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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Season 6 he was a waste as well?

Season 5 Quinn was GOAT then the writers decided to be fucking retarded.

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Surprise motherfucker!

I enjoyed the episode, Doakes' cameos were awesome and I was pretty okay with the way everything went. It's setting up for a decent final season. I hope they don't bring in another antagonist, there is enough going on with his missus and the police catching on to him for there to be plenty for him to try and handle. Fuck Deborah has been annoying this entire season though, I can see Hannah setting up Deb to be framed as the Bay Harbour Butcher though maybe? Especially with that gas station footage.

idk, a lot of places for it to go, should be great.
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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

I'm hoping for BATISTA'S RESTAURANT to be the site of a mass poisoning by Hannah which kills pretty much everyone.

Quinn can live I guess. Dexter too obviously. Everyone else...dead. Dexter kills Hannah. CYBORG DOAKES kills Dexter. The End.

What I liked about this episode: It really reminded me why I liked Doakes so much. He was Dexter's best antagonist by far.

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The trinity killer will always be his ultimate antagonist, he got the last laugh by killing his wife.

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Yeah but he wasn't Doakes, an actual good guy/good cop. I mean the writers could have done all kinds of awesome with Doakes, but nah. Trinity comes in second though. John Lithgow was insanely creepy.

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Debra has completed her long tumultuous journey into the good graces of the CamillePunk demographic. Couldn't stand her for like 4 seasons, then started to think she was OK but still annoying at times, and then she popped a cap in LaGuerta and now I love her forever. What a great finale.

Still would like for Dexter and Hannah to run away together but I have a soft spot for sociopathic romance.

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Deb shooting LaGuerta was obvious. She had the long slide of mental instability all season, and it was obvious she was going to be Cpt next season with the guilt of Laguerta on her hands.

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Trinity was the best antagonist but Doakes was such a different type of antagonist. They were both fucking awesome. Sucks so bad that Doakes was only around for 2 seasons. Just imagine how much better every Season bar 4 would have been with Doakes still around chasing Dexter.
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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

The finale reminded me of how awesome Doakes is. They killed him off too early IMO. Should have kept him in until season 7. I liked the ending to the final episode, brilliantly acted as well. Season 8 should be good viewing, there's plenty going on to keep us guessing.

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Well everyone in the department should be suspicious now because after LaGuerta accused Dex of being the Bay Harbor Butcher she suddenly disappears

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