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KOB 11-18-2012 09:59 AM

Diplomacy: Run a Country RPG
Hopefully we can get enough players to get this going actively. This will be a Nation Roleplaying Game. I could spend all day going into the logistics of it but we'll use light touch regulation, do what you want as long as it's somewhat realistic and follows a few ground rules.

1. Choose a REAL nation to rule. Choose your leader. Set some goals to achieve.

2. Every so often I will post the end of a turn, this will say what has happened in the world in the last 4 months, including the world economy, what uncontrolled nations are doing, natural disasters, how war's are going etc.

3. Post as often or as little as you like each turn, but you may not cover more than 4 months within a turn.

4. You may control 2 nations, but only one of these may be a "big" or developed nation (e.g. USA, China, Britain, Israel) and one smaller one (e.g. Syria, Ireland, Libya.)

5. Try to be realistic, but in the event of a war each nation posts the actions their armies take and as admin I will post how the war is going depending solely on realism and each player's strategy.

6. Organisations such as the UN, NATO and IMF still operate, it if up to each player to join/;eave them as they wish.

7. To join as a nation, just post the following template. All information on the economy must be taken from real life (Just use wikipedia)

8. I'll give reasonable time to post your nation's update but if you don't in time I'll still post the end of turn and still give update's on your country, this may result in your country falling behind somewhat so post regularly.

New applications will be accepted throughout the game






National Debt:

Unemployment Rate:

Leader's goals:

Other Info:

KOB 11-18-2012 10:19 AM

Re: Diplomacy: Run a Country RPG
Nation: Republic of Ireland

Leader: Gerry Adams

Ruling Political Party: Sinn Fein

Term: 5 years

GDP: 169 Billion Eur.

National Debt: 135 Billion Eur.

Budget Deficit: 16-18 Billion Eur. (12% of GDP)

Unemployment Rate: 14.4%

Leader's goals: Bring down deficit by end of term. Lower Debt Levels. Restore growth in the economy. Exit EU/IMF bailout by 2013. Lower unemployment rate.

Other Info: Ireland runs a small, smart, open economy, with a large trade surplus. It's main source of growth has been attracting Foreign Direct Investment thanks to it's educated workforce and low Corporation tax (12.5 percent) In 2009 thanks to a disastous bank guarantee and the collapse of the Celtic Tiger Ireland gave up it's economic sovereignty and signed to an EU/IMF bailout.

MillionDollarProns 11-18-2012 07:07 PM

Re: Diplomacy: Run a Country RPG
Nation: The Prons Republic of China

Leader: Chairman Prons

Ruling Political Party: The Chinese Pronsunist Party

Term: Forever\8 years.

GDP: 5,739,358 in millions.

National Debt: 12% of GDP

Unemployment Rate: 4.1

Leader's Goal: Annex the fuck out of Taiwan and probably the Philippines for good measure

Curry 11-18-2012 07:56 PM

Re: Diplomacy: Run a Country RPG

Nation: Scotland

Leader: Alec Salmond

Ruling Political Party: SNP

Term: (Time until next election) 3 1/2 years

GDP: 172Bn Eur

National Debt: 174Bn Eur

Unemployment Rate: 8%

Leader's goals: Dramatic U-turn on independence, scrappage of "Curriculum for Excelence", Promotion of sports so we can reach a world cup by 2022

Other Info: Kind of messing with the main goals of my party, will also have issues dealing with whoever is UK/England.

Also hoping someone will go Vatican City, purely so they will have nothing to do but deny accusations of paedophilia.

MonsterK 11-19-2012 04:15 PM

Re: Diplomacy: Run a Country RPG
Nation: The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Leader: Kim Jong-un

Ruling Political Party: Korean Workers' Party

Term: pfft.

GDP: $45 billion ($2400 per capita)

National Debt: $12.5 billion

Unemployment Rate: no info available

Leader's goals: Kim Jong-un is determined to improve human rights and reduce poverty in the Powerful and Prosperous Nation, while still maintaining the goverment planned, state-owned economy.

Other Info: One of the worst countries in the world. Large-scale military spending draws off resources needed for investment and civilian consumption. Biggest trade partners are China and Russia. Also in possession of a nuclear weapon.

KOB 11-19-2012 04:33 PM

Re: Diplomacy: Run a Country RPG
Nation: Iran

Leader: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Term: 5 years

GDP: $482 Billion

National Debt: 16%

Leader's goals: Develop Nuclear Programme, Double Military spending budget, improve infrastructure and take hard line in foreign policy issues.

Other info: Although seen by many as a threat, Iran has one of the smallest spending per capita on military in the Middle East, whether or not it is developing nuclear weapons is much disputed, Israel and the USA are fierce enemies of the country's foreign policy and nuclear ambitions.

PS. I edited the template a bit to make it a bit easier to fill out.

Klee 11-19-2012 05:56 PM

Re: Diplomacy: Run a Country RPG
Nation: Jamaica

Leader: Snoop Lion

GDP: $24.750 billion

National Debt: $1. 825 trillion.

Unemployment Rate:12.7%

Leader's goals: International drive to legalise Cannibis, by any means necessary. World leaders have pledged to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, including the overarching goal of cutting poverty in half by 2015. There are global and national efforts to reach these Goals.

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