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Re: Getting high

YOU'RE SUCH A LAZY CARELESS POTHEAD DUDE. Now excuse me while I go kill a bottle of whiskey.

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Re: Getting high

I know, I hate myself.

Now, where are my Sarah Mclachlan albums, I need a good cry....
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Re: Getting high

i think it is something everyone should try at least once, its not cocaine or anything..
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Asking SCOTT STEINER for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Getting high

I've never quite understood the appeal of this drug.

Personally, I find the body load unpleasant and to be honest, an appetite and the desire to sit around feeling unmotivated is pretty much the exact opposite of what I'm looking for in a drug, I much prefer to go the other way.

It's not bad at the end of a big night out on other substances to send things a little sideways, but on it's own it lacks recreational value, in my opinion that is.

Also, on legalisation, the fact that weed, or any one other popular drugs are still illegal is a joke.

The simple fact is drug prohibition kills more people than drugs alone ever could. All prohibition does is line the pockets of black market operators, creates deadly violence and puts dangerous, adulterated, unregulated drugs on the street.

The best possible solution at this stage is HONEST drug education in schools, harm minimisation strategies and complete legalisation. All manufacturing should be completely legit and monitored closely by the Government

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Too Sweet
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Re: Getting high

I've smoked green quite a bit during my High School years (been out since 2007). It was usually during the weekends and I would toke up with some buddies. Now a days it's really rare for me to do so.
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I'm a Paul Heyman Guy.
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Re: Getting high

Never have done and don't plan too.

But I don't look down on others if they choose to do it.
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Congratulations, you played yourself
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Re: Getting high

Never tried it, don't plan to.
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Acknowledged by SCOTT STEINER
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Re: Getting high

Originally Posted by Walls View Post
Did you just not inhale it correctly or something? It hits me like a brick every time.
No, I always inhaled it correctly. Like I said, I just never really felt it unless I was also drinking. Weird I know.
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Is a Snit Head
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Re: Getting high

Tried it once. I was at a friend's house and we got back from a party and were hanging out on his roof. I totally gave into drunken peer pressure. It was great, my one friend was sober and just started playing the piano. Now I know he's been into music all his life but that was the first time I really appreciated how good he is. There were about 8 people in his room and I just crashed on his bed and listened to him play for like half an hour. Not something I would ever do regularly but once in a while really isn't a big deal at all.

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Re: Getting high

I never buy it but I do it every now and then, I don't think it's a big deal and most of the time it's so fun.

I love CM Punk!

My favorite poster of the moment: McQueen

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
actually my brain in a chicks body would create the most hectic psycho crazy stalker bitch nymphomaniac lesbian ever. So basically Skittle
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