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96powerstroker 06-17-2013 01:08 PM

DC universe cartoons thoughts
Superfriends a classic tv series love watching this brings back some memories

Batman the animated series.
Really started the awesomeness and I love christmas with the joker and almost got I'm

Superman the animated series love the final whole season

Justice league/unlimited I loved the first 2 seasons Starcrossed kinda messed up everything in my opinion.

Hawkgirl was badass and the whole gl and her was getting good
Weird I know but I though hawkgirl helped make the justice league cool and i though she was pretty damn sexy when she took that helmet off.

It kinda messed up unlimited without her Being alot in the show.

RenegadexParagon 06-17-2013 01:27 PM

Re: Dc universe cartoons thoughts
DC typically has some good animated series'.

Batman TAS, Superman TAS, Teen Titans, Justice League, Young Justice, Batman Beyond, etc were all pretty good.

Favorite will always be Batman TAS though. Best animated series I've ever watched.

96powerstroker 06-17-2013 01:36 PM

Personal opinion btas was the best then justice league I was just disappointed by the unmasking of hawkgirl and her not Being a main part of It.

reDREDD 06-17-2013 01:41 PM

Re: Dc universe cartoons thoughts
Batman in the animated series was fantastic

The show had, IMO, the definite Joker and Batman. Written by paul Dini, drawn by Bruce Timm, voiced by Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy

AnimeWrestlingDonuts™ 06-17-2013 07:17 PM

Re: DC universe cartoons thoughts
Batman TAS and Justice League Unlimited will always be classics. Used to watch Static Shock all the time. I did not like the character designs and coloring of Batman Beyond. I enjoyed Batman Brave and the Bold and was a fan of the Teen Titans. I'm sad that Young Justice was cancelled. I didn't even like the second season, I felt it was disjointed and I've never liked Blue Beetle, but would love to see what would have happened next with Randall Savage. The Teen Titans Go short is cute and I love the little visual nods to other characters like the Darkseid plush near the couch. I've heard good things about the cancelled CGI Green Lantern.

I am not looking forward to the new Batman animated series.

Combat Analyst 06-17-2013 09:30 PM

Re: DC universe cartoons thoughts
Static Shock was great, Static had potential to be DC's Spider-Man but that's another story.

Justice League Unlimited is GOAT. Bruce Timm & Paul Dini are the greatest comic book writers & artists to never be comic book writers & artists.

TripleG 06-17-2013 11:31 PM

Re: DC universe cartoons thoughts
Lots of good stuff from DC in the Animated show department.

The DCAU was mostly great with Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, & Justice League. All great stuff. Batman was especially great with its tone & visual style, and the Superman TAS really helped warm me up to Superman. Batman Beyond was one of those shows where I thought "Yup, this is gonna suck" but no! It was quite good. And Justice League was like a nerd vanity project, but in a totally awesome way.

I remember thinking Teen Titans was going to be terrible, but I was wrong. It was really good!

Batman Brave & The Bold was awesome in a completely different way, lol. That show was great.

Young Justice was also quite good.

And then there are the direct to video movies. Too many to go through, but those tended to be really good as well.

MillionDollarProns 06-17-2013 11:55 PM

Re: DC universe cartoons thoughts
Where's my god damn wonder woman cartoon

96powerstroker 06-18-2013 12:26 PM

Its on the way

Combat Analyst 06-18-2013 01:06 PM

Re: DC universe cartoons thoughts
Teen Titans was decent. It had it's fair share of serious episodes but was too much comedy for the most part. Slade was still one of the GOAT DC villains, animated wise because of that show.

I wouldn't mind a Teen Titans Unlimited, time-skipped 2-5 years, considering they expanded the Titans roster in the same fashion, that the Justice League did. (On top of that, JLU started right when they started recruiting more members for the Titans).

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