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Re: TV shows you have gone off?

if we are counting stuff like pokemon. I stopped watching Pokemon sometime after the Orange League(?) when they started making more pokemon, just never got really into it like i did with the original. Same with the other card game tv shows.

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Re: TV shows you have gone off?

Originally Posted by kusksu View Post
Actually i think Danson has been pretty good on CSI so far. The show has lost a lot of Spark, but I wouldn't blame it on him.

Speaking of Becker, the last two seasons (esp 6) were goddamn awful
Oh, I didn't mean it as though his acting is terrible because it's not. Just that his past television roles have trapped most viewers into seeing him as Becker and Malone and it's hard for a lot of people to take him serious in his current role. It's like when they tried to cast Ed O'Neill as a cop in LA Dragnet after playing the iconic role of Al Bundy for 11 years; it was a complete and utter failure.
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Re: TV shows you have gone off?

Originally Posted by RuthStar View Post
Wow that actually sounds good, I should get back into it then, I think we're getting the latest season starting on Sky 1 at the end of the month, So I'll give it a go again.. and Reid gets a girlfriend? Thats something I'd never thought would happen lol.
his girlfriend is parker from leverage.

Never liked criminal minds though, the whole show is just annoying to me. They do a lot of standing around while there's people being skinned alive and fed to ants..

I don't know if it counts but I completely stopped watching Breaking Bad after season two because of bravo. Their scheduling sucks, their volume leveling sucks.. Can't stand em. I'm going to watch it in netflix form now that it's over.

Same with the walking dead, haven't watched a single episode since the first season. The wait between seasons mixed with the lack of any type of push in the story line was just too much.. I'll wait for the box set.

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Re: TV shows you have gone off?

Smackdown-Just hasn't given me a reason to watch the show

Spongebob-Ok, so yea I'm 15, I used to watch the show alot back in the early 2000s then it seems like after the movie, it just got more and more stupid.

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Re: TV shows you have gone off?

Stopped watching "Lost" with several seasons to go. I got tired of the mounting questions with absolutely no payoffs or answers whatsoever. It was fun at first. After about a year or so it was damn annoying. And I don't care how long I've been stranded on an island, I am not going to drink can after can of flat, warm beer. I have standards, dammit.

Just decided to stop watching "America Unearthered" after a few episodes. Yet another show along the lines finding bigfoot or explaining unexplained mysteries that at the end of the show explains NOTHING, other than to point out how many things are unexplainable. I don't need a pointless TV show to tell me that.
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Re: TV shows you have gone off?

Stopped with The Simpsons back in the 90s.

Stopped with Cleveland Show after 4 episodes.

Stopped with Scrubs after Season 7.

Tosh.0 got really old after the second season, same old crap every time.
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Re: TV shows you have gone off?

After the last season, True Blood. The first season was the best season, I think, and the third season was second best. But the last season was just, to put it in the vernacular, a hot mess. Being originally from Louisiana, I do like that there's a popular show there, but I think it might be time to put True Blood to rest (even though they haven't adapted all the books yet, but they did so rather loosely anyway) or fix the things they broke in the last season. It used to be so addictive, but I would rather wince for the right reasons, not because the writing is bad.

Also, the WWE product currently (PG's got nothing to do with it). I've been a fan for so many years, but I'd rather not watch and be irritated than watch and complain every week. If they get better, then everything is fun under the sun with me, but I don't watch out of tradition. I've always watched out of enjoyment. Enjoyment denied = no get my viewership.

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Re: TV shows you have gone off?

All WWE shows since they turned PG

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Re: TV shows you have gone off?

Originally Posted by BRITLAND View Post
Lost - First 4 seasons were brilliant thought it did suck a bit in the last 2 seasons compared to the previous ones, it was still a good show..... Until the stupid smack in the face shame ending to the show which made the entire show completely pointless

But there are(where?) some fan made alternative endings on youtube, if you rewatch the last season and stop before the last two episodes, switch to YT, block your ears and yell really really loud, it's a bit better

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Re: TV shows you have gone off?

Family Guy has become a guilty pleasure of mine to say the very least mainly because of Stewie as he's my favourite character and his one liners still make me chuckle. American Dad is still pretty good as well but its just a rehash of Family Guy in that its a comedy centered around one family atleast with The Simpsons they did well to develop and create stories centered around most if not all of the other characters with a Simpsons member most of the time being Homer being there for moral support or general support. Thats why i think The Simpsons lasted as long as it has not saying the formulas perfect or even all that good its just more consistent.

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