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Re: General Movie Discussion Part II (part III coming soon)

Originally Posted by TehJerichoFan View Post
Anyone else interested in the upcoming Great Gatsby film? The picture is absolutely beautiful, and there is a pretty solid ensemble.
Heard a review this morning that its hammy and corny, I wasn't interested in it anyways. Seen the Redford version and read the book. As much as I dig Carey Mulligan & Leo DiCaprio i'll pass.

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Re: General Movie Discussion Part II (part III coming soon)

The Great Gatsby, yeah i'm pretty excited for it after the feature in May's Vogue about it. The article was exciting to read and the soundtrack already sounds amazing.

"produced by Jay-Z the sound track features a mass up of jazz, rap and pop from Florence + The Machine, Lana Del ray and the XX among others"

It looks Magical.
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Re: General Movie Discussion Part II (part III coming soon)

Apparently Leo is the only good thing about it according to a lot of reviews. Meh, was never bothered anyway since I'm not a Luhrmann fan.

Glad you liked Kill List ABH. I knew a bunch of you in here would dig it.
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Re: General Movie Discussion Part II (part III coming soon)

Next movie I'm excited for - Fast 6
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Re: General Movie Discussion Part II (part III coming soon)

It's on. (should have done this way sooner...)

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Re: General Movie Discussion Part II (part III coming soon)

@ABH Knew you'd enjoy it .

Originally Posted by Obfuscation View Post
Despite saying no to my demands, I'm gushing from the brilliant moniker.

Maybe that should be your new username change, it would give the "Softy Pants McHuggable"'s length a run for it's money. Ether that, or just simply "Cody", would make sense since everyone already refers to you by your given birthname.


Originally Posted by WOOLCOCK View Post
Excellent summary. Yeah Johnny was just a fascinating character. He's so well read, articulate and able to make damning insightments on people's beliefs and yet you're hooked on his every word. He's isolated, most likely through personal choice since he makes every effort to antagonise and mimick anyone he encounters but also leaves you with some small hope that maybe his behaviour and outlook is shaped by a personal trauma that he's been unable to overcome and has thus hid himself behind a veil of sarcasm and outlook on life and aspirations in order to diminish his agony.

Astute observation re. Johnny crumbling under the weight of his own demons. I loved his emotional and frenzied outburst when the wall plasterer takes off with his bag which contained his books which he continually relies upon for information to relay to whoever he next encounters.

Jeremy was a weird character and definitely appeared to be a deliberate characterisation of the bourgeosiie of London. What I took from it was that whilst Johnny was seemingly cruel to people via his intellect and literary awareness, Jeremy was more instinctively cruel physically and seemed to enjoy toying with women both physically and mentally. Jonny likewise seemed to enjoy using his superiority and dominance more aggressively in sex to women compared to using his words and ideologies to mimick men, but he was far less overtly cruel and seemed to have a minimal sense of self awareness and when to leave people before overstaying his welcome. Jeremy lacked the intellect and 'charm' that Johnny had and instead appeared far more cruel, despicable and pitiful as a result. Perhaps it was a way for Leigh to paint that picture that both Johnny & Jeremy share similar traits and behavioural instincts despite their widely differencial class status, though their upbringing and status greatly allows them to express similar attitudes in wholly different ways.
Completely agree. I mentioned Jeremy's stereotype when discussing the movie with Hanoi the other day, but I couldn't put my finger on what it reminded me of exactly.. I can certainly see the bourgeoisie of London. Jeremy and Johnny's behavior do seem to parallel each other, though you get the feeling that Jeremy finds amusement and comfort in other people's misery while with Johnny it's a natural consequence of his intellectual weight that hampers on the people he encounters. I don't think that Johnny finds pleasure in other people's misery albeit maybe a bit of comfort, probably not even conscious of the negative impact that his words can have. It could be him settling for nothing less than people falling in line with his line of thinking, the acquired knowledge being all he has as leverage in society's structure that he feels completely disconnected with. He almost acts as a sort of self appointed beacon of enlightenment, oblivious to the impact of his heavy words on the frail minded. Jeremy comes across as a misanthrope more than anything, intent on making others share his misery as he wears his high standard mask of conformity.

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Re: General Movie Discussion Part II (part III coming soon)

ironman 3 - sucked.
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