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Gravity Falls

So I just finished up on Season 1 of this show a few moments ago, and I just have to say that I haven't had this much fun watching television in a very long time. In my opinion, it is one of the best animated series, as well as intellectual properties that Disney has come out with, in years, and I'm genuinely saddened that there won't be a second season of it to come for at least a year. I feel somewhat obligated to express how I feel in a progressively pestering and pretentious manner, which I can only pray comes across as noticeably informative.

For those who haven't heard of it or don't know much about it, the TV troops article sums things up nice and efficiently. Basically, the main appeal (for me, at least) about the series is chopped up to three things:

Firstly, the characters, whom are all equally and charmingly unique in their own way, as well as having their own creative methods of making audiences laugh, or antagonists whom you'll want to beat mercilessly. There is also not a single dud character in this whole series, with even the background roles managing to fulfill their little purpose more than is even required. This is also compounded by some very admirable and memorable performances by the voice cast. Furthermore, characters who you assume would be used purely for relief can come out with a heartaching amount of emotional depth. Things can get super-emotional super-quickly, and it adds a necessary dose of dramatic whimsy to the already enjoyable hybrid of fantasy and comedy.

Secondly, there is the humour, which can range from childish to silly, topical, referential, graphic or to downright adult-sitcom oriented. Essentially, there's something in here for everybody, similar to the appeal of Regular Show, but to a more fantastical extent, displaying a more narrative-driven approach to the obscure imagery, as well as incorporating the always-evident whimsy of Disney media; be prepared for a lot of cuteness to be shoved down your throat.

And finally, there's the story, which is unlike any other from a Disney animated series I've seen before. There's an immensely intriguing sense of mystery and revelation littered throughout this show that it must be watched from the very beginning to truly understand the context of everything. The series presents itself in a very linear fashion, always referencing the events of previous episodes, and constantly ends on notes which make you want to continue watching the entire series to see resolves for.

If you haven't watched a cartoon in years, this series is a perfect way to remind you that animation has not completely stagnated over the past decade. It is fully worth your time, even if it doesn't require much of it, with currently only twenty 20-minute episodes in the first season.

TL;DR: I implore you to watch this original, charming and fully worthwhile cartoon that is one of the best things to come out of animation and Disney for years.

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