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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

This show has fallen back to utter tedious shit. Focusing on a poison gardener instead of a bad-ass that posed different layers and directions of threats towards Dexter, played by an actor that has great on-screen magic with Hall? FUCK THAT, we need to keep the boring character around played by an actress who has zero chemistry with the lead actor just because she's pretty. I'd have rather had a season built around the Maze Killer that was only around for a couple episodes.

Dexter is also too intelligent to fall for LaGuerta's trap. There's nothing wrong with showing cracks in the armor if there is something worthy of cracking Dexter. There was nothing that put him into a position to be that totally fucking stupid.

Dexter's violation of the Code this season also makes little sense. He wants to get his dick wet? That's a lazy attempt at shitting over everything that the character has been about in an attempt to draw in the female demographic, in particular the soccer mom population.

This season has been littered with plot holes, boring characters, cockteasing of major showdowns, overload of recycled storyline arcs, and some absolutely horrendous casting for the characters involved in the Hannah McKay storyline arc. Strahovski's performance has been sleep-inducing at best, and the crime writer character must have had nothing but soap operas as his previous acting experience.

Give Stevenson the Emmy. EVERY TIME he appeared on the screen, he brought charisma, great acting, an imposing presence, thought-provoking dialogue, and meshed so well with Hall. He was easily been the MVP of the season - when he got marginalized in favor of Stahovski, the show's entertainment value took a nosedive, and since he was written out, the show has gone back to DDK levels of utter shit.
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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Originally Posted by ST. KAEPERNICK View Post
What if next season is Dexter in prison, battling the dark passenger, building up to his trial, where he somehow gets off on a technicality, and emerges a new man. Prison acting like a detox clinic, Dexter is finally free of the dark passenger and can live a normal life. At least until Harrison's first act that reminds Dexter of his own self at that age.
Thats too smart for the writers of this show to come up with.

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Anyone else notice the last episode is called "Surprise Motherfucker"?
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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)


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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Originally Posted by Mr. Christmas Joe Diffie View Post
I marked for that in the preview

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

any doakes is good doakes whether it be a random daydream/dream/flashback.

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Oh yea
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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Wouldn't it be hilarious if Rita's death was all a dream and everything up until now was just a dream that you find out at the end of the episode LOL
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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Originally Posted by GOON The Legend View Post
This season is probably going to end with Deb killing LaGuerta to protect Dexter.

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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Debra Heel turn
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