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Re: Who are your least favorite 5 TV characters of all time?

Least favorite characters from my favorite shows....hmmmmm.

From "All in the Family", Mike The Meathead = What a self righteous know it all jerk. Yeah Archie was a racist, but he got better over time and was generally more entertaining. And if my father in law let me live in his place rent free while I went to college, I would be a little less of a jerk towards him.

From "Everybody Loves Raymond", the three Barone Kids Ally, Michael, & Jeffery = The family dynamic hit close to home for me because having lived & grown up in an Italian American family, I can honestly say that this show is damn near close to being 100% truthful. The way the in laws interject themselves into everyone's lives, the depressed uncle that can't catch a break, the marital squabbles. It is all true, and I have even had people tell me they don't like the show because it does hit too close to home. The only members of the family I didn't feel contributed were the three kids. They seemed to just be plot devices whenever they wanted to show Ray or Debra struggling with parenting and even then the story would mostly focus on the parents anyway. It would have been interesting if they tried to maybe show some episodes from the kids' point of view and show how the kids think and feel about the insanity that is going on when the parents aren't in the room. But no, they were just there because, well, the show needed kids.

Pearl from "Mystery Science Theater 3000" = I loved Dr. Forrester, the mad scientist that would subject the crew of the Satellite of Love to watching those horrible films. He was the stereotypical mad scientist amped up to the max and it was funny. Well late into the show they brought his mother Pearl in and she was kind of annoying. Then, when the comedian who played Forrester left the show (I forget his name at the moment) she took over as the main mad scientist. She got more tolerable...but she was no Dr. Forrester.

Ms. Choksondik from "South Park" = The boys first fourth grade teacher was a surprisingly dull character for South Park. I get that they wanted her to be strict and mean right away to show the boys adjusting to fourth grade, but when you have someone as fucked up as Mr. Garrison, a super strict teacher is just boring. I think I speak for most fans when I say A) We're glad to have Garrison back in the classroom and B) Choksondik is gone and never coming back.

Frank Grimes Jr. from "The Simpsons" = If this wasn't a sign that The Simpsons had Jumped the Shark, then I don't know what is. Frank Grimes, Homer's deceased co-worker and enemy, was one of the best one shot characters in the history of television. His feud with Homer, his tragic back story, and just his struggle in the insane universe that The Simpsons inhabit made his episode a huge hit and one of my personal favorites. However, he needed to stay a one shot. Instead, The Simpsons, really running low on ideas, brought in Grimes' illegitimate son to take revenge against Homer for what happened to his dad. The way they brought him in was so forced, so contrived, and offered nothing beyond just being a petty callback to a far superior episode from the show's Golden Age.


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Re: Who are your least favorite 5 TV characters of all time?

The entire cast of "Modern Family" which is the worst, unfunny show I've ever seen.


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Re: Who are your least favorite 5 TV characters of all time?

1-5 skyler white

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Re: Who are your least favorite 5 TV characters of all time?

I love the show, but I can't fucking stand Peggy Hill.

Just look at her smug little face.

She isn't just top 5 for me, she is top 500.
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Re: Who are your least favorite 5 TV characters of all time?

1. Skyler White
2. Skyler White
3. Skyler White
4. Skyler White
5. ...Skyler White

Seriously. Screw this evil, twisted bitch.

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Re: Who are your least favorite 5 TV characters of all time?

The whole cast of Friends.

Flatley my dear, I don't Riverdance.
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Re: Who are your least favorite 5 TV characters of all time?

5. The entire cast of Full House
4. Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)
3. Most of the characters from Family Guy
2. Scrappy Doo (Scooby Doo)
1. Franklin (My Wife and Kids)

Thank you Edge.

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Re: Who are your least favorite 5 TV characters of all time?

Charlie Harper (2 and a Half Men)
Brian Griffen (Family Guy)
Rachel Green (Friends)
Pheobe Halliwell (Charmed Post Season 5)
Lana Lang (Smallville)


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9. Tianna Gregory
10. Zienna Eve
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Re: Who are your least favorite 5 TV characters of all time?

Dawn - Buffy: 'Get Out Get Out Get OUTTTTTT!' Her best line

Pam - Dragonball Gt: Can't believe they ruined characters like Vegeta and Gohan for this brat

Flim Flam - Scooby Doo: 13 Ghosts.

Uncle Jack - Arrested Development: The only dud character in the shows history
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Re: Who are your least favorite 5 TV characters of all time?

1. Sheldon Cooper
2. The Entire Cast Of FRIENDS
3. The Entire Cast Of Dharma and Greg
4. Gohan from The Buu era of DBZ
5. Peter Griffin

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