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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Originally Posted by GOON The Legend
This season is probably going to end with Deb killing LaGuerta to protect Dexter.
Originally Posted by GOON The Legend View Post
Yep, also called it since day one. I knew this was going to happen.

Damn, what an awesome episode. Between this and The Walking Dead, I don't even know which one I'm more pumped for.

I wonder who the next person to be suspicious of Dexter is going to be

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Very good season finale, though it didnt have much of an impact as most of us predicted the ending.

Nice to see some flashbacks of Doakes and now we know how he came to hate Dex.

I actually liked that Hannah escaped, she kinda grew on me over the course of the season. I'm hoping she returns for the final one.

Sucks I have to wait 9-10 months to see it again. Thank god I have Archer, The Walking Dead and other shows for distractions.

I'm eager to see if there's a new villain for the last season.

Originally Posted by NoyK View Post
I wonder who the next person to be suspicious of Dexter is going to be
Tom and Angel likely.

Pretty weird how she ends up dead RIGHT after she tried to frame Dexter as a serial killer.
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Well that was...intense. Looks like Hannah could pose a huge threat next season. Could she be Dexter's downfall?

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Dexter is such a great TV show. Watching the finale had me nervous and tense, you just lose yourself in great drama.
No TV show makes me feel like that.

Very good end. I hated LaGuerta. Debra is mentally fragile, eventually she'll crack.
Look at us, supporting a good bad guy like Dexter XD

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

best season since 4 that's for sure. i'd probably rank it ahead of 3 too. @ whoever said something about who is the bad guy next season or w.e fuck that. there doesn't need to be a big bad serial killer for Dexter to kill. next season should be about Dexter's fucking downfall.

although i think they set Hannah up as the main antagonist maybe. thought the same shit about the weird guy that got killed earlier in the season though. don't even remember his name at this point.

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

I enjoyed this season and I would have to agree it's better then seasons 3,5, and six, but I don't get the epic feel I got from the first 4 seasons. It was cool to see the flashbacks with Doakes, it gave the episode a nostalgic feel. Everyone knew that La Guerta was going to die, but it was a great setup to have Debra be the one to kill her in order to save Dexter. I also like how Dexter was caught off guard by debra shooting La Guerta, even he thought Debra would do what was right.

The last great moment for me was in season 6 when Brian shows after Dexter drowns the guy who shot brother sam, that season was on it's way to being one of the best and they fucked it all up in the second half.

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Overall this was a good season but there were too many abandoned plot lines and other nonsensical abrupt endings to stories to make it really great. It also lacked the feeling of constant tension the first 4 seasons held. But it was certainly an improvement over 6. I just hope we can hold some continuity into the final season.

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Decent last episode . Surely people in the police have to see the correlation between LeGuerta being killed just as soon as she revealed Dexter to be the killer.

I hope Dexter gets a happy ending with Harrison , well as happy as it could be for an insane serial killer.
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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

that ending was fucking terrible. There was literally nowhere good that that ending leads us to. LaGuerta's death will be traced back to Deb, and this whole thing just got more convoluted.

Thank fuck next season is the last, because the writers are shockingly approaching "WWE Creative" levels of bad now.

I really had high hopes for this episode, and maybe thats why I'm so disappointed, but this finale was just shit.
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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

It was a good episode. Last few episodes have all been a step up. Certainly better than S5+6, around the level of S3. Actual ending wasn't as impactful as I was hoping for it to be.

Shouldn't Deb have been alerted than Hannah escaped? Whatever. I'm fine if she sticks around for the final season but in limited doses. She is on the run after all. Doakes flashbacks were great. God I miss Doakes. Looking back they should have kept him around for a lot longer. He would have been perfect for the last season. Matthews needs to be in it more next season too. Quinn is so pointless. One scene all episode? Would have kept LaGuerta around. The show needs someone with morals who doesn't 100% know who Dexter is chasing him. They probably should have set the final season up a bit clearer too. Someone like LaGuerta finding definitive proof on dodgy grounds that Dexter is a killer would have been ideal. Thinking Dexter needs to lose all control next season and end with Deb putting him down. They need a strong character for Deb to care about losing though and have Dexter put them in danger to provoke that ending. Really hope they don't add another irrelevant antagonist for next season.

Edit: That GPS warrant will probably play a big part next season too.

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