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View Poll Results: Favorite Adult Animated TV Show?
South Park 38 33.33%
Family Guy 16 14.04%
The Simpsons 20 17.54%
King of the Hill 1 0.88%
American Dad 5 4.39%
Futurama 13 11.40%
Other 21 18.42%
Voters: 114. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Favorite Adult Animated TV Show?

All Time: Simpsons and then South Park

Right Now: Bob's Burgers and then Archer

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Re: Favorite Adult Animated TV Show?

South Park before 2008.
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Re: Favorite Adult Animated TV Show?

currently Archer. Thats been my show since I went to Afghanistan in 2010.

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Re: Favorite Adult Animated TV Show?

Originally Posted by virus21 View Post
No Robot Chicken, no Venture Bros or even SeaLab? I know it says other, but come on now
I've not heard of these before, what are they like?

Originally Posted by TomasThunder619 View Post
Beavis and Butthead was great and a little over the top, which I like, but South Park went further with it, so I chose the later.
I prefer Beavis & Butthead way more than South Park, I liked and enjoyed South Park but it kinda relied on the same things for me really, Beavis and Butthead is always quality and is forever fresh, have you seen the 2011 series?

Nice to see Bob's Burgers getting a few mentions, this show is slowly, but surely starting to become more popular and rightly so, it's an amazing show!!!!

"You really can't beat these shows can you?"
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Re: Favorite Adult Animated TV Show?

I only watch Famly Guy out of the ones on the list
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Re: Favorite Adult Animated TV Show?

I voted Simpsons. The first 9 or 10 seasons were gold. I'd rank them this way.

1. Simpsons
2. South Park
3. King of the Hill

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Re: Favorite Adult Animated TV Show?

Venture Bros.


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Re: Favorite Adult Animated TV Show?

South Park.. not even close. It might be my favorite show of all time.
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Re: Favorite Adult Animated TV Show?

Futurama is my all time favourite. I also love The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy and King of the Hill. Never understood the appeal of South Park personally.


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Re: Favorite Adult Animated TV Show?

Right now, it is Archer. That show is the most quotable show on TV. It is fucking amazing, lol.

All time? That's a little tougher. Simpsons' in its prime was untouchable, but is almost equally as bad now. Family Guy is in the same boat. Started awesome, then went ice cold, but it happened much faster for them in my eyes. South Park amazes me with how it is able to stay good after all these years.

I'd probably lean towards The Simpsons as my number one because of just how good they were in the 90s, but it is a tough call.

My Top Ten!
1) The Simpsons (Seasons 2-9) = The Show was absolutely amazing. There was a point in time when the new Simpsons episode was a weekly event for me because they were hitting home runs all the time.

2) South Park = They are actually so much better now than they were in their early days. The progression of the show to random shock & potty non-sequitur humor into thought provoking and surprisingly intelligent social commentary, while still being wild and gross out funny, is actually quite astonishing.

3) The Critic = Oh The Critic. How do I love thee. This is a show that should have made it big, and definitely had the set up, the premise, the writing, and the characters to keep the show going for at least 8 or 9 seasons...but alas, it was not meant to be.

4) Futurama = Awesome show that really took full advantage of its premise and did whatever it wanted while also giving us great funny characters. They ended at the right time and had a great run (well, great runs).

5) Duckman = Nobody remembers Duckman it seems, but it was witty, smart, in your face and a perfect showcase for Jason Alexander to tear loose and be a rage fueled duck that always spoke his mind.

6) Archer = Will probably shoot up much higher as the show goes on, but the show is just so effortlessly pulled off with its dialogue and the way the characters bounce off of each other. Seriously, I feel like all the actors are in the booth together just ad-libbing, it sounds so natural. And with the spy agency set up, it opens the door for some many parodies and funny situations that the show is just as exciting as it is funny. I can't get enough of it!

7) Daria = The best show that ever came from MTV. I mean this does count as an adult cartoon right? It is more geared for teenagers, but fuck it, I'm counting it. This is the best high school show ever put on TV with its realistic, yet funny take, to its archetypal high school characters, to the issues they tackles, and just how fun it was. The show was also very human, if that makes any sense.

8) Family Guy (Seasons 1-4) = In its early years, Family Guy was one of the most enjoyable shows on Television. I was actually one of the few that supported it pretty hardcore during its first failed run and I was sad that it went the way of The Critic. Well it came back after gaining a 2nd life on DVD and I was happy...until it petered out (no pun intended). The show seemed to just lack focus and rely more and more on the cutaway gags and over reliance on every running gag they ever created. It also didn't help that Seth MacFarlane took what was basically a Simpsons ripoff and then created two more ripoffs of his ripoff from it! To me, that only added to the "Family Guy is watered down" effect. Those complaints aside, those early seasons are still pretty damn funny and they were even really good for a short time after they came back too.

9) King of the Hill = I am not even sure what it is about this show that I like so much. The characters are great, but the show itself is not always laugh-out-loud funny. I think what it is that I like about it is just how laid back it is and how it has this nice old school, home made feel to it that very other adult cartoons have. Most other adult cartoons are bombastic and raunchy (And we love it, sure) but this one is just more low key and human, and that gives it this weird unique charm that I can't quite put my finger on.

10) Wait Till Your Father Gets Home! = Does anybody else besides me remember this? Before there was The Simpsons, and before there was Family Guy, we had Harry Boyle and his family as the patriarch struggles with the changing values of 1970s society. I remember seeing this on Cartoon Network at midnight years before there was Adult Swim, and I was shocked at how adult it was for most other cartoons on the network. Sure it is tame by today's standards, but for the 1970s, it was interesting to see a cartoon tackle issues like sex and war. It was really ahead of its time and might have even served as a blueprint for the shows that we know today.


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