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Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Old Thread:



Vladimir Kozlov Vs Ezekiel Jackson - ECW 05/01/2010

Let's hope THIS is the slugfest I was hoping their last match would be!

Well not so much a slugfest. Jackson is targeting the leg of Vlad, no doubt advice from Regal on the outside who will have advised Jackson to target a limb rather than go head to head with a guy as strong as Vladimir. Smart stuff and shows how good it is to have Regal on your side.

Kozlov then powers out and starts mauling Jackson while ignoring the leg stuff except for the odd shake here and there, which looks terrible tbh lol. Then Jackson MURDERS him with a clothesline .

Finisher from Zeke and this is done. Better than their previous match lol, but still not that good. LET THEM PUNCH EACH OTHER IN THE FACE DAMMIT.

Rating: *

CM Punk Vs Mark Henry - ECW 05/01/2010

Heel Punk Vs Face Henry. Not exactly the best set up, but hey, I'm not complaining that much!

Henry absolutely POWERING out of a waist lock at the start was . Punk gets a bunch of kicks in, then Henry grabs his leg and OH SHIT Punk is incredible as he desperately tries to escape while Henry holds on to the leg!!!

The power of Henry allows him to dominate the early going, but the cunning of Punk allow him to get in control. I love how they make Punk hitting a basic move like a neckbreaker seem like a HUGE struggle because of the sheer size and strength of Henry.

Damn, Henry takes on hell of a fucking bump off a kick, while he was on his knees! A near fall from it, but then as Punk starts throwing more kicks, Henry just gets MAD and everyone on the planet is glad that they aren't CM Punk!

Finish sees Gallows hit a ROUNDHOUSE KICK on Henry from the apron, which sends Henry right into a roundhouse kick from Punk! CM Punk is the finale winner of the Homecoming tournament to enter the battle royal next week!

Decent stuff. Henry as a heel and Punk as a face is where their real chemistry is, but they do a good job here anyway.

Rating: **1/2


Fine, I'll add THE CAL SCALE here. Stop bugging me about it now, ok? Ok.

The Cal Scale

NO = -1
DUD-* = 0
*1/4-** = 0.5
**1/4-**3/4 = 1
***-***1/4 = 2
***1/2 = 3
***3/4 = 4
**** = 5
****1/4 = 6
****1/2 = 7
****3/4 = 8
***** = 9
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re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Old thread only lasted a couple of months

I'm watching you...

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re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Hahaha you actually did it I'm impressed.

I've seen a really damn good Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry match in ECW, but I can't remember if it was late 2008 or early 2009. I haven't seen it pop up in your reviews yet so I was just wondering if you happen to know which one I'm talking about.

Is 2004 pretty much the best year out of 2004-2008 for PPVs? Those are the 5 years I wasn't watching much wrestling so I missed stuff and had to watch after the fact. I've seen almost everything Eddie/Benoit from those years on PPV and the bigger Raw/Smackdown matches.

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re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Wow, the old thread lasted what, three months?

Cal, I'm sorry to tell you but what exacly were you expecting out of a Kozlov/Zeke match? I know big guy slugfests are awesome, but Zeke only delievers with a better opponent and Kozlov isn't exacly a Mark Henry either. So yeah.

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re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I'd been meaning to make a new thread every since it hit 10,000 posts but kept forgetting .

The only Henry/Hardy match from ECW 09 was this one:

Matt Hardy Vs Mark Henry - ECW 06/01/2009


Henry dominates from the start, but on the outside Hardy is able to send Henry knees first into the steel steps, then take advantage in the ring with a little bit of leg work before Henry powers his way back in control. I seem to recall leg work being a big part of their great PPV match the previous year, right? I should check that out at some point, been ages since I saw it.

Henry sells the great great while on offence, even though Hardy hadn't done anything to it for a while. No short term selling from the WWE's Strongest Man (this was 2008... so WSM will have been... Mariusz Pudzianowski, with Big Z the Arnold Strongman winner for like the billionth time in a row. Henry would have NEVER won the 2002 competition had Big Z and any other credible strongmen been involved. What was I talking about?)

Henry is fine on offence, nothing overly special as he has a habit of sitting in a nerve grip hold, but he dishes out some goodness any time he's cutting Matt Hardy off. And he's STILL selling the leg which is awesome, and Matt every now and then sees a chance to hit it even if it doesn't get him back on top.

Nice little finishing stretch, and Henry loses clean to a Twist of Fate! Well, Matt IS the champion after all! Good match, plenty to like.

Rating: ***1/4

They likely had at least one more in 08, as well as their great No Mercy match in 08 too.

04 isn't very good at all for PPV's from what I remember.

Edit: I was expecting just that, A SLUGFEST. But we never got it, which is why I was disappointed with the 2 matches from them .
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re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Should all place a bet on how soon The Primer/HayleySabin/Cody/Obfuscation/Other reaches 1,000 posts in this thread

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re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I bet it'll be AFTER me. I gave up my title to him in the last thread and ALLOWED him to overthrow me. But I started coming back in the last month and worked my way up to second place BECAUSE I AM GOD.
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re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I watched Punk/Lesnar + Cena/Bryan from SummerSlam this year. Both awesome matches.

I honestly can't pick one that I like the most overall. Punk/Lesnar was great in terms of a fight and storytelling & stuff but Cena/Bryan was great in terms of just straight-up wrestling and just technical wrassling. So both are equally as good but I give a slight edge to Cena/Bryan because DAT HEEL TURN AT THE END. rton2

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re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Punk/Lesnar is still my MOTY.
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re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WTF ?? The last thread started in like July

Calling it now the top post counts will belong to :

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