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Antonio Cesaro's moveset

He has totally awesome set of moves, especially that uppercut is beautiful. But the only thing that bothers me is Neutralizer. That is good basic move, but i dont think it works as a finisher. Lot of people also botch that move. He needs more vicious finisher move. Ideas?

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Re: Antonio Cesaro's moveset

Iron Claw.

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Re: Antonio Cesaro's moveset

I think the neutralizer works well when he uses it on big guys... he's also got the giant swing... then again he uses that on big guys too lol. I think his moveset is fine to be honest.

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Re: Antonio Cesaro's moveset

I honestly agree, IMO the uppercut should have been his finisher. It's so epic.
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Re: Antonio Cesaro's moveset

Wait until he gets put in a team with Sweet T and is given The Worm as a finisher.
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Re: Antonio Cesaro's moveset

Surprised they haven't given him any old school chain wrestling moves, remember when a good set of chains would get a cheer, I think he can pull it off. They barely do headlocks and wristlocks now so pulling out a chain counter could go over today.

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Re: Antonio Cesaro's moveset

Much like Daniel Bryan's moveset, much of Cesaro's is toned down. If he even uses half of what he did on the Indy circuit, he'd be over HUGE despite his lack of charisma/mic skills.

This isn't even including other moves like Match Killer, Flying European Uppercut Tope, and Arm & Hammer.

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Re: Antonio Cesaro's moveset

So limited. So restricted. So under-used. So ... *sigh*

He hasn't shown anything in the WWE that he's capable of doing. I don't know what's up with that and why. Maybe some guys don't even know how to sell what he can actually do .. who knows. He's a technical marvel and also very, very innovative. I'm sure he has a finisher or two that he can do, but you also have to keep in mind that

a) He doesn't get to work much anyways so he has to restrict himself to a specific moveset

b) He's always working with different people so that means he doesn't get much time to practice a match with them. Being lower down the card means that you don't know who you're facing till the day you get there so there's not much he can do with regards to preparing the other guy.

Wrestling is like ballet where both partners need to be in sync and know each other's moves otherwise it's a clusterfuck.

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Re: Antonio Cesaro's moveset

they moved in the right direction letting him use the big swing...i think that will evolve into him bring back the UFO then he will def be over with the crowd if its true that want to turn him face
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Re: Antonio Cesaro's moveset

Ricola Bomb as a finisher would be so much better. Also let him do Shooting Star Presses like he did in the indies.
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