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History Wrestling Draft Match #7 - AwSmash vs HollywoodNightmare

Please vote for which PPV wrestling card you prefer. Voting will last 2 days, and the winner will progress to the next round.

AwSmash Presents...

Number One Contender – Ladder Match: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Mitsuharu Misawa
In what is destined to be a 5-star classic, Ricky Steamboat and Mitsuharu Misawa will face on in a Ladder Match to determine the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. This dream match features two wrestlers who are experts of their craft. Misawa has wrestled in the 24 dream matches that resulted in 5-star ratings (the most out of any wrestler in the world) and Ricky Steamboat is one of the most highly recognised superstars in the world. The two both can put on a wrestling master class with their pace and brilliant technicality, but which one will be able to find something further and climb the ladder to retrieve the contract to become the number one contender?

World Heavyweight Championship: Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs. Yokozuna
This is sure to be an uphill battle for World Heavyweight Champipon DDP as he faces the biggest threat to his title yet, as he takes on the 590 lb monster Yokozuna. Yokozuna won the right to take on Diamond Dallas Page in a 15-man battle royale, which he absolutely dominated. He wasn’t taken down one time in the match and had an astonishing 7 eliminations. In the weeks leading up to this match, DDP attempted to weaken and get inside the head of his opponent by attempting to knock him down, but it was to no avail. It was already looking hard enough for DDP, but he will now go into this match with a busted windpipe after Yokozuna delivered a fatal Banzai Drop. It’s going to take a lot more than massive fan support for Diamond Dallas Page to give him any hope of retaining his championship.

Loser Loses Their Hair Match – Singles Match: Barry Windham vs. Val Venis w/ Torrie Wilson
Barry Windham has his highly renowned mullet. Val Venis has his super hot girlfriend Torrie Wilson. Those two things will be gone if either man loses this match though. The stakes have never been higher as these two men are prepared to put the hair on the line, just to get a piece of their opponent. Windham does not want to lose his beloved mullet and in the weeks leading up to this match, Torrie Wilson stated that if Val were to lose his hair she’d leave him. This is going to be an intense battle as these two men fight to protect their hair.

Intercontinental Championship – Classic Steel Cage Match “The Rock” Don Muraco (c) vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefecake
The feud between these two men so far has been violent. It all began when Brutus interviewed Don Muraco on The Barber Shop. The interview became quite heated and after Beefecake said something that Muraco took offence to and was thrown through the shop’s window. The two had a “Barber Shop Brawl” match where they fought throughout the shop, but it went to a No Contest when the two fell through the window. Management are hoping this steel cage match will finally put the men’s feelings towards each other to rest, but the two absolutely despise each other, and neither one of them might not even come out of the match.

Hardcore Match: Sabu vs. Taz vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
These three men are extreme. Extremely extreme. When they first arrived in the company, they were a stable that would be able to find all sorts of ways to take opponents or anyone that gets in their way out. Bam Bam Bigelow is extremely powerful, Taz is extremely technical and Sabu is extremely fast. They were all prepared to take risks in hope of taking out opponents. However, no one could take it up to them when it came to Hardcore matches, so they needed a challenge. They decided to create this triple threat match, so they could see who’s the most extreme of the extremes. Will it be the extreme risk taker in Sabu, the extremely big and powerful Bam Bam Bigelow or the extremely vicious and technically sound Taz?

World Tag Team Championship - APA (c) vs. The Latin American Xchange
The Acolytes Protection Agency created this feud when they decided to protect the United States border. This really annoyed the Latin American Xchange, as they thought that they were being discriminated against. They had their usual tantrum where they refuse to compete, but are happy enough to go for the World Tag Team Championship.

Antonio Inoki vs. Taka Michinoku
In an opening match that is sure to electrify the fans, two of the greatest Japanese wrestlers of all time face off. Antonio Inoki who ruled the wrestling scenes throughout the 1970’s takes on Taka Michinoku who once almost won the most prestigious title in the world: the WWF Championship. Taka Michinoku might have gotten a little ahead of himself calling out one of the greats, but his confidence is definitely there, and this had lead people to believe that he just might upset one of the best wrestlers of all time.

HollywoodNightmare presents:

Nightmare Mania 1:

Battle Of The Eras for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship:
Owen Hart vs Bobby Roode (c)

Bobby Roode is the longest reigning TNA World Champion of all-time, Owen Hart is possibly the greatest superstar ever to never win a world championship. What will happen when you put these guys against each other in a match? An amazing match that's what! Just as Owen's career was tragically cut short by his early death, Bobby Roode was just about to start what has been an amazing career thus far. This should be a great main event and a battle of the ages here to main event Nightmare Mania 1!

Battle Of The Undefeated Streaks: Samoan Street Fight
Samoa Joe vs Umaga

In one corner you have a badass Samoan who had one of the longest undefeated streaks in the history of wrestling. In the other corner you have a Samoan savage who also had one of the longest undefeated streaks in the history of wrestling. The question is, which one is which? Both Samoa Joe and Umaga are wrecking machines and these guys can't be trusted to follow the rules so this match will be a Samoan Street Fight. What's a Samoan Street Fight you ask? Tune in to find out because all we know is this match MUST end by pinfall or submission anywhere in the arena!

Bar Room Brawl for the Hardcore Championship:
New Jack vs Raven

Raven is one of the greatest hardcore wrestlers ever. New Jack is a crazy mother fucker. You know what that equals? Two guys who's brutal fight is too crazy to contain to a ring! These guys are set to fight each other in a local bar and the only way to win is by knocking your opponent out cold! Who will be able to say they are the best hardcore wrestler of all-time?

Tag Match for the TNA Tag Team Championships:
Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs America's Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris)

Two of the greatest teams of the modern era are set to clash in a match over the TNA Tag Team Championships. One being possibly the greatest team in TNA History, America's Most Wanted while the other is the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in history, London & Kendrick. One things for sure here and that's that this will be one hell of a great match!

Father vs Son Match for the Million Dollar Championship:
Ted DiBiase Sr. vs Ted DiBiase Jr. (c)

It was three years ago in 2010 when Ted DiBiase Jr. stole his fathers Million Dollar Championship for himself and now, he has to deal with the wrath of his father who has come wanting his championship back and also wants to prove he is the better DiBiase. It's the clash of the DiBiase's and only one can walk out of Nightmare Mania as the real Million Dollar Champion.

Old School Match:
Killer Kowalski vs Verne Gagne

Two great old school wrestlers are set to clash at Nightmare Mania and only one can walk out as the best old school wrestler ever! When these two old school wrestlers clash, it will truly show us why old school is best.

Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship:
Colt Cabana vs Matt Cross vs Jerry Lynn (c)

You got one of pioneers of the X Division in Jerry Lynn who arguably is the favorite going into this match defending his X Division Championship against one of the best high flyers to never make the big time, Matt Cross and another indy legend in Colt Cabana. Combine those aspects with the crazy Ultimate X Match and you have the makings of a great match!

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Re: History Wrestling Draft Match #7 - AwSmash vs HollywoodNightmare

Another great match up. This landed for me as a really interesting card vs. a really awesome card. And I went awesome. While they both did great work, I felt HN's card was just a bit more accessible and exciting. Some great match up's for Smash, and I think he did a great job with his stipulations and gimmicks, but in the end I felt I'd want to pay money for HN's card a bit more. Top to bottom it felt special.

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Re: History Wrestling Draft Match #7 - AwSmash vs HollywoodNightmare

I obviously voted for myself. Awsmash put out a good card and I think we'd both be screwed against most other people this round but luckily we were drawn against each other which in turn gives us both a fighting chance and with any luck i'll end up pulling this one out.

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Re: History Wrestling Draft Match #7 - AwSmash vs HollywoodNightmare

Oh man that was hard to choose. Went with HN since his card has something for everyone, but that Steamboat vs Misawa from Awsmash's card will be EPIC.



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Re: History Wrestling Draft Match #7 - AwSmash vs HollywoodNightmare

This is REALLY hard. Both guys put out exciting cards, making this a tough call. Don't even know who I'm voting for yet.

Credit: ASAP
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Re: History Wrestling Draft Match #7 - AwSmash vs HollywoodNightmare

Both great cards guys. I loved Awsmash's WHC, the ECW hardcore and the tag matches. Went for HN overall. I think there's a constant quality of matches throughout. Liek Awsmash fluctuates, some are 6, some are 9, but HN's are like a constant 7/8 all the way through, which IMO is better value (hence the one I'd pay to see).

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Re: History Wrestling Draft Match #7 - AwSmash vs HollywoodNightmare

I'm glad having a little bit of everything seems to be working out for me so far.

By the way Dave you have the best sig on the forums right now. But who would you root for if they faced each other?

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Re: History Wrestling Draft Match #7 - AwSmash vs HollywoodNightmare

Solid cards from both parties..had voted in the end for HN though....
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Re: History Wrestling Draft Match #7 - AwSmash vs HollywoodNightmare

Went with AwSmash's card. It's pretty damn awesome. Especially the loser loses their hair match.

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Re: History Wrestling Draft Match #7 - AwSmash vs HollywoodNightmare

Holloywood's card was good, I think some of the matches seemed a little strange, like wasting Jerry Lynn in the opening match.

AwSmash also has some strange matches, but his card interests me more, with some amazing matches including what would be a phenomenal main event.

I think Hollywood's undercard matches are slightly better than on AwSmash's card, but AwSmash has the better ME, and the better follow-ups to the ME, with a more interesting card into the bargain, so I'm giving this one to AwSmash, but good cards from both guys.

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