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Re: Your Top 5 Favorite Movies

Not necessarily what I think are the 'best' movies ever, but as the OP says, my favourites...

The Godfather I & II (yeah, fuck it, they count as one. Incredible character study's, possibly the best ever in film imo.)

The Empire Strikes Back (Imo, probably the most 'fun' movie ever. It's character's are great and pretty complex for the genre, it's brilliantly dark and has some stunning set pieces. The effects still look outstanding.)

Magnolia (An amazing labyrinth of a film, a lot of fun despite it's themes and it's length, the use of sound mixed with the editing is fantastic, and every single actor in it is on award worthy form.)

Goodfellas (A fascinating study of Gangster life, feels like you've literally been transported to that time and are watching it first hand. Maybe my favourite single shot in history (anyone that's seen it should know the one), and the best soundtrack ever to boot.)

Drive (Fuck it, this gets a spot. Incredible masterpiece imo, and my favourite film of the last 5 years at least. A great lead character and performance, stunning visuals, editing, cinematography and of course that soundtrack. The SHIT!)

Ask me on another day and Tree Of Life, Pulp Fiction, Breathless, Pan's Labyrinth and a whole bunch of other stuff might be in there, but today this is my top 5.
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Re: Your Top 5 Favorite Movies

Léon: The Professional
Taxi Driver
Dead Man's Shoes
Once Upon a Time in the West/Network/Halloween (1978)

Can't pick between the last three. Once Upon a Time in the West is just a truly absorbing and captivating movie, with Fonda being immaculate as the villain. Network was probably one of the most gripping films I'd seen after I first got done watching it, a frightening portrayal of the media that still rings true to this day. Halloween doesn't need arguing, amazingly chilling and masterful in suspense and characterisation.

Special mention to The Long Good Friday as well. Bob Hoskins rules the world as an east end cockney trying to expand his empire, and the movie is just effortlessly gripping and entertaining and complimented by a great cast. The end scene is one of my favourites in a film, purely because of Hoskins and his performance.
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Re: Your Top 5 Favorite Movies

American History X
Shawshank Redemption
The Usual Suspects
Training Day
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Re: Your Top 5 Favorite Movies

In no order

Pulp Fiction
Don't Be A Menace To South Central
Taxi Driver
Wayne's World 1 - The first film I can remember ever watching, so it has a special place in my heart.

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Re: Your Top 5 Favorite Movies

training day

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Re: Your Top 5 Favorite Movies

Love Exposure
Cold Fish
Enter the Void
Carlito's Way

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Re: Your Top 5 Favorite Movies

There Will Be Blood
The Dark Knight Trilogy (one big epic story)

Others. Second tier

Pulp Fiction
Fight Club
Wall E
No Country For Old Men

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simply the best
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Re: Your Top 5 Favorite Movies

1. Godfather
2. Pulp Fiction
3. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
4. Godfather II
5. The Dark Knight
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Re: Your Top 5 Favorite Movies

Vertigo - Alfred Hitchcock

The greatest fucking film ever bar none. The only fucking thing in wich a man is able to destroy time for love and obsession

Pierrot Le fou - Jean-luc Godard

The best depiction of the relations between women and men i have ever seen. plus FREEDOM to film the way one fucking want

Sans Soleil - Chris Marker

Easily one of the most complex things i ever seen, but incredible beautiful and charming. The definitive Essay on memory, time and most important the way we relate to images.

Ordet - Carl T. Dreyer

Faith, just faith, not necesary religious but faith in whatever. Even the atheist people like me needs faith one time, like at the end of this. Plus, that camera relating to space, gorgeous.

and i don't want to put the fifth because has multiple choices: Sunrise, The royal tenenbaums, M, Assault on precinct 13, Close-up, Hatari!, etc

Would I write a book? Or should I take to the stage?

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Re: Your Top 5 Favorite Movies

The Dark Knight
Fight Club
The Prestige
Pulp Fiction
The Usual Suspects

Not in any order and its not really a definite list .
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