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Re: Why do people crap on CM Punk's title reign?

Because people are jealous and butt hurt. It happens.


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Re: Why do people crap on CM Punk's title reign?

I think the fact that half of it was playing second-fiddle to what Cena was doing has alot to do with it and on top of it, a lot of people on here despise Punk.

I loved every second of it, more so from Raw 1000 on wards, no one really mentions this but Punk's in-ring work in that time to me was fucking outstanding, he was constantly putting on brilliant matches night in and night out, every single match had you engrossed in what was gonna happen next. His story telling in ring was also amazing and love the way he approached every match, you knew all his matches were gonna be entertaining. His feuds were also very decent, but he could never get over as a heel, he was too loved and it made it hard for him to garner the heat required at times.

All in all though I think the reign has defined him, and definitely solidified himself as a huge star at this point in time.

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Re: Why do people crap on CM Punk's title reign?

I liked Punk's title reign. It reminded my of Ric Flair in the way he kept the title. WWE needed a good, long heel reign like that.

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Re: Why do people crap on CM Punk's title reign?

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Re: Why do people crap on CM Punk's title reign?

This thread is still alive?

Punk was booked poorly, he did all he could while he was being fed terrible feuds in the midcard, I don't think there has ever been a WWE champion that has been booked in the midcard as consistently as Punk has been, & Punk still made it entertaining, which shows how talented Punk really is.
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Re: Why do people crap on CM Punk's title reign?

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
Yes, it was ego because ask yourself this: Who did Punk put over during that reign? Who gained? Punk himself. . .that's it. And this directly followed him gaining popularity by saying he wanted the guys who weren't getting a fair shake to get their shot. None of them did besides himself. So in the end, it was all about him both in kayfabe and in real life. Even when Punk dropped the title, they booked that fued and especially the match WAYYYYYYYYYY in favor of CM Punk. They booked The Rock like a random jobber until the final two minutes. The Rock chose that? Not CM Punk? I don't think so. Punk's reign may have been mildly extended because of Rock, but it was already longer than it should have been before he presumably (and allegedly) said anything about it.

What spoilers? The only spoilers there are are for Smackdown where Punk didn't wrestle. There are no PPV or fued spoilers on the internet to find. If you're referring to that phony dolphins guy, he only started to post that stuff after Punk's reign ended as far as I know.

I also don't read dirtsheets (which are typically purely speculative anyway). Punk's fued outcomes were just that obvious based on how strong WWE booked him and how weak WWE booked his opponent (to make Punk appear that much more superior).

The only times Punk even seemed to have a chance of losing were because of our own pre-judgements altering our perceptions; which were his matches against Cena. We figured well it's Cena, Punk's reign has gone on awhile, it must be ending now right? Aside from those, the reason Punk's reign was so predictable was because of how it started. His first 3-4 matches were "beating the odds", practically in handicap matches. If he doesn't lose there, he clearly isn't losing against a single opponent whom he's booked to completely dominate.

I agree that his booking sucked, but most likely for a different reason than you. I think his booking was bad because he was booked far too strongly while his opponents were booked far too weakly. His fued with Ryback is practically the only exception, and of course, that's the fued Punkfans hated the most at the time. Not coincidently either.

Punk was booked strong as fuck. He just couldn't make it interesting since he doesn't have Cena-level charisma. Cena pretty makes clipping his fingernails seem like a major event. The only things Punk ever did that seemed major events were title matches (major by itself), and breaking the 4th wall (also major by itself). He didn't make much in between that interesting. And I'm sorry, but that isn't the fault of the booking. He got more air time and stronger booking than anyone else on the roster, it's no excuse for why he didn't look good.

I can't rep you enough for this, or your signature. I wish I could, but I cant. But you are talking with someone who has literally been BANNED temporarily on this forum cuz his Punk dickriding was just too much. You can expect hi mto defend his Knight in every way imaginable.

Originally Posted by volunteer75 View Post
Most people here want a individual pushed, then when they are for some reason they cannot stand them, case in point everyone wanted Daniel Bryan pushed. When he got the push, everyone said he could not sell pay per views and was boring. All in all we are just fickel I guess.

I dont think it was that, it was more about a certain vocal as shit minority that felt Bryan took someone else spot. Someone that would have been perfect for it. So they proceeded to shit all over Bryan's push.

To the OP, because it was boring and predictable as shit. He was CM Cena, and the only reason they did it is because Vince was on the toilet one day, and said "Hmmm, men hate Cena, women and kids love him. Cena is my hand picked, big as fuck roider, clean cut boyscout. Let me take someone who is his 180 polar opposite, covered in tattoos, looks like a mechanic, and has a shit ton of prison tats, make him behave EXACTLY like Cena, then I will have the men and the ever popular IWC!" Thats exactly what happened.
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Re: Why do people crap on CM Punk's title reign?

Punk's reign was predictable, boring, and only satisfied internet nerds, which raped the prestige of the title to death. Only when Rock came back to win it back from Punk did it regain a bit of prestige. No, seriously, when a guy like Punk is the champion yet plays second fiddle to a man who is NOT champion for 13 months, then the reign is deemed utter shit.
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Re: Why do people crap on CM Punk's title reign?

Because it's hard not to when he was basically second fiddle to Cena.

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Re: Why do people crap on CM Punk's title reign?

I honestly thought it was a good run, but he needed to go over John Cena and Triple H clean to make that run outstanding but that wasn't going to happen, hell I think he should have went over the Rock, at least the first time round maybe then have Rock win it on the rebound..

There was a lack of big names to go against Punk really, big names that would have solidified him more as a serious champion.

But as far as title runs go it was still pretty okay, wasn't "Nash" level bad. Cm Punk provided some great matches and made this generation have their own lengthy reign.
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Re: Why do people crap on CM Punk's title reign?

double post
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