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Andrea 31 40.79%
Rick 4 5.26%
Carl 4 5.26%
Daryl 4 5.26%
Herschel 30 39.47%
Beth 12 15.79%
Maggie 16 21.05%
Glenn 18 23.68%
Judith 17 22.37%
Michonne 3 3.95%
Carol 16 21.05%
The Governor 39 51.32%
Martinez 32 42.11%
Milton 29 38.16%
Tyreese 4 5.26%
Sasha 13 17.11%
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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

Originally Posted by Anark View Post

My lol for the day, thank you! Haha

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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

2 Months to wait?

Anyway, absolutely loved this episode. By far the best series going on right now. I hope Daryl doesn't get killed off soon, he's one of the best characters in the series.

And Carl is slowly starting to climb up to be my favorite of the show.

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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

Originally Posted by eddiefan View Post
Not impressed at all by this mid season finale. It will be hilarious if Andrea still needs to see more to realize how fucked up the Governor is. I marked for Tyrese and his hammer, but they really need to stop killing off black men in the same episode a new black character is introduced. Hope they at least handle Tyrese right.

Michonne has been a big disappointment. I have no problems with her being a ninja/badass but they didn't give me any reason to get behind her in these episodes. I mean why am I supposed to root for her? Because she uses a sword to slice up zombies?

Can't see them killing off Daryl or Merle. At least I hope not. They are the best original characters they came up for the show.
Why did you like her in the comics assuming you did since you're disappointed? Was she immediately one of the best characters?

You can't see them killing a character on The Walking Dead? The body count of the comic is hilariously long.

I do agree that she's not been the best developed character so far, but that's obviously intentional.

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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

Originally Posted by pinofreshh View Post
I like Michonne, seeing her sit there in the chair waiting for the governor was pretty badass and awesome if you ask me. I like the mystery of her character with few words, but I still feel for her because she's given small qualities to make her one of the "good guys".

Andrea though, that bitch needs to die.
Fuckin this.

Also the fight between Michonne and the Governor was fine, I mean she got her face smashed in and nearly got choked out before she was able to stab him in the eye which would stop any guy in his tracks. Don't know what more you wanted from it, she put up a decent and believable fight.
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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

As much as Andrea is a stupid slutty moron,I want her to survive as I enjoy watching her.
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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

Great episode. Michonne has nothing likeable about her at all, seriously don't care what happens to her. Don't think they'll kill off Daryl and Merle. Whole episode was really tense. Looking forward to Feb.
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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

Umm Gandhi how is Michonne anything like a ninja? She uses a sword.

And obviously you don't understand how fighting works of you think being angry and unfocused helps you win a head on battle against and expert with a sword.

And how is Andrea slutty? I guess we have different definitions of what that word means.

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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

Pretty good for a mid-season finale. Too bad, we have to wait til fucking February to see the rest of the season. Too bad, I didn't get a Daryl and Merle confrontation but got instead a sweet fight with Michonne and the Gov. I can expect to see the Governor to slip into madness later in the season. Btw, Michonne is pretty bad ass.


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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

Yeah, I doubt Daryl and/or Merle die in Woodbury after the mid-season break, seeing as during the preview you see Daryl running through the woods and Glenn shouting "Why is HE here?" at the prison and with that, he's probably referring to Merle since he is now on the outs with The Governor.

Speaking of him, I like what they're doing with The Governor this season in the sense of building him up as a human being in the first half, and then more than likely turning into the psychopath that he apparently is in the comics. I mean, the guy is obviously insane but I think losing his daughter will be the catalyst in him becoming a full blown psychopath. Hell, they even had one of his eye's taken out, so that is a sign of that as well.

I think that if they introduced The Governor as the psychopath that he was in the comics right at first, it would have made his character a lot less interesting.

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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

Yeah, I'll stick to the comics.

It feels like every character I like has been watered down big time. Michonne is just a whole lot of scowling instead of the flawed but efficient woman she is in the comics. Tyreese is now T-Dog 3. Andrea is somehow worse than Lori, something I NEVER expected or wanted. I'm just happy Glen is still great.

Either way, I'm done with the show.

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