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TripleG 12-21-2012 07:13 PM

Top 15 Best & Top 15 Worst Comic Book Based Movies
Yeah yeah, another list thread from me, but after watching Spawn the other night, it did get me thinking about the subject.

So OK, my Top 15 Favs of the Superhero/Comic book film genre and my 15 lowest of the low pieces of crap.

15 Worst:

15) Howard the Duck = I'll be honest, it is a major guilty pleasure of mine, which is why it ranks so low. It is horrible, but in an awesome way. If you are going to fail, do it with style! I had it down to this, the Lundgren Punisher film and Judge Dread (Stallone version) for spot 15, as all of them are just great "so bad, they are good" type of movies.

14) GI Joe: Rise of Cobra = Why does Cobra Commander have a back story? Why do I even know who Destro and Cobra Commander are? Why is Channing Tatum such a shitty actor in this movie, but the show stealer in 21 Jump Street? And why is the CGI in this film as bad as a Spy Kids movie?

13) Green Lantern = See this movie gives me so little faith in a Justice League movie. If they can't even do GL right, how on Earth are they going to do the whole JLA? Basically, this was a cartoonish & boring rehash of Iron Man, inferior in just about every way.

12) Superman IV: The Quest for Peace = Horrible visual effects, a lame & pandering story, an even lamer foe for The Man of Steel, and more lapses in logic than I can count. This movie is a disaster.

11) Batman & Robin = Wow, it isn't even my top ten? Well to be honest, I have gotten to where I can look back on it and laugh. But damn, this movie failed in just about every way conceivable.

10) Daredevil = Ben Affleck as a superhero....HAHAHAHAHA. Ok Ok, I've had my laugh. Is the film good enough outside of that? Nah.

9) Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance = So let me get this straight: I can't have a Thomas Jane Punisher sequel, but that crappy Nic Cage Ghost Rider movie gets a follow up? Life truly is not fair.

8) Ghost Rider = This one ticks me off because the teaser trailer tricked me into thinking it was going to be good. Oh how wrong I was. I can truly say that the best part of the movie is the end credits. That cover of Ghost Riders in the Sky is pretty sweet.

7) Barb Wire = Pamela Anderson is mad fucking hot in this....that is all there is to like.

6) Supergirl = Story makes no sense, the story makes no sense, and uh, oh yeah, THE STORY MAKES NO SENSE!!!

5) Tank Girl = Why is it that all the comic book movies starring female heroes have failed so badly? It kind of makes me glad there hasn't been a Wonder Woman movie.

4) Spawn = Just saw it recently and yeah, it is fucking terrible. I knew it had to be bad, but I never dreamed it could be THAT bad. The movie itself is so bad, it might be a hell spawn in of itself. Thank God for the HBO animated series.

3) Steel = Yes, there was actually a time when Hollywood tried to make Shaq a leading man in the film industry. I don't know what they were smoking either.

2) Captain America (1990 version) = Anyone remember this film? Anyone? No? Good, because it is horrible.

1) Catwoman = As sexy as Halle Berry looks in the suit, you get all the good stuff out of the trailer. The rest of the movie is a pure and utter abomination of cinema.

Now my Top 15 Favorites:

15) Thor = This is sort of the inverse of Green Lantern. See I knew Marvel Studios could do no wrong when Thor, fucking Thor, worked and worked very well.

14) Superman = The original, the trendsetter, and a fun live action telling of the origin of the one and only, Superman. Christopher Reeve, to me, is Superman.

13) X2: X-Men United = Wolverine and Nightcrawler are my two favorite X-Men, so to see them steal the show in a movie that was more than competent in other areas was great. This movie probably did the best job of balancing all the different characters in an X-Men film, which is very tricky to do.

12) Captain America: The First Avenger = A very fun and exciting period piece film that made me fall in love with the Captain America character, something I didn't think was possible in this day and age.

11) X-Men: First Class = Best X-Men movie to date. My only major knock on it is that it wasn't the first! Can you imagine if this had been the first X film with more familiar characters in the places of the very obscure ones that were used? Wow!

10) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles = Well...yeah! This movie has way more in common with its comic roots than the cartoon series, and it is very good and holds up surprisingly well.

9) Kick Ass = Going to say this: I like this film ALOT more than its source material. The characters are more likeable & engaging, and the story is a lot more fun & exciting.

8) Superman 2 = Three words: Kneel Before Zod! I would also like to throw motherfucker on the end of that while I'm at it.

7) Spider-Man = Yeah, I still love this movie. Sue me. It captured everything I love about Spidey and had a lot of fun along the way. CGI sucks butt though.

6) The Punisher = Fuck it. I love this movie, and yes, I am talking about the Thomas Jane 2004 Punisher. Loved it, loved it, loved it, and I wanted sequels to it. But alas, it was not meant to be.

5) Iron Man = Probably the best comic superhero origin film to date. Just watching Stark create Iron Man is awesome enough.

4) The Avengers = Ever play with your toys and put a story together when you were kids? That is basically this movie but with about a full on 10 on the awesome scale. This movie just has so much awesome I don't even know how to describe it. It is just pure fun, plain & simple.

3) Spider-Man 2 = It is cool to hate on the Raimi Spider-Man films now, isn't it, but I loved how this movie just made Parker's life miserable. It showed that it truly does suck to be a superhero.

2) Batman (89 Burton version) = Great visual style, fun characters, and the film that totally change my perception of The Caped Crusader.

1) The Dark Knight = It's fucking awesome. Nuff said.

JasonCage 12-21-2012 07:25 PM

Re: Top 15 Best & Top 15 Worst Comic Book Based Movies
The director's cut of Daredevil is actually my second favorite superhero movie. I'd recommend it if you haven't seen it. Affleck isn't the best Daredevil but he is a really Matt Murdock.

JoseDRiveraTCR7 12-21-2012 07:27 PM

Re: Top 15 Best & Top 15 Worst Comic Book Based Movies
Pretty good list. I agree for most of it, though would probably take out TMNT or Punisher for Scott Pilgrim, and I would move Superman higher for my list. Also, Raimi's Spider-Man has been undeservingly getting shit upon lately.

Coffey 12-21-2012 07:27 PM

Re: Top 15 Best & Top 15 Worst Comic Book Based Movies
I'll just do best (as in favorite) because I'm not really interested in the bad ones.

10. Hellboy
09. The Incredible Hulk Returns
08. X-Men: First Class
07. Hellboy II: The Golden Army
06. Superman
05. Batman
04. Constantine
03. Superman II
02. Batman Begins
01. The Avengers

I'm a big fan of Hellblazer & Hellboy.

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar 12-21-2012 07:56 PM

Re: Top 15 Best & Top 15 Worst Comic Book Based Movies
Needs more Batman Begins.

Combat Analyst 12-21-2012 08:07 PM

Re: Top 15 Best & Top 15 Worst Comic Book Based Movies
I don't see how Avengers gets number 1. Great action flick but that's it.

dukenukem3do 12-21-2012 08:30 PM

Re: Top 15 Best & Top 15 Worst Comic Book Based Movies
hey what about Punisher Warzone

Coffey 12-21-2012 08:39 PM

Re: Top 15 Best & Top 15 Worst Comic Book Based Movies

Originally Posted by Combat Analyst (Post 12410259)
I don't see how Avengers gets number 1. Great action flick but that's it.

What is it supposed to be if not a great action flick?

Prometheus 12-21-2012 10:25 PM

Re: Top 15 Best & Top 15 Worst Comic Book Based Movies
Avengers was one of the funnest times I've had at the movies in a while. got exactly what i wanted.

I kept waiting for Ghost Rider to get good and it didn't. I liked Daredevil when I first saw it though.

Aram 12-21-2012 10:56 PM

Re: Top 15 Best & Top 15 Worst Comic Book Based Movies
The only Raimi Spider-Man movie that I've seen people hate was the third one, and rightfully so. That movie was such a clusterfuck mess that I don't even know where to start explaining the whole damn thing. It was such a disappointment for me considering I loved the first two films. Thank fuck TASM turned out to be decent.

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