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Official History Draft Thread: *Post Selections Here*

This is the Official Draft Thread and for draft picks only! Please use the discussion thread here for general discussion regarding the draft.

Each round will be randomized by me. I will post every round here in the OP, as well as posting updates throughout the thread when I randomize more rounds in advance. I’ll spoiler tag completed rounds so everyone can see how the draft went at the end. The current round will be on display in this post so there should be no confusion regarding what pick you have. There will be no hold ups regarding rounds, hopefully I’ll always be 2 or 3 rounds ahead so players can see what upcoming picks they have and can be strategic with their choices.

Remember, you have 8 hours to make your pick. If you feel you will not be around to make your choice, PM me your picks and I can make them for you. Out of courtesy you can PM the person next in line – this may be more important than the last draft due to the randomizing.

Feel free to post pictures of your draft picks if you want to.

There are 18 rounds. You may draft a manager/valet if you want but you don’t have to.

A good tip – If you’re not sure if a wrestler has been picked, use the ‘search thread’ function. Search the name of the talent you want to pick and if there are no hits, they haven’t been chosen so feel free to make the pick.

I think that’s everything. Ok, here are the randomized rounds. I will post screenshots of the randomizer each time.


Spoiler for Round 1:


Spoiler for Round 2:


Spoiler for Round 3:


Spoiler for Round 4:


Spoiler for Round 5:


Spoiler for Round 6:


Spoiler for Round 7:


Spoiler for Round 8:


Spoiler for Round 9:


Spoiler for Round 10:


Spoiler for Round 11:


Spoiler for Round 12:


Spoiler for Round 13:


Spoiler for Round 14:


Spoiler for Round 15:


Spoiler for Round 16:


Spoiler for Round 17:


Spoiler for Round 18:

Here are the participants in the order they signed up or re-signed up. I will update each players roster throughout so everyone knows who’s got who.

1. CM Punk
2. Roddy Piper
3. Dean Ambrose
4. Mil Máscaras
5. Goldust
6. Cody Rhodes
7. Tyson Kidd (acquired from DwayneAustin, through Gambit)
8. Dos Caras
9. Paul Heyman
10. Kevin Von Erich
11. Magnum TA
12. Kerry Von Erich
13. Blackjack Mulligan
14. Blackjack Lanza
15. Pat Patterson
16. Stephanie McMahon
17. Eva Marie
18. Jim Cornette

1. Ric Flair
2. Chris Benoit
3. Austin Aries
4. Dean Malenko
5. Chris Hero
6. Scott Steiner (acquired from DiabeticDave, through EskiBhoy and Obby)
7. Prince Devitt
8. Adam Cole
9. PAC/Adrian Neville
10. Luke Harper
11. Rick Steiner
12. Kota Ibushi
13. Erick Rowan
14. Sara Del Rey
15. Gail Kim
16. Ricochet
17. Mike Knox
18. Karl Anderson

Daiko (+6)
1. Booker T (acquired from DiabeticDave)
2. William Regal
3. Mickie James (acquired from DwayneAustin)
4. Jushin Liger
5. Bully Ray (acquired from DiabeticDave, through EskiBhoy)
6. Billy Gunn
7. Road Dogg (acquired from DiabeticDave, through The Ratman)
8. Bobby Lashley (acquired from DwayneAustin)
9. Tajiri
10. Davey Richards
11. Eddie Edwards
12. Low Ki (acquired from Obby)
13. Devon (acquired from DiabeticDave)
14. Stevie Ray
15. Jimmy Uso (acquired from DwayneAustin, through iwatchwrestling)
16. Jey Uso (acquired from DwayneAustin, through iwatchwrestling)
17. Jay Lethal
18. Xavier Woods/Consequences Creed
19. Scotty 2 Hotty
20. Grandmaster Sexay
21. Shinsuke Nakamura
22. Fabulous Moolah
23. Elix Skipper
24. Teddy Long

redskins25 (+3)
1. Bret Hart
2. Finlay (acquired from The Beast Incarnate)
3. Sheamus (acquired from The Beast Incarnate)
4. Ultimo Dragon
5. Kurt Angle (acquired from Gambit)
6. The Iron Sheik
8. Evan Bourne
9. Jack Swagger (acquired from The Beast Incarnate)
10. Sin Cara
11. Billy Kidman
12. Beth Phoenix
13. Lance Storm (acquired from DwayneAustin)
14. Toshiaki Kawada (acquired from Scott Hall's Ghost)
15. Natalya Neidhart
16. Titus O'Neil (acquired from Scott Hall's Ghost)
17. Tensai
18. Zeb Colter
19. Darren Young (acquired from Scott Hall's Ghost)
20. Lawrence Taylor
21. Jack Briscoe

1. Eddie Guerrero (acquired from The Ratman)
2. Christopher Daniels (acquired from The Fourth Wall)
3. Chris Sabin (acquired from Daiko)
4. Rey Mysterio (acquired from Daiko, through AwSmash)
5. Kenny King (acquired from HollywoodNightmare)
6. Alex Shelley (acquired from Jamjam22)
7. Chavo Guerrero
8. Kazarian (acquired from The Fourth Wall)
9. Gregory Helms
10. Petey Williams
11. Zema Ion
12. Sonjay Dutt
13. TJ Perkins
14. Shannon Moore
15. John Morrison (acquired from HollywoodNightmare, through redskins25)
16. Doug Williams
17. Joey Mercury
18. Eric Young

The Fourth Wall
1. Daniel Bryan
2. AJ Styles
3. Christian
4. Mr. Perfect (acquired from DiabeticDave, through Daiko)
5. Jake Roberts
6. Rampage Jackson
7. Fandango
8. Al Snow
9. Curtis Axel (acquired from DiabeticDave, through The Ratman)
10. Test
11. Crash Holly
12. Hardcore Holly
13. Alex Riley
14. Matt Morgan
15. Charlie Haas
16. Junkyard Dog
17. Chris Masters (acquired from DwayneAustin)
18. Steve Blackman (acquired from DwayneAustin)

1. Antonio Cesaro (acquired from redskins25)
2. The Rock (acquired from DwayneAustin)
3. Seth Rollins
4. Roman Reigns
5. Damien Sandow
6. Justin Gabriel
7. Lita
8. Awesome Kong
9. Sgt. Slaughter (acquired from redskins25)
10. Tommy Dreamer (acquired from redskins25)
11. Brodus Clay
12. Sami Callihan
13. Leo Kruger
14. Zack Ryder
15. Curt Hawkins
16. Derrick Bateman
17. Enzo Amore
18. Tyler Reks

1. Ricky Steamboat
2. Mitsuharu Misawa (acquired from Daiko)
3. JBL (acquired from Mr Cook)
4. Diamond Dallas Page
5. Taka Michinoku
6. Ron Simmons (Farooq) (acquired from Mr Cook)
7. Antonio Inoki
8. Homicide
9. Taz
10. Bam Bam Bigelow
11. Barry Windham
12. Val Venis
13. Torrie Wilson
14. Brutus Beefcake
15. Hernandez
16. Don Muraco
17. Yokozuna (acquired from Mr Cook, through The Beast Incarnate)
18. Sabu (acquired from DwayneAustin)

DwayneAustin (-1)
1. Chris Jericho (acquired from Gambit)
2. Batista
3. Rob Van Dam
4. Jay Briscoe (acquired from Obby)
5. Trish Stratus
6. Alberto Del Rio (acquired from The Beast Incarnate, through The Ratman)
7. Christy Hemme
8. Mark Briscoe
9. Maryse (acquired from The Ratman)
10. Buddy Rogers
11. Gorgeous George
12. (The) Ryback (acquired from The Beast Incarnate)
13. Conor O'Brian
14. David Von Erich
15. Mike Von Erich
16. Stu Hart
17. Fritz Von Erich

Takers Revenge
1. Nick Bockwinkel
2. Scott Hall
3. Dusty Rhodes
4. The Dynamite Kid
5. Tiger Mask IV
6. Terry Funk
7. Jumbo Tsuruta
8. Bruiser Brody
9. Stan Hansen
10. Larry Zybysko
11. Masahiro Chono
12. Ray Stevens
13. Danny Doring
14. El Mesias
15. Hector Garza
16. Jesse Ventura
17. Jimmy Garvin
18. George Hackinsmidt

The Ratman (-1)
1. Sting
2. The Undertaker (acquired from DiabeticDave)
3. Bray Wyatt (acquired from EskiBhoy)
4. Abyss (acquired from The Beast Incarnate, through redskins25, HollywoodNightmare and DiabeticDave)
5. Vampiro (acquired from DiabeticDave)
6. Psychosis (acquired from HollywoodNightmare)
7. Vince McMahon
8. Paige (acquired from DwayneAustin)
9. Corey Graves (acquired from DwayneAustin, through Daiko, through DwayneAustin)
10. Eric Bischoff
11. Juventud Guerrera
12. Magnus
13. Rob Terry
14. Victoria
15. Sean O'Haire
16. Chuck Palumbo
17. Gangrel (acquired from AwSmash)

HollywoodNightmare (-1)
1. Bobby Roode (acquired from DiabeticDave)
2. Samoa Joe
3. Raven
4. James Storm
5. Umaga
6. Owen Hart (acquired from DiabeticDave, through Johnbon89-HBK/Scott Hall's Ghost)
7. The Brian Kendrick
8. Killer Kowalski
9. Paul London
10. Verne Gagne
11. Ted DiBiase Snr. (acquired from The Ratman)
12. Colt Cabana (acquired from Jamjam22)
13. Ted DiBiase Jnr.
14. New Jack
15. Chris Harris
16. Jerry Lynn (acquired from redskins25, through DwayneAustin)
17. Matt Cross

Obby (-1)
1. John Cena
2. Edge
3. Road Warrior Hawk
4. Road Warrior Animal (acquired from EskiBhoy)
5. El Generico
6. Kevin Steen
7. Matt Jackson (acquired from Daiko)
8. Kazuchida Okada
9. Muhammed Hassan (acquired from DwayneAustin, through The Ratman)
10. Jim Neidhart
11. Nick Jackson
12. DH Smith
13. R-Truth
14. Hiroshi Tanahashi
15. Roderick Strong
16. El Santo
17. Jim Duggan

Chan Hung
1. Triple H
2. Jeff Hardy
3. Ultimate Warrior
4. Vader
5. Wade Barrett
6. Desmond Wolfe
7. Sycho Sid
8. Mike Awesome
9. The Pope D'Angelo Dinero
10. MVP
11. Amazing Red
12. Monty Brown
13. Perry Saturn
14. La Parka
15. Konnan
16. Funaki
17. The Barbarian
18. Warlord

1. Hulk Hogan
2. Superstar Billy Graham
3. Arn Anderson
4. Tully Blanchard
5. Jerry Lawler
6. Lex Luger
7. Tito Santana
8. Rick Martel
9. Greg Valentine
10. Big Boss Man
11. Earthquake
12. Minoru Suzuki
13. Viscera
14. Bad News Brown
15. Typhoon
16. Big John Studd
17. Mo
18. Kendo Nagasaki

The Beast Incarnate (-3)
1. Brock Lesnar
2. Stone Cold Steve Austin (acquired from Scott Hall's Ghost)
3. Floyd Mayweather (acquired from Scott Hall's Ghost, through DiabeticDave)
4. Mark Henry (acquired from DwayneAustin, through Daiko and DiabeticDave)
5. Kenta Kobashi (acquired from Scott Hall's Ghost)
6. Shane McMahon
7. The Miz
8. Mike Tyson (acquired from Mr Cook)
9. Matt Hardy (acquired from redskins25)
11. Jack Evans
12. Bobby Heenan
13. Ricky Morton
14. Robert Gibson
15. Bobby Eaton

1. Shawn Michaels
2. Dolph Ziggler
3. Rick Rude
4. Shelton Benjamin
5. Brian Pillman
6. Carlito
7. Santino Marella
8. AJ Lee
9. Kofi Kingston
10. Abdullah the Butcher
11. Marty Jannetty
12. Super Crazy
13. Mr. T
14. Kid Kash
15. Ken Patera
16. Chris Candido
17. Ernest Miller
18. Sable

Mr Cook (+2)
1. Randy Savage
2. Bruno Sammartino
3. Davey Boy Smith (acquired from AwSmash)
4. Harley Race
5. Lou Thesz
6. Jimmy Snuka
7. Pedro Morales
8. Ivan Koloff
9. Bob Backlund (acquired from AwSmash)
10. Miss Elizabeth
11. Paul Orndoff
12. Bob Orton
13. Manami Toyota
14. Kyoko Inoue
15. Jun Akiyama
16. Akira Taue
17. Nikita Koloff
18. Dan Severn
19. Dory Funk Jr.
20. Kasushi Sakuraba

EskiBhoy (-1)
1. Mick Foley
2. Kane
3. Goldberg (acquired from DiabeticDave, through HollywoodNightmare)
4. Kevin Nash (acquired from The Ratman)
5. Mr Anderson
6. Rikishi
7. Rhyno
8. X-Pac
9. The Sandman
10. The Godfather
11. Buff Bagwell
12. Epico
13. Primo
14. D'Lo Brown
15. Ahmed Johnson
16. Mosh
17. Thrasher

Scott Hall's Ghost (-1)
1. Randy Orton (acquired from The Beast Incarnate)
2. Big Show (acquired from The Beast Incarnate)
3. Andre The Giant (acquired from The Beast Incarnate, through redskins25)
4. The Great Muta
5. Jeff Jarrett
6. Ken Shamrock
7. Demolition: Smash
8. Demolition: Ax
9. Hakushi
10. The Honky Tonk Man
11. Drew McIntyre (acquired from redskins25, through iwatchwrestling)
12. Big E Langston (aquired from redskins25)
13. Haku/Meng
14. Bryan Clark/Adam Bomb/Wrath
15. Hercules Hernandez
16. Paul Roma
17. Tama

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Re: Official History Draft Thread: *Post Selections Here*

15, 16 and 11?

Goodbye to all my hopes and dreams. I'm going to be scraping the barrel.

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Re: Official History Draft Thread: *Post Selections Here*

3, 13, 2... I'll take it. Gillberg, Ryder and Brooklyn Brawler here I come.

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Re: Official History Draft Thread: *Post Selections Here*

8, 6, 4 not too bad

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Re: Official History Draft Thread: *Post Selections Here*

7,19,6 can't complain too much but the 19 is going to be a KiILLER!

Credit to Why2cj

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14, 10, 16, lololol.

Actually not complaining because this is all in the spirit of fun, but I thought it would work like a normal draft, do randomizer for everyone, then go through 1>20, then for R2 go through 20>1, and continue as such.

Edit - Just saw HollywoodNightmare getting 18, 20, 20, just amazing

But GL everyone, should be fun putting Matt Hardy vs Tensai as my main event

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Re: Official History Draft Thread: *Post Selections Here*

7,9,1 not to shabby

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Re: Official History Draft Thread: *Post Selections Here*

10, 17 and and 15.


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Re: Official History Draft Thread: *Post Selections Here*

12,5,17 meh

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Re: Official History Draft Thread: *Post Selections Here*

Come on chan please log in

Credit to Why2cj

Laugh, and the world laugh's with you,
Weep, and you weep alone.

I can't see myself finding much personal enjoyment just bouncing around for hours on end to the sound of robots having sex.
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