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Just read the script for RoboCop (2014) *Spoilers*

Its been online since August, final shooting screenplay. Not hard to find.

This film will be atrocious. First, without a shadow of a doubt, its PG-13. OmniCorp has Murphy killed so that if their machine malfunctions, they can lay the blame to a man inside it. RoboCop shoots enemies with darts. 191 arrests with no fatalities, opponents are shot with stun darts. One scene has RoboCop dispatch a van load of enemies with tear gas. Tear gas shot from the headlight of his motorbike. The enemies actually cry and whince into submission.

The film mocks people complaining about PG-13. 'Lets make him PG-13' is an actual line of dialogue.

There is no real villain. No Clarence Boddicker or Dick Jones.

For about 10 minutes, RoboCop wears the old suit. OmniCorp has a meeting - says the suit is too intimidating for children, change it to something neater. The suit is changed to a FABRIC COP suit. The SWAT suit we see in the pictures only comes on when he morphs into it, Iron Man style, to deal with criminals.

Officer Lewis is a man, who abandons Murphy when he's getting killed.

There is no satire. This might be the biggest offence, the original Neumeier script in 1986 was busting at the seams with hilarious wit and insight. This is like gruel, like drinking water inside a Volvo.

There is no humor.

There is no swearing,

There is no blood.

A lot of it feels like some episode of CSI, but that would be an insult to CSI. This movie was written for an audience of a board room meeting. There's also a pathetic 'twist', which then 'untwists' - something that just leaves the eyes rolling in your head.

Its bad, its real bad.

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Re: Just read the script for RoboCop (2014) *Spoilers*

Really, did anyone think this was going to be good?


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Re: Just read the script for RoboCop (2014) *Spoilers*

*starts crying*

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Re: Just read the script for RoboCop (2014) *Spoilers*


Originally Posted by CREDMI View Post
You're fucken damn right, you've rustled my jimmies & I assume everyone else's!!! I tell you what, I'll pay your airfare over to Melbourne, it will only be a one way ticket though, because I will KILL you, you child molesting fuckwit!!!
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Re: Just read the script for RoboCop (2014) *Spoilers*

Safe to say they completely and utterly missed the point of the original

For a start violence was everything in that movie. Robocop was the goddamn motherfucking American Jesus. He died for our sins, VIOLENTLY. Thats what veerhoven intended. Its uncompromising, bloody, over the top and just fucking badass. Robocop is a product of his area. The ultra violence, killing, infinite destruction are what created robocop. and he had to be equal to it

The satire was the point of the entire movie. And that should have been very obvious, for this wasnt a subtle movie. The whole thing was basically giving a middle finger to the corporations.

And the funniest part of this? Robocop predicted this bullshit in robocop 2. remember in robocop 2 when they reprogrammed him to be more child friendly with a couple million directives? Bull- fucking- shit

Judging by the script, the movie completely, and utterly, missed the point of the original masterpiece. One of my all time favourite flicks too

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