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Re: The Hardcore title game!

Huge DEBUT by Rawlin, as he runs in and tells Mr. English he's taking this title no matter what!

he gives him a hug, and then a kiss.
things get weird. until Rawlin pulls the toilet out of his pocket and smashes him over the head with it. the kids in the stand begin to cry, one of them shouting that that's their toilet, but Rawlin tells him to shut his shit, and goes for the cover.


and this long-anticipated debut comes to a new glorious hardcore champion!

cool and smooth, that's how i play.

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Re: The Hardcore title game!

Bartman runs at Rawling and hugs him before dropping him with a hugeee Stunnerrrr. He goes for the pin but Rawling kicks out and so Bartman pussies out and runs away. He declares that the 24/7 Hugs and Kisses title is not sexy enough to be around Bartman's waist anyway.
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Re: The Hardcore title game!

Puggle consoles Bartman by telling him that its OK and to go home and play Luna Online. Puggle turns around and gives Rawlin a taste if his own medicine, a hug and wet kiss. Rawlin looks confused until suddenly... FINGERPOKE OF DOOM! Puggle covers Rawlin for the three count and wins the title.
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Re: The Hardcore title game!

Melvisboy appears, and gives Puggle life advice. Puggle dies of irony, Melvisboy makes the cover to win the title.
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Re: The Hardcore title game!

I trick Melvisboy into becoming a biscuit tin before pinning him and then running away with all his custard creams.



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Re: The Hardcore title game!

Mr English decided he's sick and tired of chasing the H&K Championship, only to lose it 10 Minutes later so from now on, he is no longer challenging for the title, Mr McMahon then hits him in the face and Fires him, and as English leaves, Depressed, he see's the champ! He Takes him to the ground and Takes the belt, Leaving WF Without a champion. Becuase they will never fins him in his hiding place, Canada!
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Re: The Hardcore title game!


Hiplop grabs an AK47 and shoots mr english in the foot, causing mr english to cry,The tears block his vision as hiplop knocks him out with a vandaminator


Hiplop then challenges a young and upcoming star to face him in a hogan/Rock type of thing

what a BABE
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Re: The Hardcore title game!

What's this... just1988 is crawling back towards Hiplop in the ring, but suddenly, ARSENE WENGER comes from the crowd, and nails just1988 with the STUNNER!

JR starts screaming "BY GAWD, BY GAWD, WENGER JUST STUNNED HIM LIKE A PACKET OF SKITTLES, BY GAWD THEY'RE FRUITY" and just1988 goes down, yelling "PENALTY REF, SURELY!" like a true Arsenal fan, as Wenger escapes through the crowd, yelling "I SAW NUZZINK!" in a French accent!

The referee tells just1988 "it's not that kind of match", and when he gets up in the referee's face - THE REFEREE IS MELVISBOY, NO LONGER A BISCUIT TIN!

MELVISBOY GOES WILD, AND NAILS JUST1988 WITH FIVE STUNNERS AND A FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE... then screams "MELVE IT!" before he leaves, as Hiplop stands patiently in the corner, still Hardcore Champion, and waits for his next challenge with a slightly bored expression.

Biscuit tin my ass.
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Re: The Hardcore title game!

Pyros explode as the Bambi killer arrives down the ramp with Raven's old shopping trolley. You know the one with frankenstein at the front ...

Anyways BK whips into his trolley of goodies and finds a pair of old Steve Blackman's toys. And when I say toys I mean as in weapons, not of the sexual variety.

The killer of bambi uses said weapons to maul hiplop into a pulp before pinning him for the title... Then the police turn up and find BK's private stash inside Frankensteins backside, and is arrested for possession.
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Re: The Hardcore title game!

Just as Bambikiler is taken backstage one of the officers hits the other two and then BK with a nightstick

It was me posing as one of the officers.

"I'm cashing in my Feast Or Fired Case right now!"

restart bell sounds and we're off

pepper spray to the face, tazer to the groin, stun gun to mine

"Ohohohoohohoohh, that's the stuff, thats how hardcore i am mate"

44 Magnum(most powerful movie prop in the world) to his-

"Okay okay you can have it!" shouts Bambikiller

New Champ

"Thanks darling. This here, is going right up my nose"

Then i leg it knowing that posing as an officer will have the real fuzz on me in mere minutes. I run out of the arena, over the river and through the woods, kept running until i'm on a bridge with the river below

"well if im going round in circles i might as well go for a dip, they'll never catch me swimming"

and i take off my clothes with title in hand.

"Lets, get.......wehhhhhehehehehhht..."

i jump right off

and then


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