henry turned on The Rock. Last week on Raw they attacked him during the main event tag team match. The Rock takes it to Henry early on but Henry soon takes control. Henry has him in a chokehold but Rock mounts a comeback giving him a DDT followed by a People’s Elbow, which the crowd loves. D-Lo comes out for a distraction and Henry hits a splash and pins him while D-Lo holds his legs down. Doesn’t last very long and isn’t terrible. Mark Henry was made to look decent here however The Rock was building heaps of momentum so losing here doesn’t make the most sense.

Video package chronicles the McMahon/Austin rivalry and Taker and Kane’s involvement. Stone Cold is the referee of the main event to decide the new WWF champion after it was vacated at the previous PPV when in a triple threat match Kane and Undertaker pinned Austin at the same time. However if a winner isn’t decided, McMahon will fire Austin.

Match 9: WWF Championship: Kane vs. The Undertaker w/ Steve Austin as Referee *
Before the match starts Austin has words for Kane and Undertaker and then flips them both off. Austin does some interesting things early on. Taker gets Kane down and pins him, Austin goes to count, raises his hand but doesn’t bring it down. Kane pins Taker, and Austin tries a fast count. They take the fight to the outside. Austin offers a cable to choke Kane with but Taker grabs a chair instead. He then works on Kane’s leg for a while. A long while. A really long while. Wow this is really dragging. Just like the main event at the previous PPV, though maybe worse. The crowd is getting restless. Finally something happens as Taker and Kane start beating up Austin for some reason, then turn back to fighting each other. Now Paul Bearer comes out with a chair and hits Kane in the back with it. Taker smashes Kane in the head with it and pins him but Austin is up and won’t count it. He gives Taker a Stunner and hits him with a chair. Both men are down and Austin does a double 3-count, and declares himself the winner.

Austin calls out Vince, challenging Vince to fire him. Austin goes to the back to look for him but can’t and comes back to the ring and taunts him. The screen above the entranceway lifts up and we see Vince behind some protective glass. Somebody throws a shirt or something at him. McMahon says that Austin fired. People are throwing stuff at Vince. Austin says this isn’t the last you’ll see of him and says goodbye to the fans by drinking a few beers.

Well that was an interesting main event. The stuff with Austin was entertaining, too bad it bookended about 10 straight minutes of boredom. It’s a shame considering Taker and Kane had some good matches, namely at Wrestlemania 14 and Unforgiven. Also why the hell did Taker and Kane beat down Austin if they were still going to fight each other and expect him to call a winner? That makes no sense. This match doesn’t really deserve more than 1/5.

This was a decent show. There was nothing particularly great but there was nothing bad either. Most of the matches were actually good which is not so common for 1998 WWF PPVs. The main event lets the show down a bit though. The match was pretty boring for the most part but at least the angle surrounding it was entertaining and leaves us with Austin fired from the company. It’s a pretty good cliffhanger to get people to tune into Raw the next night. So yeah, it’s a shame that the main event let the show down so much but it’s still a solid PPV. 6.5/10
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Silverthorn View Post
That's... not irony.
Shut...... up.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

^I feel like I remember that being one of the better received Ken Shamrock matches.

He had so much talent, but never really registered for me. It's a shame. I feel like he could have been elevated, if he engaged in a monster feud. He had a lot of skill.

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
I'll be looking forward to it.

My top 100 list for him is progressing.
How far into it are you?

Will be helpful for me, when watching matches.
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