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Re: The Hobbit Discussion Thread

Loving the reviews in here. I'm completely fucked as I live in an non-English speaking country and the nearest original language cinema is a two hour train ride away.

Fuck these foreign cunts, man.

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Re: The Hobbit Discussion Thread

Just got back from it. It was really good. Can't wait for the showdown with Smaug.

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Re: The Hobbit Discussion Thread

Was great. Very enjoyable for the first 30 minutes, got a bit flat from then up until past the stone trolls/the chase with Wargs etc. The rest was fine. 9/10. Not Lord of the Rings, but stands up well on it's own, however the super high definition was a turn off. Can't wait for the next two.

And at the end...I can't remember if it was in the book or not but when every can clearly see Erebor from Carrock, is that even possible? I remember the Mirkwood part of the book and it was made out to be an unbelievably long treck from side to side, not even bringing into account the wilderness before Mirkwood. Surely Erebor, if being true to the book (again i'm not sure whether them seeing it, is mentioned in the book) is impossible to see with the naked eye?
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Re: The Hobbit Discussion Thread

Fucking ace, still not keen on Freeman though if I'm honest, seems too normal for me, not 'middle earth' enough.

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Re: The Hobbit Discussion Thread

I fucking loved this movie.

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Re: The Hobbit Discussion Thread

Listening to Battle of Evermore right NOW.

Need to see this stat.

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Re: The Hobbit Discussion Thread

God I loved this film. Troll scene and the scene where Bilbo meets Gollum were especially good. I can't believe they've managed to make 2 hours and 45 mins out of what is essentially one hundred pages and make it this entertaining.

Can't believe some reviewers have been giving this 5/10s, bit of a travesty really.
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Re: The Hobbit Discussion Thread

Loved it. Some minor quips, but what movie doesn't have those?

The backstory for the dwarves and Thorin in particular makes it easier for us as the audience to identify with them, as well as providing us with a nice shiny antagonist. The humor was mostly great, and Smeagol/Gollum stole the show again. The discretion shots of Smaug were smartly done, as well as the hooks for movies 2 and 3 (Smaug and The Necromancer).

The shitty reviews this thing got make me wonder if they are actually familiar with the book. Putting it straight from the book onto the screen would suck, this is better. I love the ones calling it a "terrible prequel" or "Lord of the Rings Knockoff".

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Re: The Hobbit Discussion Thread

I liked it alot, but I agree that it went on for too long and I can see why people wouldn't like it, there were alot of scenes that were cool for LOTR fans, but there was alot of unneeded shit too, mostly the stuff that they added from the side stories and such which you could tell were added in. Eh, just some of the scenes seemed like they were made for the extended edition and not the theatrical version.

I didn't mind the Radagast stuff, except for y'know the five minute scene of him giving CPR to a hedgehog could have been done in like two, it was mostly Rivendell that I believe could have been seriously cut down.

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Re: The Hobbit Discussion Thread

Saw it twice already and absolutely loved it both times. Freeman couldn't have been a better Bilbo IMO.

It's just much different than LOTR, but it'll be a great companion trilogy to it.

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