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Alabaster Holt 08-14-2007 07:49 PM

WWE Section Rules
credit: will94

Don't Bump Old threads

Really simple, don't bump threads more than seven days old unless you have new information pertaining to that thread. PM a mod to make sure it is OK.


Do not double post and make sure your posts add to the discussion topic. Responding to posts with "This" is considered spam so please add more to your quoted responses. Replying to threads with just gif images or pictures does not add much to discussions either. Try to make substantial posts.

No Duplicate / Similar Threads

Threads with the same insider reports or discussing similar topics will be close. This also means threads with a subject related to an already open thread. For example, there should not be threads about Cena’s finisher, Cena’s mic work, and Cena’s wrestling ability open at the same time. Since they are all related to Cena, the oldest thread will be the only one to remain open.


Do not post results/spoilers threads without (SPOILER) in the thread title. Do not post spoilers outside of official spoiler threads. If a discussion calls for it, use spoiler tags. If the spoiler is big enough, say a major title change or a Superstar returning, warning points may be issued. This not only applies to the Smackdown section but to any WWE show such as PPVs, Raw, WWE Main Event, NXT, etc.

No Flaming

Do not flame or personally insult people for having an opinion or disagreeing with your opinion. Do not flame in response to a flame because both of you will be banned. Purposely inciting or baiting other members is also not allowed.

Put threads in proper sections

If a thread is about a wrestler/match/event from a Smackdown broadcast, put it in the Smackdown section. The same rule applies to the Raw section. WWE game threads go in Wrestling Games section, etc. If you are creating a topic on a PPV, past or present, post the thread in the PPV section not the General WWE section.


Random comparison threads have been a major problem as of late, "(blank) or (blank)?" All these topics seem to compare two random wrestlers, without much argument and they all produce the same type of posts. The GOAT threads have become incredibly overdone as well with the same discussions and the same fan wars so they will be closed as well.

No more Crap threads

If a thread has a weak or dumb subject manner, or is just a random thought with seemly no reason, it will be closed. If a mod doesn't think a thread has enough depth, it will be closed. If a mod thinks a thread shouldn’t be open, it will be closed. This includes topics that have been done to death.

Provide Sources /No Threads based on Wikipedia, other unreliable sources

If you post wrestling news, post where you got the info. A link directly to the article would be even better. Wikipedia is the least reliable source of wrestling news. Any thread based on Wikipedia info will be closed. Also, do not use Bleacher Report, Wrestling News World and Wrestling Cafe as news sources. Mods will close any thread they believe the source of information lacks credibility.

No WWE vs. TNA threads

WWE/TNA threads always turn into unnecessary arguments between WWE and TNA fans. Please do not make a thread comparing the two companies.

YouTube Threads in YouTube section

If your thread topic is just a YouTube video, post it in the YouTube section (that includes random videos related to wrestling or videos unrelated to General WWE), which can be found here: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/youtube-streaming-videos/

No asking for/Providing Streams for Wrestling Shows

We are strict on this. If you are caught asking or providing a link towards a stream for a PPV or wrestling show you will be provided with a five day ban immediately.

Do not make show discussion threads

WWE Mods, Super Mods, or Admins make official discussion threads.

Make Substantial Opening Posts

If you're going to post a topic, at least post an opinion or topic of discussion. A simple introduction would be fine. Not doing this will result in your thread closing and you may receive a warning/infraction at the discretion of the moderator.

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